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You can't find peace while sleeping when you don't get the right bed frame. The problem becomes more serious if you are suffering from obesity. Obese people often find sleeping on normal beds irritating and painful. They can't get the right amount of space and support. The best adjustable bed frame is the only solution for this matter. Such frames can work despite getting too much pressure from your body. 

You need to have the right frame that doesn't fail to take your weight, help your mattress, and stay firm for years. Not all frames are that much capable. That is why we decide to help you find such a helpful frame through our article.

Sturdy bed frame for active couple is a great relief for who stays in an apartment. Sturdy bed frames are silent and durable. They are mighty and offer extremely durable constructions. 

Trundle beds can't work well with normal mattresses. Mattresses for trundle beds are a bit different from normal ones. As a trundle frame is a low profile type, you also need to place something on it below 10 inches high. Larger mattresses also fail to perform on trundle beds. 

Mattresses made for trundle beds don't need box spring to work well. Such types also have no sagging issues. In most cases, mattresses for trundle beds are not heavy and have a medium range of weight capacity.

Our Top Picks

In this part, we show you five of the best frames that are perfect for obese persons. These bed frames give extra support and stability to help heavy persons take the proper rest. Apart from this, they feature modern-day designs and facilities to fill your need for sleeping soundly.

Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame (14 Inches, Queen) by Zinus

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase


We find this frame as one of the best bed frames for heavy couples. This high profile bed frame can easily take enough weight and stand strong. The high profile bed frame has a firm construction that combines with your mattress without box spring to help you sleep. 

The frame features stability for many years. Twelve legs support the whole frame to stand steady. As the frame has a proper connection with the floor, it can take more pressure than average ones. 

Sturdy steel rails and wires help your mattress to perform. The thick rails keep your mattress steady on the top. Besides, your mattress can't sag on this frame. You don't have to buy box spring as the frame works well only with the mattress.

The bed frame is easy to carry.

The assembly takes only ten minutes. You can assemble the frame by yourself. There is no need for any tool to finish the assembly of this frame.

The assembly takes only ten minutes. You can assemble the frame by yourself. There is no need for any tool to finish the assembly of this frame.

What I like

  • The height allows storing any necessary stuff under the frame
  • Legs have caps below to keep your floor fine
  • Features easy assembly without any tools
  • Eliminates bed sagging issues
  • 12 legs help to take enough weight and pressure

What I Didn't Like

  • You need to buy brackets separately to attach a headboard or footboard

Heavy Duty Steel Frame (18 Inches, King) by Olee Sleep


The heavy steel bed frame is one of the durable frames in the market. The frame doesn't disturb you in sleeping. The construction cooperates with your frame to provide all the necessary facilities. 

It is the right bed frame for obese couples. Nine strong and thick legs help to prevent unnecessary movement. Your mattress gets the necessary supports from the mattress for years.

The joints can hold the whole construction well. The frame doesn't squeak at all. The side rails and other slats can distribute your weight well to perform better. The weight capacity of this frame is nearly 500 lbs. Two heavy persons can sleep on it with ease. 

You can put the mattress on the frame without box spring if you want. The mattress can't slip or move as construction also keeps the mattress steady.

The mattress gives 16 inches of high storage space.

The storage space helps to store even larger stuff safely under this bed frame.

What I like

  • The weight capacity is around 500 lbs
  • Thick slats hold the mattress well to prevent unnecessary movement
  • Joints don't make squeaky sounds
  • It comes with tools for assembly
  • Eliminates the need for box spring

What I Didn't Like

  • Brackets have an average construction

Horizon Full Bed Frame by Modway


The heavy-duty frame takes third place on our list. The good looking frame can give services for many years. The friendly construction gives most of the latest features that you might need. 

The color on the frame makes the product look more elegant. The structure can enhance the beauty of any room. Despite having only steel, the frame looks good and supports every mattress you place. 

The weight capacity is pleasing. A heavy person can use this bed for years without damaging the main construction. Supportive legs help the bed to stand strong.

The manufacturer has only used stainless steel.

Full stainless steel construction increases the durability and sturdiness of this bed frame. It doesn't even bend because of putting extra pressure.

Legs at corners and middle section distribute your weight well to help your mattress perform. Along with these, each leg has a cap at the bottom that avoids damaging your floor. 

The rails hold the proper shape for years. Your mattress can't sag on this frame. The construction also allows you to fold the frame when you are not using it.

What I like

  • The weight capacity is 1300 lbs
  • Stainless steel construction doesn't get affected by rust
  • 14 inches high storage space lets you keep your belongings under the frame
  • The construction works fine with any mattress
  • Box spring isn't necessary on the frame

What I Didn't Like

  • The tools with the frame don't help much in assembly

Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame by AmazonBasics


It is a great "Ready to use" metal bed frame that helps to sleep well. Such a bed frame saves both your time and money. The frame is capable of helping chubby persons to sleep and take rest. 

The design is quite simple. But still, it features lots of services. The black finishing on the top makes the frame look catchy. The color on the frame stays well for several years. 

No matter how much you move on the frame, it doesn't make any noise. The construction doesn't create friction between two of the parts. The joints are also tight and stable for many years. 

The thickness of rails, wires, and legs can please you. All the parts help to distribute the pressure equally to help you feel good on the mattress. Besides, the cross row structure on the top eliminates the sagging of the mattress. 

The frame comes folded. The frame is ready to perform only after unfolding. You don't need any tool or others' help to prepare this frame.

The frame can work with any type of mattress you want. 

You can combine this sturdy frame with any of your mattresses. Most of the sizes work on this frame. You don't need any box spring to sleep on this frame.

What I like

  • The cross-rows or rails and wires make the frame supportive
  • The weight capacity is over 250 lbs
  • 13 inches high storage space is available under this frame
  • The setup needs only a few minutes
  • Performs without box spring

What I Didn't Like

  • The wires on the rails are edgy, and damage mattress covers

Rocky E Base Platform Bed frame by Mellow


If you are looking for something that has only steel, then it is the right one. This frame, made by Mellow, can go through harshness without getting any damage. You can buy this frame for its durable performances.

The frame enhances the beauty of your bedroom. The perfect shape of this frame makes it eligible for any type of use. Apart, the color on the top is also durable and smooth. The corners are not so edgy. They can hurt neither you nor your mattress. 

The legs are in the proper position to make the frame supportive. Unlike other normal twin beds, it has a support leg in the middle. It is to help your mattress. 

Like other high profile beds, it also features 11 inches storage below the foundation. It makes the frame space-saving. 

You can finish this frame's assembly all by yourself. You don't even need any additional tools for this.

Wide slats of this frame are more supportive than other ones. 

As the whole construction is made of sturdy steel, the slats also last for many years. The extra width helps your mattress to be durable and firm.

What I like

  • The frame has a simple design that perfect for any type of room
  • Safe edges don't damage anything
  • Legs don't damage the floor or carpet
  • Extra-wide slats prevent mattress sagging
  • Legs give balance to each part of the frame

What I Didn't Like

  • Some mattresses can slide on the frame

What to Consider Before Buying Best Bed Frame for Heavy Persons?

To get the right bed frame, you need to think about a few things first. Otherwise, even the best product in the market might also disappoint you.

Your Size

If you don't get enough space on your bed to sleep, then your bed is useless. Even if you buy a larger frame than you need, then it unnecessarily covers the space of your bedroom. So, a person should buy the exact size depending on the sleeper's size, and the number of sleepers.

Your Mattress

It is not obvious that your mattress can perform well on any frame you want. Each mattress has its criteria. So, if you are planning to use your old mattress on your new frame, make sure you're buying the right frame that behaves friendly with your mattress.

The Space in Your Room

Your bed needs to enhance your room's beauty. When your bed is too large according to the space of your bedroom, it starts to cause you trouble. You can't place any other furniture in the room if your bed eats most of the space. That is why we find it necessary to buy bed frames depending on the space available for a new bed in the room.

Height after You Place Your Mattress

Height adjustment is a major issue here. You can go to your bed or leave your bed with ease when the height is perfect. Before buying a new frame, you need to calculate how high the bed can be after you place your mattress on the frame.

How to choose Best Adjustable Bed Frame for Heavy Persons?

There are thousands of options available. Very few can come handy. We are now going to discuss some facts that can lead you to buy the best frame in the market.  


There are three best options available for you; wooden, metal, and hybrid. But we think only the best heavy duty metal bed frame is the right option for heavy persons. Because only metal construction ensures more durability than wooden frames. Such frames don't have any bending or mattress sagging issues. They also don't get damaged too often.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity near or above 300 lbs is appreciable here. Other frames can't endure the pressure you give. A mattress having the perfect weight capacity can distribute the pressure and perform for a long time.


Most bed frames for heavy people are high-profile ones. A high-profile bed frame also allows you to store your stuff under the bed. So, try to buy a frame at least 12 inches high.


The number of legs matters a lot. If legs maintain the necessary distance and locate at the right place, the frame can be steadier and produce the necessary support. Frames for heavy persons also should have thick legs. Each leg should be capped. Otherwise, they might damage your floor.


Steadiness is important for noise-free performances. If legs don't stay steady, then the bed can move and make noise. Apart, the friction between two parts of the frame can make your bed squeaky. So, a steady frame that has firm joints and stable parts is preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Adjustable Bed Frame for Heavy Persons?

How Much Weight Can a Bed Frame Hold?

There are a number of things you should consider before making a bed frame choice. Besides styles and comfort, you will like to choose the right frame size for your body as well. While selecting a bed frame, you should also consider the room size and mattress size. But the ultimate question is always that how much weight a bed frame can hold. So, first of all, calculate the probable weight that the bed frame is going to have.

It is important to know that you are single or sharing the bed with your partner. If you are sharing a bed, then assess the weight combined. If you have kids or pets, take them into your consideration too.

There is no specific way to measure how much weight a bed frame can hold, but you can assume by examining its materials, weights, and other relevant things.

Are Metal Bed Frames Safe?

The answer is yes! Metal bed frames are safe. Generally, we consider two types of bed frame for our regular use. One is a wood bed frame, and another is a metal bed frame. Metal bed frames are more durable and highly affordable. It has low maintenance cost relatively. The metal bed frames would give you great stability and more reliable feelings.

It’s very normal being worried about maintenance and durability. Here you can rely on a metal bed frame for a versatile experience. It would provide you a safe and sound service for a long time. Most importantly, most of the metal bed frames are tough and hard that it could possibly handle a large amount of weight.

How to Remove Wheels From Bed Frame?

wheels are for convenience. If you want to remove or hide them, you can.
For removing the wheel,

First, remove all your mattresses and bedsheets. Ask someone to uphold the side of the bed where you want to replace or remove the wheel. Then put something under that edge by other furniture like a chair or simply by a piece of wood. Generally, most of the wheels are removable by default, so you will easily be able to remove and replace it with something you actually want.
You can use bed risers too. It’s an easier and safer option.

How to Stop a Wooden Bed From Squeaking?

There is a common thing among human beings; they all hate a bed squeaking. You are not different, too, we think. But the good news is you can fix it by yourself. One of the main reasons for squeaking the bed is loose joints. First of all, try to find out that there is any. If you find any loose joint, then tighten it by simple screwdriver or wrench. Here is another interesting reason and also a solution. You can use old clothes of yours like shirts or sweaters. Just simply put them under your mattress and see the result.

If you are not satisfied with the first two solutions, then you can try wax or oil. Find out the loose joint and lubricate it with your solution. Irritating problem but a simple solution.   


You should put some effort and time into buying a good bed frame. When you get to buy a quality frame, you can soundly sleep for many years. So, for your benefits, we advise you to check our top picks and judge our suggestions and tips to get the best frame for you.

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