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​Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

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From a bedridden relative to a hospital condition, permanent or momentary, they may lead us to need bed rails for elderly.

There are indeed plenty of models available on the market. When acquiring one, several details must be taken into account to provide freedom, security, and comfort to patients.

We offer below a careful selection of the best bed rails for seniors. In particular, two are the ones that have distinguished themselves for the overall quality and the approval from the users. Starting from Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail, recognizable for the simplicity with which it is installed since it does not require complex anchors. Also worthy of attention Medline Bed Assist bar With Storage Pocket whose height adjusts easily to adapt to users' needs.

This list we have made based on critical points such as the quality, cost, and benefits that each product guarantees us. So, you select the bed barriers for older adults who are sick. It will be a more than safe decision.

​Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail


If you are looking for a bed that prevents your elderly sick parent from falling out of bed, these are the best bed rails for you!

It is among the bed accessories for the elderly to assemble, suitable for any type of bed, both standard and with axes. It is easy to install. Among the most important features is the fact that it is reclining! Not only can you make the bed and change the sheets, merely lowering it. You can even allow your child to get out of bed comfortably in the morning.

The design is simple but functional. The half fabric allows you to glimpse the child even without approaching the bed. It comes with a mesh pocket for your convenience. 

The barrier has a dimension of 26"-34"-42". The height of the mattress, 12"-18", makes it ideal not only for beds but also for a double, bunk or single beds.

Thanks to the extra-large size, you can also use the lift for adults and not just for the little ones. It guarantees a peaceful rest for the elderly. It is among the best choices, even for adult use.

What I like

  • It protects children in the transit phase between cradle and cot
  • ​Impact-resistant material
  • ​Tailgate easy to install and assemble
  • ​It adapts to any type of bed: standard or with boards
  • ​Given its size, it is also a side suitable for adults
  • ​Easily adjustable

What I Didn't Like

  • ​The design somewhat is unsuitable around medical equipment

​Essential Medical Supply Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail


This bed handle for seniors offers ample protection on a large portion of the bedside. In this way, it limits and binds those who find themselves enticed to guarantee maximum safety. The device is appreciated for its ease of assembly and anchoring to the bed. It is a simple system of counterweights where it is the same person who exerts the force necessary to hold the fall protection in position.

The particular shape with the central hook allows you to help those who have to lie down or get up to find a solid grip to hold on to. We put weight directly on the bed, here the mattress and the person offer a stable anchorage. 

The height can be adjusted to different levels. In this way, it can adapt perfectly to the needs of the person. Also, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. 

It falls into the category of medical devices suitable for taking care of people with reduced autonomy.

What I like

  • ​Protects against accidental falls from the bed
  • ​Replaces the purchase of the entire bed with bars
  • ​Universal and with adjustable height from 17 to 21 inches
  • ​Light mode keeps you safe all-day

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Some customers complain about the adjuster pins, which tend to stop working

​Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle


Among the safety bed rails for adults proposed in this article, this one is appreciated for its smaller width. It manages to cover the middle of the bed but without limiting the patient's possibility of movement. It is possible to lower or raise the side panel as needed.

The base stands on the bed, thanks to the weight of those who sleep on it. It balances well and is still firm because of the presence of the comfortable rubber base coatings.

It has a remarkable capacity even if perhaps it is not the best bed guard rail, among others. It manages to bear the weight of a person of 250lbs who turns over in bed, avoiding the fall. The presence of the handle helps to lever to get up or to sit down by bending slowly.

The side rail has more than deserved its place among the best bedsides. Especially now, that with the summer season, many families travel. They want to do it with the most significant possible safety and peace of mind.

What I like

  • ​Non-slip handle
  • ​Highly resistant to abrasion, improving anti-slip resistance
  • ​The foldable humanized design saves a lot of space, convenient and more practical
  • ​All-round antistatic, simple design

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Not suitable for all kinds of beds

​Secure EZBR-SP Bed Assist Rail Storage Pouch Accessory


The Secure EZBR-SP Bed Assist Rail is an extendable model. This characteristic makes it ideal for the elderly, disabled, and children. Usually, to make its use even more comfortable, this is also equipped with a pocket for objects. Which is very useful for the elderly as it allows them to keep all the necessary objects nearby. 

The unique thing about this bed rail is that it has a dual barrier. That means you can have protection on the sides of the bed.

Another beneficial thing is that it has an extended capacity. Usually, it is adjustable in two different lengths: 31 inches to 58 inches maximum. So that the user can decide the size according to his needs. 

These sides of the bed are considered an excellent alternative as they can be applied to any bed. 

In a sober format, this accessory is aesthetic. It fits easily into the bed uprights and leaves no trace on the mattress or the edges when it is uninstalled. After a few minutes, you can arrange it conveniently.

What I like

  • ​The protective barrier for bed reduces the risk of falls
  • ​Reclining, it allows you to remake the bed without having to remove it from the mattress
  • ​Adaptable to most beds without sides
  • ​Simple to use
  • ​It has a two-sided protection barrier

What I Didn't Like

  • ​The adjustment knobs are not comfortable

​Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail


The next bed handle for seniors that we see in this review is appreciated for its discretion. It is a suitable solution to offer a barrier, albeit minimal, to give those who rest a clear perception of where the edge of the bed is. 

An excellent intermediate choice between the containment elements and those that are simply bollards. 

It does not require special fixing or anchoring systems to the bed because it will be the same weight as the body that holds the side. Most of the metal support goes under the mattress and here merely resting on the net or the slats. The weight of the mattress, together with that of the body, acts as a counterweight to keep the container element stable.

While being offered at low cost, it is made of sturdy steel, and the chromed plastic coating makes it less rigid to the touch. The solidity of the structure is not compromised, but by bumping into it, we don't hurt ourselves. In this way, even when nobody is on the bed or who sleeps on it weighs little, the shore does its duty well.

To increase the benefits of the structure, there is a pocket that adheres well to the support surface. You can put your medicine, or other necessities close.

What I like

  • ​Best value for money
  • ​Among the most comfortable sides to carry thanks to the bag provided
  • ​It doesn't weigh much, just a little over 1.5lbs
  • ​Foldable and impact resistant
  • ​Suitable for both children and the elderly

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Cannot hold much weight like most of the others

​Medline Bed Assist Bar With Storage Pocket


Among the best grab bars for seniors, certainly, the reasonable one, and in everyone's pocket is the Medline Bed Assist bar.

These safety bed rails for adults offer all the essential features. It comes with a simple but functional design to guarantee the protection of the elderly as well as little ones. 

Not only is it among those that are of reasonable price, but also adjustable. Therefore, suitable for your needs. Just evaluate the width of the bed to which you are going to attach it before purchasing.

It can be easily fixed under the mattress to any type of bed, thanks to the adjustable length straps supplied. The rail is resistant and equipped with an intuitive locking/unlocking mechanism, which allows the barrier to be rotated in case of need. 

This rail is aesthetically beautiful. Being black, it adapts well to many furnishings. It weighs only 6lbs. 

The Medline brand, while costing little, is a safety, committing to guaranteeing you nights without sudden falls and tears.

What I like

  • ​Assists when bending over or getting up from the toilet
  • ​Made of high-quality metal
  • ​It flips over the wall to reduce clutter
  • ​Convenient fixing
  • ​Comes with convenient pockets
  • ​A practical and economical solution

What I Didn't Like

  • ​The nylon pocket is difficult to attach

​LumaRail-FS Triple Safe Bed Assist Rail Support Bar


Are you looking for a quality rail but don't want to spend a lot? This is a barrier for you! The best bed guard rail for what concerns the price/quality ratio is this!

The bed rail in question is ideal for elderly sick people. But it is also suitable for those who travel a lot or simply want to eliminate some stress. Because the new beds in which the children rest during the holidays occur some pressure. 

The Glowsafe indicator light helps you to find the bed rail even in the darks.

The bed rail takes up little space and weighs just over 2kg and a half. It can comfortably be reclined. It is fixed under the mattress and is suitable for the most common types of beds - such as single, double, or bunk beds. It has a metal structure with a soft-touch rubber cover. It is also rigid and impact resistant.

Even if the side rail is sponsored as suitable for the oldest, our grandparents, we would like to specify that even children, sometimes need protection. So do not hesitate to use it also for kids. Indeed the length of the bank allows you to.

What I like

  • ​Best value for money
  • ​Among the most comfortable sides to carry thanks to the bag provided
  • ​It doesn't weigh much, just a little over two and a half kg
  • ​Foldable and impact resistant
  • ​Suitable for both children and the elderly

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Assembly is somewhat difficult

​What to Consider Before Buying Bed Rails for Elderly?

When choosing a bed for the elderly, it is essential to keep in mind what the person's needs are. It may need a barrier that does not entirely cover the length of the bed, but only a part of it. 

Some bed rails are designed to protect the upper part of the body when the older person goes to sleep. Other people, on the other hand, need a full cover on the side, that is, as long as the bed.

At the time of purchase, you must also evaluate the position of the older person's bed. 

It is considered whether it appears to be adjacent to the wall on one side or not. If this has a side adhering to the wall, it will be sufficient to proceed with the purchase of only one side. 

A final factor that must be considered before purchasing the bedsides for the elderly is the material they are made of. The latter decision must be made concerning the weight of the elderly person, that is, based on the weight that this bar will be used to support.

​How to Choose the Best Bed Rails for Seniors?

As you may have guessed, the market offers a wide range of bedsides. However, below we would like to give you some tips, listing some elements to consider before buying in order not to waste money and choose one of the best. 

​The Dimension

One of the most relevant factors is the size of the bed rail. Where are you going to mount it? On a cot, single bed, or double bed? It is important not to underestimate the size of the rails.

​The Material

Needless to tell you what difference there is between a sidewall made of metal. Therefore firm. The one made of light plastic, which does not guarantee the same rigidity and impact resistance. Be very careful about the banks you choose, also considering the weight of those who will protect, choose the best material suitable for use.


The best bed rail should be able to recline, not just for your convenience: in changing the sheets or making the bed, but also for the comfort of those who sleep in that bed. An adult should be able to get up quickly, and a child should not be locked up inside, as when he is in the cot.

​Assembly and Fixing

Keep in mind the use you will make of it. For example, those who travel a lot will like not to waste too much time in assembling the barrier. But perhaps they are not the only ones - choosing an easy-to-use sideboard is an essential element. The best choice remains the one that makes us waste as little time as possible.

​Easy to Clean

We would like any product that comes into contact with children or sick elderly to be as hygienic as possible. We don't see why it should be any different for the bedsides. The ease with which they are cleaned, whether by hand and directly in the washing machine - makes the difference. So, the best choice falls on the sides that are easy to clean. Or maybe those that even allow you to remove the mesh and put it in the washing machine.


we understand your fears. When an elderly fall sick or cannot move, a regular bed can be dangerous for him. This is why it is essential to choose a reliable bed rail that prevents this unpleasant situation.

We hope that our list of the best bed rails for seniors has helped you.

Regardless of who you are going to use them, whether, for the elderly or children, the fences that we have just recommended are the best. Follow them, and you will have nothing but bright and accident-free nights.

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