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​Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mattress

​FLIP by Nest Bedding, Amazon-Exclusive Double Sided Hybrid Bed

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We all want to relax with peace of mind. When you are lying on the best firm mattress under 500, there is nothing in the world that can irritate your mind.  Because you have saved a lot to have a sound sleep.

We have thoroughly researched around 85 budget-friendly models in the market. All the essential features like comfort, durability, and dimension, have been considered. 

In the end, we have rounded up the seven best mattresses under 500 that will give you ultimate relaxation and gratification. 

We always keen to look for the best possible option for our estimated money. The balance between the perceived value of the product and the charged money always matter. If you look for some best budget mattress, keep reading since you are in the right place. 

This list we have made based on critical points such as the quality, cost, and benefits that each product guarantees us. So, you select the bed barriers for older adults who are sick. It will be a more than safe decision.

​Ashley Furniture Signature Design - 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress


This 12" thick foam mattress comes with multiple foam layers. You will get both support and comfort from this best $500 mattress. 

You can unpack and use it instantly. No matter what kind of frames or bases you have, this Certipur US certified bedding will fit on all. You can relax on this foam mattress with multiple pressure relief points.

Motion transfer reduction is there for any dynamic sleep pattern. No matter what your body type of sleep pattern is, you will find the ultimate comfort on it. 

Hypoallergenic bedding is suitable for both kids and adults. One of the best things about this comfortable mattress is its 1-year warranty. 

What I like

  • Great for any sleeping pattern
  • ​Stretch knit cover
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Great for any frames and bases
  • ​Instant set up and use

What I Didn't Like

  • ​A little heavy
  • ​A few users said it's too firm

​FLIP by Nest Bedding, Amazon-exclusive Double-Sided Hybrid Bed in a Box


How will you feel if you get two for the price of one? Well, this Flip mattress from Nest Bedding will give you the same feel. You can use both sides of the bedding. No wonder it is ranked among the best mail-order mattresses. 

This hybrid foam and innerspring bedding have both the softness and support for your sleep. Spring coils formed the core of the mattress, and they have a support foam cover on both sides. Moreover, you will get a quilted cover on the top. 

The feelings of this mattress range between medium to firm. Thus, you will get the feelings of a slab of foam over a spring layer. The polyurethane foam on the top is highly durable and responsive to any body type. 

You will get contouring-feel because of the gel memory foam on the top layer. Besides, it will provide well-balanced pressure relief. Each time you lay on this best hybrid mattress under 500, the experience will be memorable. 

The hybrid mattress comes with a 10-years warranty that matched industry standards. 

What I like

  • ​Double-sided mattress
  • ​Soft-foam feel on a firm bed
  • ​Great for almost every sleeping pattern
  • ​It can hold up any body-types
  • ​One of the best budget-friendly option in North America

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Available only online
  • ​Not suitable for those who prefer the softness

​AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress


If you want to get the best $500 mattress with the utmost comfort, AmazonBasic's memory foam mattress is the best option. This gel foam mattress offers adaptive shape paired with pressure points for different body types.

This model is one of the best among the memory foam mattresses. You will get three layers for a cosy sleep. The base has egg crate polyfoam. A polyfoam transition layer overlies it. The top layer has the gel memory foam. 

You may end up with a short trial period and warranty. However, the foams are both CertiPUR, and Oeko-Tex certified. It means the mattress is free of any harmful toxins or chemicals. You can use this for any bedroom in your home.

No matter what sleep pattern you have, this bedding will support you. However, if you weigh more than 230-lbs, it may feel softer. Otherwise, this will give you neutral foam feelings.

According to the mattress firmness scale, this best queen mattress under 500 falls in the medium range.

What I like

  • ​Great for a tight budget
  • ​Soft foam-like feel
  • ​Support all sleeping patterns
  • ​A good option for your guest room
  • ​Available on both medium and petite size

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Not suitable for people with >230-lbs
  • ​Short trial period
  • ​Comes with a short warranty

​LUCID 10 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress - Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam


Lucid 10” is one of the best hybrid mattresses under 500 for excellent support and comfort. It has a pocketed coil base covered with gel memory foam. Thus, you get the strength of spring core and ease of gel foam. 

Lucid is the cheapest among the hybrid mattresses. You can get up to full size within $500. The price load is light; however, this high-quality mattress can take a heavy load on it. If you are a little extra heavy, there will be o comfort issues with this bedding option.

The core of this hybrid mattress is made with pocketed coils. A thick layer of many types of foam bordered the spring core. Both the memory foam later on the top is unique in making. They are aloe-infused and have a bamboo charcoal mix.

This can reduce motion transfer to make your sleep uninterrupted. Besides, the memory foam layers evenly circulate the heats.  It is a medium-firm mattress according to the firmness scale.

What I like

  • ​Supports all types of sleeper
  • ​Suitable for all body types
  • ​Great for a tight budget
  • ​It gives a neutral foam feeling
  • ​10-years warranty

What I Didn't Like

  • ​A few users complained about the durability
  • ​Sinks down quickly within a few months

​ Sweet Night 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress


Three layers of different foams make it one of the best queen mattresses under 500. You feel the medium plush feeling while lying on a firm core. 

The core of this foam mattress is made with high-density foam for sturdy support. The centre is covered with air-flow open-cell and gel memory foam. This unique combination gives you a customizable comfort according to your body types. 

Sleeping will always be cool with this type of memory foam mattress. The air-flow design ensures heat circulation and higher breathability. Now, your skin also feels the comfort of a cosy sleep. 

This foam mattress will fit on any frames and bases. Besides, the 10-year warranty will keep you fresh in any situation.

What I like

  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Easy ventilation
  • ​Skin-friendly
  • ​Highly breathable
  • ​10-years warranty

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Too soft for a few users

​TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress


This is one of the best mail order mattresses that offer ultimate comfort with adaptive firmness. Because of the strong support core, you do not need any additional box spring. 

The Tuft & Needle is neither an innerspring nor a foam mattress. It comes with a 7" support layer with heavy metal and synthetic foam. The top layer is made with 2-layers of polyurethane foams. 

Neither too soft nor too firm. This mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and support. If you have a chronic back pain issue, do not wait a moment to get this best queen mattress under 500. 

This mattress has a balanced motion disturbance. Thus, if you or your partner has a very 'dynamic' sleep pattern, there will be no problem. Both of you will wake up refreshed and recharged.

You will get 10-years of warranty with this CertiPUR-US certified mattress. 

What I like

  • ​High Bounce Firm Mattress
  • ​No need of box spring
  • ​Cools fast
  • ​Adaptive to any body types
  • ​Easy to return
  • ​Higher customer satisfaction

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Firmness sometimes causes discomfort for heavyweight people
  • ​Available online only
  • ​Queen-size is a bit expensive

​Live and Sleep Queen Mattress


This foam mattress will give you a great sleep at a budget-friendly price. You can enjoy all the softness while having a firm support core.

The support base is made with an 8.5" high-density polyfoam. A layer of perfume air-flow and gel-infused Viscose foam makes the top layer. 

It will support any body type and sleep pattern. If you have any back pain or muscle issues, this best queen mattress under 500 will help you to relieve it. 

The hypoallergenic foam mattress comes with a 20-year warranty. What else can you ask for? 

What I like

  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​20-year warranty
  • ​Air-flow system for cool sleeping
  • ​Antimicrobial

What I Didn't Like

  • ​Short trial period

Why Do You Need to Buy Best Mattress on a Budget?

Mattresses are essential for sound sleep. Otherwise, you will start your morning as a zombie. If you have a bodyweight of more than 230-lbs, it is better to get a firm mattress. Besides, how you sleep is also an essential factor in choosing a mattress.  

You have probably seen ads for expensive mattresses that guarantee comfort and longevity. However, it is not all true. 

You can get a comfortable mattress at an affordable price. In fact, some of the best $500 mattress from our review can compete with any high-end expensive one. The main reason to get a high-quality cheap mattress is to save and relax. 

Which mattress is best for you depend on your sleeping position and preferences. Many people fail to enjoy their innerspring mattresses because they are not sure what they want. 

If you get a too firm mattress, it may create uncomfortable points while you are sleeping. On the contrary, too soft beds will disrupt your natural sleeping style and may create pain on the spine. 

These mattress rules will help you to choose the most appropriate mattress according to your sleep and body types. 

Make sure you test the mattress before the investment. Bring your partner with you if you sleep together. It will ensure a pleasant pressure relief!

​How to Choose the Best Firm Mattress under 500?

​It is much easier to pick the most appropriate mattress for you from the above seven. However, before you click the place order button, go over these essential features so that you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and support.

​Types of the Mattress

There are different types of firm mattresses-foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses. All of them have their pros and cons. However, they suit specific sleep patterns, activities,  and body types.

Foam mattress's layers are made with memory foam, latex, or fiberfill. The support foam core is mostly made with dense polyfoam. The upper layers work as comfort layers. 

This type of mattress is excellent for people with back pain. Each time you get out of the bed, the mattress will rebound to its original shape. 

Traditional innerspring mattresses have a spring made core. The core is then covered with multiple layers for comfort. They are more firm than any other mattress types. 

You can get better support if your body weight does not cross 130lbs. Otherwise, it can cause some discomfort. Most of the king-size mattress set under $500 are of this type. 

Latex mattresses are great for bounces. Thus, if you prefer a lot of intimate activities on the bed, this is the best choice for you. This synthetic mattress is easy to maintain and use. It also comes with mild pressure points. 

The hybrid mattress has an innerspring core and top-layer comfort system. The layers have one or more materials like latex, foam, wool, cotton, and micro-coils. This is the firmest among the best mattress on a budget. 

​Mattress Dimension

The dimension depends on the use of the mattress. You will find different sizes and dimensions in the market. 

The smallest of them is the twin. It is suitable for a child or an adult. The dimension is 39" by 74".

If you are slightly taller and prefer to sleep alone, get the twin XL. This comes with a dimension of 39" by 80". It has more space for a relaxing sleep. 

Large size mattress is for at least two people. The first one in the order is the full. It has a dimension of 54" by 74". You will find this as the most common size of mattresses. 

If you prefer more space while napping, go for a queen bed. It comes with the dimension of 60" and 80". 

If you do not have a tight budget and space, go for the king-size mattress. It will give you ample space for a cosy sleep. The dimension is 76" by 80".

​Support and Comfort

Comfort and support are two different things depending on two different sections of the mattress. The support relies on the inner core of the bed. Typically they are made with innerspring or polyfoam. In the case of airbeds, the inner core is made with an airbag. 

Innersprings are much more durable than any synthetic materials. Thus, you can expect more support from the spring core. However, they may feel a little too firm in some instances. 

On the contrary, synthetic cores like polyfoam, or airbags are a little less firm than spring. They offer more balance, though. It will hold you up with more softness and stability, 

Comfort is related to the firmness of the mattress. The top layer is the comfort factor for any of the best mattress on a budget. The firmer the layer lesser the comfort.

Some people with back pain and spine issues prefer firmer top layers. It holds up the body and aligns the spine into a proper position. If it's all about comfort, the softer, the better. 


Most of the best hybrid mattress under 500 come with considerable durability. High-end mattresses may come with a higher lifespan. However, you can still expect at least 6-years of worry-free comfort from the budget mattresses

Large size mattresses are typically more durable than its smaller counterparts are. Thus, if you are buying the best queen mattress under 500, you can expect a higher life span from the twin or full-sized versions.

​Warranties and Trial Period

Warranties ensure your peace of mind with the mattress. Your favorite bed does not have to last as long as the warranty said. There may be some early damage due to the flaws in made or frequent use. 

When you are getting the best 500$ mattress, do not expect an extended warranty with it. Most of the beds at this price range will come with a moderate warranty. However, you can still expect a 5 to 6-years lifespan if adequately used. 

You will get a 70 to 100 night’s trial period to make sure the best mattress under 500 meets your expectations. Otherwise, you can return them and get your money back.

It's time to fall asleep 

Yes, it's time to fall asleep on the best hybrid mattress under 500. You know about the top seven best firm mattress under 500. Moreover, selecting the most appropriate from them will be like a breeze. 

There is nothing in the earth that can prevent you from having the ultimate relaxation and utmost satisfaction. Enjoy the sound sleep while enjoying the savings you have made from the best $500 mattress. 

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