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My recent research says, parents of autistic or special children find a lot of difficulties while making their children adapted to sleeping on a separate trundle bed when children grow a bit. There can be two reasons why it happens. The first one is not giving the best bed for autistic children to sleep to ensure maximum comfort. And another one is not knowing the right way to give their children a habit of using their bed to take rest. 

Well, I know how hard it is for autistic children's parents to keep everything going well. That is why I am sharing my thoughts in easy words to get you out of this problem. I am reviewing Delta Children's My size toddler bed along with four other quality beds and giving some advice related to this matter to ease your work.

There is no big difference between a normal child's trundle bed and a special child's trundle bed. Because of this, you cannot give an exact definition of autistic kid's trundle bed. But one thing is for sure. The best option for special children are those which makes them use their bed and, the bed also should provide maximum comfort to children's mind and health.

​Reviews of the Beds for Disabled Child

I am reviewing the five most popular toddler beds that you can consider as the best special needs bed of this year. You can judge them by their features and decide which one you need to buy for your small ones.

​Steveston 4 in 1 Convertible Crib by Storkcraft

I think it is one of the best autism beds to use for several purposes. The multi-tasking bed frame can keep your special child well to ensure the necessary sleep. You get durability along with all the latest features with this frame. 

The convenient design of this bed helps to use it according to your comfort. The bed also comes with a storage system along with a quality sleeping space. You can keep your kid's necessary stuff near the bed so that you can use them quickly. 

There is a large drawer at the bottom of the bed. You can keep large stuff inside. Besides, there are two shelves to keep small stuff, such as a napkin, food, or towel. 

The mattress height adjustability also helps you to ensure your baby gets the right bed height. Three different stages of height are easy to change anytime within minutes. 

The crib can also become almost a full-size bed for your child. The purchase of this product stops you from buying a new bed for your child for many years. You can also attach side grills for some added safety with the bed.

​The durable wooden construction of the frame has fine finishing. It increases the durability of the product.


  • ​The product can become four different types of beds
  • ​There are a drawer and open shelves to store your kid's essentials
  • ​The bed also features 3 different stages of mattress heights
  • ​A durable color coat on the frame lasts for many years
  • ​You can attach grills if you need for your child's safety


  • ​The height adjustment feature can fail to work after some years

​Wood Toddler Bed by Delta Children

​The bed not only helps your child to sleep but also makes sure your child enjoys sleep time. The catchy toddler bed is one of my favorite products for kids that truly work.

The first thing I find good about this bed is the design. The famous Ninja Turtle cartoon characters are designed on the body of the toddler bed. It makes your kid quite happy. Your kid can feel nice to go to bed alone.
The bed is for those who are more than one year old. The strong wooden construction can take enough weight. So, you can let your kid sleep for several months on this trundle bed.

Besides, the joints of this bed are quite reliable. The joints firmly hold the construction with the help of metal bolts. There is no gap between any two parts of the frame.

The assembly of this frame not much time. You can assemble this product within minutes with the help of some common tools at your home.

​The product maintains all types of safety standards. So, you can use it for any kid. The sideboards also keep your kid stay safe on the bed.


  • ​The attractive toddler bed features pictures of a famous cartoon series
  • ​The whole frame construction features sturdy wood
  • ​Precise joints hold the construction well
  • ​The sideboards protect children from falling
  • ​The bed is easy to assemble


  • ​Minor friction with anything can put off the upper paint coat from the bed

​Toddler Day Bed by Dream on Me

I think it is quite a safe bed for special needs children. The strong wooden construction lasts for several years in any condition. You don't have to think about the weight capacity. It can distribute the weight evenly to perform better. 

The color of this bed frame is pretty durable. The espresso color coat doesn't fade so easily. It matches with any type of room decoration. Your kid can also love this color as this color isn't too bright and gets mixed with other furniture in the room. 

The durable finish doesn't contain any harmful and smelly chemicals. The bed has certificates that prove it to be non-toxic and safe in any condition.

There are safety rails at each side of the bed frame. The height of these rails is pleasing. You also get a drawer at the bottom of the construction. It is quite roomy to keep your kid's stuff inside. 

The base of the bed is not too high. So, your child can reach the bed with the minimum effort. The base also behaves supportive with any mattress you place. 

​The installation of this bed is too easy. You get a simple manual along with all the necessary tools in the package.


  • ​Solid and thick wood framing makes the construction durable
  • ​The elegant design can adapt to the decoration of the bedroom
  • ​The bed features a pleasing weight capacity level
  • ​The bed also features a drawer at the bottom of the frame
  • ​The bed takes a few minutes for the setup


  • ​The frame can easily get stains

​My Size Toddler Bed by Delta Children

If you are looking for something durable and made of wood, then you can buy this one. This sturdy little bed frame last for years in any condition you keep it. The bed gives all the features you need to keep your kid comfortable at night. 

The finishing of the frame is a positive side. The smooth finishing lasts for years. It doesn't get stains or watermarks too easily. The scratch-resistant feature also keeps the bed clean and new for many days. 

The thick wooden parts of the bed hold the structure for quite a long time. Each part features solid wood. So, it can't break even it gets extra pressure. 

The product features standard weight capacity. A child of almost two years old can also feel comfortable on this bed. The roomy main construction features wooden base support to mattresses. That is why most mattresses can also do better with this bed frame. 

The assembly doesn't take too much time. You can do it by yourself within ten to fifteen minutes.

Though the construction has smooth and fine finishing, there is no bad odor that can hurt your child's nose. It stays odor-free from day one.


  • ​Strong wooden slats can support any mattresses you buy
  • ​The bed features two sideboards that protect your kid from falling from the bed
  • ​The weight capacity of the bed is more than 50 lbs
  • ​Pure dark chocolate color lasts longer on the bed
  • ​The product has got a certificate from JPMA


  • ​The whole construction is a bit heavier than other trundle beds

​ Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Toddler Bed by Little Seeds

This product is for those who seek something durable and catchy. The metal construction of this bed pleases a user with all types of features needed to sleep well. The bed keeps your child safe and comfortable on the top. 

The metal construction is a bit heavy. The heavy parts hold the structure well. I find the manufacturer claiming the weight capacity of around 50 lbs. But you can put a bit more weight on this bed. The firm legs of this bed can take extra pressure with ease. 

The non-toxic metal is another good side of this bed. The bed is safe to use for any children. The bed is also fully odor-free. 

The paint coat on the top of the metal is quite durable. That is why this bed looks beautiful for many years. 

The metal construction also behaves supportive with any mattress. It lets the mattress to perform freely. It also helps to prevent sagging of the mattress to increase the life span.

Instead of using any sideboards, the manufacturer has used side rails. These side rails also have a little design and curves to make the look of the bed catchy enough.


  • ​Strong metal legs hold the construction well for many days
  • ​The powder-coated finish looks good and lasts for a long time
  • ​The base has a good weight capacity
  • ​The bed can fight against rust to stay in good condition


  • ​You cannot assemble it alone. At least two adult can assemble it

How to Buy the Best Bed for Autistic Child?

Before buying, you need to know about some facts. These facts help you to pick the right bed for your special child. The facts are,

  • An autistic child can get scared of some colors. Avoid those colors while buying a bed
  • ​Make sure the height is reachable to your kids
  • ​Before picking up a size, you need to fix how many months you are going to let your kid sleep on the new bed

What to Concern before Buying Beds for Special Needs Child?

There are so many things to look for in a trundle bed to get the right type of bed. You don't need to look for too many features in a kid's bed. So, the most important considerations are, 


Normally, beds come with two types of materials, which are wood and metal. You can buy wooden options if you seek the look mostly. But I suggest getting a metal bed for longevity.


​A good design is a must for your kid's bed. Nowadays, you can also find beds with pictures of cartoon characters.


​Sideboards or rails are necessary to stop your child from falling. A bed having protections at the sides with the proper height is acceptable.

​How to Get Autistic Child to Sleep in Own Bed?

​At first, no special child agrees to sleep on a separate bed alone. Parents have to work a lot and ensure that their child gets the habit of sleeping at its bed. I have seen many parents who seek the help of the neurologists and physicians to find an easy way that makes disabled children sleep on their bed willingly.

The main thing you must know that you cannot force or command an
autistic child to do something. Moreover, behaving strictly can traumatize your child. You need to be polite and enough friendly while communicating with your child. The more comfortable your child feels, the less you need to work. So, here is my suggestion to this problem based on experts' opinions. 

Children need to get the habit of staying at the individual bed at a certain time. For this, you can let your child have dinner an hour before going to bed. You need to maintain the time of going to bed every day so that your kid makes it a habit.

The room of your child should be enough comfortable so that your child feels safe. At the time of going to bed, take your child to the bedroom. Then, politely tell to lie down on the bed. For the first few days, children can leave the instantly after lying. You have to hold your patience in that case.

When your child lies down, sit beside the bed on a chair. The light of the bedroom needs to gloomy so that the child falls asleep in a short time. You should give a massage on the kid's chest or back to make comfortable. You can also try saying a bedtime story or anything that gives relaxation to your child's brain. While doing these, you need to make sure all the windows closed and covered using curtains.

By following those steps, your kid can fall asleep without any issues. But there are also possibilities that you kids can wake up at midnight and go out of the bedroom or call you. You have to take this matter lightly and accept it normally. If you can take these issues lightly and keep doing your job, your child can adapt to sleep alone in a separate bed soon.


I hope you have got to know everything that you need from today's discussion. The way to find a good bed to ensure your kid's sleep is quite easy if you have gone through this article.

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