Best Mattresses for Pregnancy

The time, pregnancy is both joyful and critical. A new life starts to grow in a woman's body. No doubt being a mother is a blessing. But, a woman has to face some issues that anyhow hamper her good health. Problems like anxiety, insomnia, back pain, and cramps start to grow during this period. Somehow, the lack of proper sleep and rest can cause such troubles. So, ensuring a mother's sound sleep can be a good solution. To do so, you will need the best mattresses for pregnancy. 

A good mattress is always an aid to a person's necessary rest. A pregnant lady surely needs more rest and sleep than others. That is why having the best mattress is a must for her. Today's discussion can lead you to buy a mattress that can play a vital role during pregnancy.

Back care mattress isn’t a new concept nowadays. Doctor and professional physicians suggest especial back care mattress for people who suffer from back pain or this sort of problem.

Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Classic Brands 

You can consider this as one of the finest pregnant mattresses or mattresses for the maternal period. With several features that cooperate with your sensitive body, you can relax well, and help your body.

The upper part has a proper ventilation system. It locks the natural temperature and keeps you cool all the time. Besides, it also takes good care of your muscles by giving softness. 

The middle section is present to soak the pressure created when you sleep. It also adapts your shape to give you relief from any sort of stress. 

The foam in the bottom has a density that can help to keep up your spine's good alignment. The supportive behavior lets you use it even in pregnancy. 

The mattress has a cover that makes it look beautiful. It has a beautiful design that can match any of your bed frames. Apart from the design, you can expect the cover to last long because of the firm stitching.


  • The mattress features good adaptation to make you feel comfortable
  • ​It contains non-toxic materials that don't hurt anyone
  • ​Three layers soak the pressure from your body to let you sleep
  • ​Upper layers can maintain the temperature not to disturb you
  • ​You can use the mattress on most types of bed frames


  • ​You need to work hard a bit to unpack the mattress

​Gel Memory Foam Mattress by LUCID

LUCID is one of those companies which you can rely on. The mattress we are showing you now is useful for any type of person. The structure and materials can let anyone sleep well without any disturbance. 

The manufacturer has used a total of three types of foam here. Each of them features vital facilities to ensure your proper rest. The open cell technology in the mattress can cooperate with your posture. Even your weight doesn't matter to the mattress. It can take the extra weight with ease. 

The layers also offer ventilation to maintain the temperature on the top. Gel foam on the top does the job of keeping your body cool. 

The bottom layer supports your spine and gives the necessary alignment when you sleep. The mattress is not too firm. It is a bit softer. So, people having very sensitive muscles can use this mattress.


  • ​The mattress contains dust resistant materials. It also doesn't cause any sorts of allergy
  • ​The soft cover on the top behaves well with your skin
  • ​The open cell technology features breathability and durability
  • ​It gives a bit plush feel
  • ​The upper layer and cover can also eliminate moisture


  • ​We don't recommend this mattress to those who need firmness to fix their bad back

​Multilayer Hybrid Mattress (10.6 Inches, Full) by Vesgantti

You can have some back pain related issues during pregnancy. To solve those issues, we suggest you this mattress. The mattress plays a vital role in fixing bad backs and injured joints. 

When you are pregnant, you gain some extra weight, and your body might feel some extra stress. This hybrid mattress can take the extra weight with the help of durable innerspring. The responsive springs and foam layers adapt your shape with ease. They soak the pressure from your body. 

Each spring has its separate pocket. Because of this, springs can response to your movement perfectly. Over these springs, there are several types of foams. Each one has a different density. 

Because of having several types of layers, the mattress has a good combination of firmness and softness. Most people can sleep on it despite having an injury or other issues.


  • ​Upper layers on springs produce proper breathability
  • ​The mattress doesn't let you sweat while sleeping
  • ​The slow response of springs on your movement can help you sleep well
  • ​The separation of springs makes the mattress noise-free
  • ​The fabric on the top is soft and breathable, which keeps you comfortable


  • ​Edges are not well-supportive

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud 

This mattress is for those who look for the features of both memory foam and innerspring. The mattress's balanced construction helps a pregnant lady to take the proper rest without getting hurt on their back. 

The mattress can help each part of your body. You can sleep in any position. You can fix the alignment of your neck, shoulder, spine, and lower back by sleeping on this mattress. The foam layers contain various densities to feature multiple facilities. 

The gel-infused memory foam is always there to keep you cool and dry. The memory foam layer also gives the plush feel along with breathability. 

There is a part containing durable springs that give support to your body. They let you move on the top without disturbing your partner. These coils are not connected. That is why their functioning can please you. 

Apart, the cover of the mattress is quilted. You can find the cover both soft and durable.


  • ​The cover is one of this mattress's positive sides. It contains soft and durable cotton that also features breathability
  • ​16 Gauge coils can give you service for years
  • ​Several types of memory foam can adapt your posture with ease
  • ​The upper gel-infused layer is there to keep you dry
  • ​The mattress doesn't make any noise and works calmly


  • ​The mattress might sag if you are heavy

Foam Mattress (Queen, 10 Inches) by Casper Sleep 

This Casper Sleep mattress has a construction with a minimum rate of flaws. You can buy this for any purpose. We recommend this for those who have sensitive muscles. 

The mattress is quite durable. Layers of foam inside don't have any sagging issues. The mattress never gives you the feel of sinking. The accurate dimension gives you enough space to sleep soundly. 

The construction can reduce pain in your joints. The base layer supports your hip area to stay in the right alignment with your spine. 

Quality foam is breathable. Your body can't sweat by sleeping on it. Regular airflow helps the mattress to lock the temperature and help you sleep.


  • ​The mattress has four layers of foam for a better response to your body
  • ​All of the layers are breathable
  • ​This foam has open cell technology
  • ​The mattress is good for people having sore muscles
  • ​The base layer provides durability


  • ​The mattress is perfect for only one person to sleep

​Foam Mattress (King) by Snuggle-Pedic

This mattress is good at giving support to your body. No matter what type of sleeper you are, the mattress can help your body relax. 

There are only two layers in this mattress. During pregnancy, you might have to change your sleeping position. The layers have the construction that can support your whole body and relieves the pressure. Your body can't get any unusual stress from the mattress. 

The mattress can cooperate with any type of frame and give you the best bed for pregnancy. Layers are both soft and responsive. They give the necessary support on your hips, shoulder, and neck to help you relax. 

The whole mattress is breathable. It keeps you dry and cool, unlike other traditional memory foam mattresses. Even the cover doesn't hamper the breathability.


  • ​The mattress contains risk-free materials that you can use during maternity
  • ​The mattress and the cover don't give any allergy, and they are dust resistant
  • ​The base layer is fully firm that is helpful for your correct body posture
  • ​The cover is well-stitched and removable


  • ​The mattress loses its firmness after a few years

​Resort Ultra Bed in Box (12 Inches) by Live and Sleep

The mattress gives all the latest features you need to sleep in any condition. The Live and Sleep mattress has a very simple construction that pleases a person by helping to sleep without giving any pain. 

The base part has a pleasing height with extra density. This base doesn't sag and sink. The thick layer helps you to keep your body's each portion well. This mattress is also eligible for taking some extra weight. 

On the upper side, the mattress has two layers of soft and breathable foam. They work to keep you cool and comfortable. These layers also help to soak stress from your muscles. 

Moreover, the mattress has no heavy metal and harmful material that can cause you any disease. You can have this mattress on any type of bed frame.


  • ​The extra thickness at the bottom gives you relief from bad alignment
  • ​The memory foam layers can adjust with your shape and weight
  • ​The whole construction is breathable and doesn't hamper the airflow
  • ​Quality linen cover keeps you comfortable on the top
  • ​You can use this even on an adjustable frame


  • ​Edges have an average construction

​Plush Innerspring Eurotop Mattress by Continental Sleep

It is a set of all the elements you need to put on your frame. You can get the necessary support you need during your pregnancy period through this mattress. 

People who are suffering from any type of bad back or sensitive joints can buy this frame for fixing their problems. Besides, the firmness and responsiveness can keep your shoulder, back, and waist position right when you are pregnant. 

The springs in the mattress react on your movement so that you can sleep faster than usual. Along with this, the upper part gives a plush feel so that your muscles stay comfortable.

The set of box spring and mattress don't need any assembly. You can also use it without any topper or other supports.


  • ​The mattress behaves supportive for many years
  • ​You can use the set on any frame, and it doesn't need any other elements
  • ​13 SH gauge springs last longer
  • ​The mattress can reduce severe back pain
  • ​The fabric covering the mattress doesn't attract dust


  • ​The fabric is not durable at all

​Natural Latex Mattress (8 Inches, Full) by Sunrising Bedding

It is a healthy mattress that you can use to give your body the necessary rest. This mattress has the finest latex construction, which helps to sleep with ease without having any pain or allergy. To get relief from any sorts of previous back pain, we suggest this product. 

The layers here let your body to circulate blood correctly. The adaptation behavior towards your body keeps your joints and muscles free of stress. The springs inside help to give your spine the proper alignment. They also response well to your movement on top. That is why you can sleep in any position you feel comfortable with. 

The latex layer always soaks pressure from your body. It is good for someone who has a bad back or sore muscles. The combination of innerspring and latex brings balance in firmness and softness. 

The mattress doesn't smell from the very first day. You don't have to wait hours for the mattress to get its actual shape.


  • ​That mattress has a fabric cover made of quality cotton.
  • ​The mattress can fix your bad back
  • ​Each coil here has a separate pocket for better performance
  • ​The mattress also features breathability
  • ​This mattress can help even a chubby person to sleep well


  • ​The mattress loses its softness after almost a couple of years

​King Mattress (12 Inches) by Sweetnight

​To get proper sleep during pregnancy, we suggest you try this mattress. The mattress allows a person to sleep in any position without hurting muscles and boles. The maintained softness can help any people to take rest for years.

The mattress has three layers. The top one contains gel memory foam. The soft upper layer also soaks the heat created between your body and the mattress. The construction eliminates the possibility of your sweating.
In the middle, the memory foam features necessary ventilation to keep up the temperature. You can sleep without disturbance because of the airflow system. The layer also adapts your shape and responses well too. You can sleep in any position on the mattress during pregnancy.
The bottom portion gives firmness that is mandatory to take care of your body posture. The durable layer holds the shape of the mattress for many years and gives you facilities.


  • ​The mattress contains quality memory foam that gives your back the necessary alignment
  • ​You can sleep in any position with your heavy body during pregnancy
  • ​The mattress is dust resistant and doesn't give you any allergy
  • ​All materials are safe and non-toxic
  • ​The breathability wicks away moisture


  • ​The mattress smells a bit for the first few days

​Why Should You Buy Best Mattresses for Pregnancy?

Sleeping on an uncomfortable surface can make anybody suffer. A pregnant woman has some extra demand. Because, during pregnancy, a woman's posture changes a lot. She starts to grow heavier day by day. Her spine and joints have to take some extra pressure at that time. A pregnant woman gets tired too soon. She needs more rest than usual to ensure both mother and unborn child's sound health. 

A woman needs a special mattress during pregnancy and the next few months after delivery. She needs something that can give full support to her weak spine. Her body alignment should be perfect when she sleeps. Moreover, she has to stay cool while asleep. Such features can only be found in some mattresses that feature balanced firmness, durability, breathability, and many more. That is why we recommend buying only the best mattress for the sake of a future mother and her unborn child.

How to Buy Best Mattresses for Pregnancy? 

​To be frank, there is no specific mattress specially made for pregnancy. Mattresses for pregnancy almost have the same construction as other quality mattresses. You need to pick one that has all the necessary features to help a pregnant woman from the quality products out in the market. Because of this, we are now willing to describe the criteria of a mattress for pregnant women.


We suggest you buy a medium-firm mattress in this sensitive period. Too firm mattresses make you feel pain on your back. Softer mattresses also cause trouble. You cannot sleep in any position on it. You might feel the lack of necessary support from a soft mattress.


​It depends on the user's choice. But as per doctors, the height of a mattress should not go above 12 inches in most cases.


​A pregnant lady needs some extra support. Pregnant women suffer from back pains very often. So, as a cure, you can buy a mattress that gives the necessary support to the spine, shoulders and lower back areas.

​Temperature Maintenance

​Most of the mattresses are foam or hybrid type nowadays. Such types can sometimes raise the temperature between you and the top of the construction. This happens because of the lack of necessary ventilation. The sudden rise of the temperature can cause trouble. A person can even sweat because of unwanted warmth. So, buying a mattress made of breathable materials is the right decision here.

​Some Other Essentials

​You might also need to buy the best mattress toppers to get extra features from your mattress. During pregnancy, such a need is not surprising for better sleep. To ensure the proper rest, having the combination of the best mattress and best maternity pillow is a great option. You can buy accessories along with a mattress to make sure your new mattress gives what you exactly need.


Spending money on buying a good mattress and accessories like pregnancy mattress toppers never goes in vain. Giving some effort into buying such essentials can help women have a healthy pregnancy. So, we wish you spend your valuable time and money wisely to pick up the right mattress and other stuff to eliminate the possibilities of any trouble.

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