Best Bra for Sagging Breasts

PrimaDonna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Panache Women's Tango Leaf Underwire Balconette Bra

You've tried all the models a bit, right?

But it's really hard to find the perfect bra for the saggy breast that also gives you comfort and freedom. We know, the chest is one of the most sensual areas of a woman's body. Having it somewhat saggy can make us feel self-conscious. That's why we want to come to your aid today. In this special article, our researchers have compiled a list of the best bra for sagging breasts you can find on the market.

Convenience, support, affordable prices, and variety. You cannot fail to find the perfect one for your needs.

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Sagging breasts make us feel more insecure and lower our self-esteem. An immediate solution is to use the right underwear. Although there is no type of bra for sagging breasts, a good bra in the right size will give us support. It will hide this small problem and reduce the effects of gravity that we all suffer to a greater or lesser extent.

Here is 10 best bra for large sagging breasts:

PrimaDonna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra


If you are looking for the best bra that is available on the market, you certainly can't miss an opportunity like this. A model from the PrimaDonna brand is designed for generous shapes and will give you support never seen before.

It is a bra that is able to enhance even a sagging breast without forgetting the comfort you need. Although it is a model with underwire, you will find it very comfortable once worn, precisely because of its design and refined materials.

The fabric of which it is composed is a very soft Polyamide that has side reinforcements that wrap around your breasts. It will improve comfort and support. As soon as you wear it, you will immediately see how your breasts will be sculpted and highly enhanced. 

In addition to support and comfort, you also need to consider the fit and look of a bra, and this model has everything you are looking for. Very feminine and refined it will make you feel sexy and comfortable at all times.

What I like

  • The best model for sagging breasts or large breasts
  • Model with underwire that does not bother and does not leave marks
  • Made of very soft Polyamide and Elastane with side reinforcements
  • The breast is sculpted and highly valued
  • Elegant and modern tulle inserts that enhance the design

What I Didn't Like

  • Some consider this model to be a bit pricy

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra


Do you have significant and slightly saggy breasts? Are you tired of looking everywhere for the best bra for large sagging breasts that gives you excellent support and fits comfortably? In this review, you will find what we believe is the best full breast sagging bra that will help you reduce the volume by one size.

Among the many brands you could choose from, Chantelle is the one that convinced us the most. It has, in fact, created for all women like you, who struggle every day with large breasts, a product that will really improve their appearance.

It is a model that fits very comfortably precisely. Because it is designed for generous sizes, does not bother the shoulders. The sliding straps, in fact, are wide to give you greater comfort while wearing it. It is an unlined model with 100% nylon, so it doesn't feel, making it really comfortable.

If you could not prevent the breasts from coming out from the sides with other reducing bras, with this minimizer model, you will not have to worry at all.

What I like

  • Excellent model for both large breasts and sagging breasts
  • Visibly shrinks breasts by one size
  • The straps are sliding and wide to give greater comfort
  • It also contains the sides excellently
  • Easy to wash
  • Available in different colors and many sizes

What I Didn't Like

  • The underwires are a bit sharp, but not so much to bother

Panache Women's Tango Leaf Underwire Balconette Bra


Wearing your bra every day, especially if you have sagging breasts, can be a little uncomfortable, right? Braces, seams that can be seen through the clothes. We have found a Panache model that will enhance your shapes but that you will find really comfortable to wear day after day.

This model has, in fact, been designed for daily use. It will not bother you, will not leave marks, and make you feel all the support without noticing that you are wearing it. Thanks to the fabric with which it is made, which makes it an ultra-soft bra with an embroidery finish. You will notice exceptional comfort every time you wear it.

The preformed cup is made of a double lining that guarantees you excellent support regardless of your size. You will immediately notice how it perfectly wraps your shapes, giving you both comfort and safety.

Undoubtedly, important in a bra is to shape the figure so that they appear naturally rounded. Thanks to the Ring system with which this product is equipped, you will have an internal reinforcement of the cup. It will give its own shape to your breasts and will support it in the most adequate way possible.

What I like

  • The best to be worn daily even with sagging breasts
  • It leaves no marks, and it seems not to have it on
  • Very soft and silky microfiber fabric with leaf motif
  • Preformed cup with double coating for better support
  • Model your shapes efficiently and naturally thanks to the Ring System
  • Ultra-flat elastics that make it invisible under clothing
  • Available in different sizes and different colors

What I Didn't Like

  • Some customers are concerned about the sizing. So, check before buying

Glamorise Women's Full Figure Support Bra


Are you desperate for the best support bra for sagging breasts that can provide you with the right support while doing the daily activity? We have found for you a model from the well-known Glamorise brand that seems to be the answer to your prayers. Read our review.

A bra like this will be your real ally both during your sports sessions but also during the days of work or leisure. It is, in fact, made with a very neutral and linear design that is suitable for any activity. It also allows you high freedom of movement and truly exceptional comfort to be able to use it every day.

The materials with which it was produced are composed of a mix of nylon, polyester, and spandex that make this bra incredibly flexible and soft. This will allow you to wash it without worries. Because even the elastic edge of the underbust is able to not deform with the passage of time and washing.

What I like

  • Great model to use during daily activities
  • The design is linear and neutral, very comfortable for any activity
  • Materials made from a mix of nylon, polyester, and spandex
  • Really very flexible and soft bra
  • It resists very well to use and various washes without deforming
  • Available in all standard sizes

What I Didn't Like

  • The padded bottom is comfortable, whereas the laced upper part might seem itchy

Playtex Women's Wire-Free Bra


To revive your underwear wardrobe, it isn't always necessary to spend an arm and a leg. That's why we want to introduce you to the best bras for large saggy bust in the budget. It will give you versatility, comfort, and support all at a great price.

The bra we are talking about is from the Playtex brand, and it is a model without underwire. Therefore it guarantees you a really high comfort, but at the same time, it is able to offer you excellent support.

The cups, available in a wide variety of sizes, are not padded. So they give support to your breasts, while still keeping them natural. To adjust the straps, you can count on the classic adjusters that you will adjust slowly over time so as not to lose support.

The manufacturing materials are 81% Nylon and 19% Spandex, but you won't have to worry about sweating. Although there is no cotton, in fact, they will not irritate your skin. They will not make you sweat as often happens with similar models. Even some customers point this out in their opinions.

What I like

  • The best budget model available of 2019
  • Non-wired bra very comfortable to use every day
  • Non-padded cups that gives support with retaining the natural shape
  • Very resistant adjustable straps
  • Synthetic materials but which do not cause sweating or irritation
  • The elastic band placed under the breast that gives real support
  • Available in different colors and various sizes

What I Didn't Like

  • The cups sometimes cover more than the breasts, i.e., touch the arms

Olga Luxury Lift Full Coverage Underwire Bra


Are you tired of wearing bras that you want or not end up seeing underneath your clothes? Then this Olga Luxury Lift model will change your experience in the world of bras. Read our review and find out more.

This bra is part of the Invisible line of one of the most prestigious brands. It is no surprise that most customers are thrilled to have bought it. You will get great support even with sagging breasts, a beautiful shape, and ultra-comfort, without all of this showing.

In fact, the seams are invisible, almost non-existent, which means that no relief will appear on the shirt or shirt you will wear. Although invisible, they are still very solid and resistant; to offer you total safety while wearing the bra.

The cups are modeling; that is, thanks to their very light padding, they will make your breasts round and aesthetically beautiful. Even on the cups, the seams are invisible so you can see how they form a whole with the straps, increasing comfort.

What I like

  • Most invisible model of all under clothing
  • The seams seem not to be there, but they are solid and resistant
  • The shaping cups also give a sagging breast a rounded shape
  • The flexible underwire does not bother and leaves no marks
  • Great general support
  • Easy to was

What I Didn't Like

  • The sizing may vary body to body, so check carefully before buying

Bali Women's Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra


Who said a bra just has to be comfortable? Of course, you will want at least one in your closet that also makes you feel sexy and desirable, right? So here we come to your rescue with this fantastic petal pattern model from Bali.

This is one of the best super feminine bras you can find this year. Simply by wearing it, you will notice a great improvement in the aesthetics of your breasts. Especially if you have sagging breasts, they will be immediately enhanced and supported in the best way.

The presence of underwire in the part of the underbust guarantees you the support you are looking for without making you give up the best possible comfort. The band on the back is doubled and has no seams. It makes the bra very comfortable and soft in contact with the skin. In addition, the ultra-soft straps are adjustable to help you always position it most suitably.

The cups are slightly padded, so they will allow you to give your breasts an elegant and rounded shape that will immediately make you feel more feminine. Other details, such as the petal design, are added to give you that feminine touch you are looking for.

What I like

  • To feel super sexy without sacrificing comfort
  • The volume is enhanced as soon as it is worn
  • The slightly padded cups round the bust
  • An extremely comfortable wireless model with invisible seams
  • Petal patterns to give a romantic and sensual touch
  • Hand wash recommended

What I Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t come in smaller size such as 32

Freya Women's Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra


We know very well that finding a truly comfortable bra is difficult, but we have not given up. We have found a very special model that we believe is the most comfortable of all. Find out why.

Freya has created one that looks like a plunge bra in every way, really comfortable and always suitable to be worn. In fact, this model has the same comfort level but with the design of a classic model.

The very simple and clean lines, without decorations, make it more than perfect to be worn under shirts, even the tightest ones. It will not be seen that you are wearing it, and you will be able to feel comfortable at all times.

Another point in favor of comfort is undoubtedly the light pad. The underwire is barely noticeable. However, this does not mean that it is a model that offers little support; on the contrary! Thanks also to the adjustable elastic straps on the front, you can adjust the bra as you like until you notice the right support.

What I like

  • One of the most comfortable models on the market
  • A mix between a Sensual model and a traditional bra
  • Simple lines without decorations that make it almost invisible under clothing
  • Plunge bra that guarantees excellent comfort
  • Adjustable elastic straps on the front
  • Pre-shaped cups to shape the breasts

What I Didn't Like

  • It doesn’t come in larger sizes

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up


For certain necklines, the use of a push-up bra can work wonders in terms of aesthetics, but most have a considerable cost.

The affordable price of this model struck us among all the offers on the web. With the same amount with which you buy a single bra of the most prestigious brands, you can buy two or three, perhaps in the different colors available white, black, and leather.Reading the buyers' reviews, it is clear that the push-up effect is very marked, thanks to the padding that pushes the breast towards the center.

If you are undecided between two sizes, it is advisable to take the smaller one, because for most of the girls the bra is a little loose.

It is not a particularly comfortable model, but it is excellent if used occasionally on occasions when you want to add a sexy touch to clothing.

We believe this model is the cheapest we can present to you. It costs very little but let's see what the advantages are and what the defects.

What I like

  • Impressive padding push breasts to the center
  • Comes at a really affordable price
  • Ensures a modeling effect, supporting the breasts and giving a more sensual look
  • Recommended for machine wash
  • Crisscross strap at the center
  • Designed back straps

What I Didn't Like

  • The breast highlighting is quite marked, so it is a model that may not meet everyone's tastes

Elomi Women's Plus-Size Cate Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra


The Elomi brand is known to ladies for offering high-quality fabrics and manufacturing at affordable costs. This time they have bought the best bra for saggy deflated breasts for plus-sized women.

In particular, this model is dedicated to those who have medium to large breasts and want to have the right support without the shape being crushed.

Usually, this effect is achieved with metal inserts and rigid cups, which, however, are not the best of comfort and mark the skin.

The back band and shoulder straps are wide and flat, so as to offer maximum comfort and favor the right position of the shoulders and back. In fact, as women with large breasts know well, a bad garment positioning can lead to pain and posture problems that are difficult to solve.

What I like

  • Suitable for plus size women
  • Adjustable wide strap
  • Full coverage with pad underneath
  • Hand washable
  • The comfort of this bra is its real strength
  • Supports and contains the breasts in a more than satisfactory way

What I Didn't Like

  • Being a good quality bra, you need to spend a tidy sum to own it

Why Do You Need To Buy Bra For Saggy Breast?

There are many causes for the loss of firmness of the breasts. Although each body is different and each woman takes care of it in her own way, there will always be mitigating and accelerating. Saggy breasts occur due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, Genetics, Sudden increases, and decreases in weight and age.

There may be some extreme measures to correct this situation, but the easiest is using the right bra. Knowing which bra to use for sagging breasts will help us hide this problem and forget about cheap bras because they do not offer good support. It is better to invest in a quality model that has the reinforcements and supports you need.

That’s why it is wise to invest money in the right place and but the best bra for sagging breasts.

How to Choose the Best Bra for Sagging Breasts?

The idea of buying one a size smaller than the one that corresponds to you to look for a higher elevation is a serious mistake. Do not squash or oppress the chest; you will only make the situation worse.

Choose an underwired bodice, wonderbra, or push up type. Visually they are fantastic, and little by little, they will place your breasts in their rightful place.

The length of the straps is very important. If they are too long, the bra will not be performing its function correctly. And if, on the contrary, they are too short, the garment will be uncomfortable and will raise the chest in a forced, unnatural way.

You can benefit from bras that fasten in the front, especially if, in addition to having sagging breasts, they are too far apart. This type of bra usually has reinforcement at the bottom. They are ideal for raising the chest and keeping it in its correct position without being annoying.

It is always advisable to go to a corsetry or specialized store and request advice on your case's most appropriate garment. Because many innovative products can help you.

As for clothing, try to avoid too pronounced V-necklines. The round or heart-shaped ones will favor you much more.


It is important to spend time choosing the best bra for sagging breasts according to your body. Invest in suitable and quality garments for their materials and their good results and greater holding capacity. Remember that wearing the right lingerie that properly enhances your curves will be the basis of your physical appearance. Check out our list and decide for yourself.

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