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Buying a Best Guest Room Mattress often creates a dilemma. Because you never know what your respected guest wants. It would be hard to find something that fits all, but if a little research is carried out and some more time is spent, you can roll hands onto something that offers superior comfort and ultimate rest to your guests.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for a guest room there is more than one thing that comes into play. But, your budget and space play a vital role. You have to narrow down your research as per your bedroom space and purchasing power.

So, you need to buy a guest room mattress, you are on a budget and cannot spend a big chunk of money into housing one. This guide is going to offer you a myriad of mattress option to go with. We have curated a list of top best guest room mattresses and it will help you to choose the best as per your need. Just have a bird’s eye view and behold what falls right on your need.

There are some recommended mattresses for reducing the back pain. We have enlisted some of the best mattresses in the world. Look into all those mattresses and select the best possible option for you.

If you already have started checking different products, you would know finding a good mattress for the guestroom is more like jumping into a pool of options.

You never know how to distinguish one product from others. This review guide will briefly explain the most evident features of different products and help you better decide which one is good for a particular job.

​TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and best quality bed for guests TUFT & NEEDLE mattress makes an ideal choice. This is one of the most popular mattresses online and your guests will have a full of comfortable sleeping.

The best guest bed is ideal for back stomach, side and combination sleepers and way cozier and soft than others.

The original Tuft and Needle mattress share 10-inches thickness with 2-inches T&N Adaptive foam and 7-inches high-density poly-foam. To render plush and breathable sleeping experience, the mattress further adorned with polyester Polymide cover.

Its foam infused with graphite and gel prevents condensation and pulls heat away from the body and pushes moisture for excellent temperature regulation.

The T&N foam relieves pressure and renders responsive bounce, which makes it easier for your guests to move around at night. The mattress is durable, and possesses a supportive base with little to no risk of sagging.

It's medium-firm is great for all types of sleepers, your guests would not feel like sticking in the mid.

The bed makes a great option for couples as well with its unique motion isolation feature and edge support integration.

In a nutshell, the bed is comfortable, accommodates greatly to your guests and renders superior experience without costing arms and legs.


  • ​Responsive bounce for seamless motion
  • ​Even support, comfort, and relieve pressure points
  • ​It regulates the body's heat temperature and prevents condensation
  • ​10-Years warranty
  • ​Supportive layer of foam keeps your body aligned


  • ​Its size shrinks within months

​Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam

If you do not have much money left to spend on, and still desired to have a sturdy and comfort rendering bed for your guests, look no further, as Linenspa makes a great option for you. The unit is going to make the best guest bed solution without costing arms and legs.

It is a streamlined 8-inches thick bed that shares a hybrid construction. The blend of memory foam and classic innerspring is going to blow you away with impressive performance.

The best thing about the bed is, usually, hybrid beds are priced higher than simpler memory foam or innerspring beds, but this is priced extremely low and provides excellent results.

The classic and modern mix-up suits a large variety of people as innerspring bags are conventional beds, even now people love to lie upon them to get good night sleep. The mix-up makes a great option, as your guests will be more familiar with a classic innerspring feeling; this is what this bed renders.

So, by having this mattress onboard, in other words, you are creating a home away from home experience.

The bounce and air-flow of this mattress are great and work correctly without blocking air passing and repositioning.

The memory foam the upper layers come adorned with the help you have a comfortable experience with soothing pressure points associated with long-travel.


  • ​The plush upper layer of memory foam helps to align the spine and offer relieves
  • ​Its knit cover finishing compresses and holds it
  • ​Available in three different thicknesses
  • ​A blend of innerspring and foam adds a great sleeping experience


  • ​Packaging smell spoils the experience

​Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch

The guest's rooms are not used very often. They go unused for long stretches of time and more than often they carry musty smells, the kind of smell that produces if you do not visit a closed room for days. This Zinus produced Green memory foam may have a solution to the problem. The best guest bed comes infused with different natural smell-eradicating ingredients. The infusion of castor seed oil, green tea and charcoal offer a pleasant refreshing smell for whenever your guest visits the guest room.

The bed renders medium-firm and great people who face back or neck pain. It is integrated with memory foam that offers more like a hugging and cozy experience for your guests. The bed is specially designed for guests and provides a soothing experience to your guests who are tired after a long journey.

It is constructed with great care regarding airflow. Its eggs-crate like design ensures even air distribution and helps air passing through preventing condensation and sweat.

Additionally, the price of this mattress for the guest room is very reasonable. You can have it under a very tight budget, compare to others and delivers on its attention to details.

​I have seen many low priced beds often come with an industrial smell that lingers over time. The Zinus green mattress does not withhold such smells and its foam counters those odors and offers refresh smell.


  • ​Infused castor seed oil and green tea prevents odors
  • ​It offers a medium-firm feel with memory foam resulting in a cozy space
  • ​Competitive price
  • ​Isolates motion


  • ​Do not remove the mattress cover or your entire house will be unleased with invisible fiberglass storm
  • ​Mold issue

​DynastyMattress Cool Breeze

Overheating is one of the biggest issues hurled by mattresses. And that makes the situation worsen and creates restlessness. Sleeping away from the comfort of the home is difficult and this discomfort is further compounded with an overheating mattress.

Get Dynasty Mattress Cool Breez and let your guests enjoy the cozy cooling sleeping experience. The mattress is very popular on the internet due to its affordable price and innovative cooling technology. The cooling technology just over shines others and makes you roll hands just onto this thing.

Protect your guests from getting sweaty nightmares and help them have a cool good night's sleep.

This best bed for a guest room makes an ideal grab as it adapts different shapes. The more traditional option may lead to overheating experience and escalate a cozy sleeping into a sleepy nightmare.

The mattress renders optimum comfort with two layers of breathable foam in the center of the bed that allows hot air to escape. The foam is further infused with a gel layer that keeps heat building up on the surface and helps you have a cool surrounding.

The mattress provides a medium-firm and comes in hands at very affordable rates. It accommodates most of the sleepers in different sleeping positions and helps them have their favorite sleeping position with no disturbance.

Remember, the material may go soften over-time and loses its firmness.


  • ​Popular cooling technology helps you have a cool sleeping experience
  • ​Two layers of breathable foam provide a comfortable experience
  • ​Its innovative design provides proper airflow
  • ​Infused gel protects heat from building up
  • ​Gel memory foam pillows free
  • ​30-years warranty


  • ​Stiffer than casual mattresses

​Leesa 10" Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress for noise and motion-sensitive sleepers, get Leesa 10-inches Foam mattress onboard. Due to its all-foam construction, it is a silent mattress with excellent motion isolators. With this board your partner will feel no motion from your side, to minimize sleep disruption.

The Leesa 10-inches foam mattress is also good for sleepers with chronic or frequent back pain sleeper. It offers impressive pressure relief, and conforms to the sleeper and provides body-hugging cradle sleeping experience to prevent pressure point from developing pain.

Its softer high-quality foam's inner microcell structure ensures proper airflow to prevent sleepers from getting hot sleeping experience, still offering a perfect amount of bounce. So, your guests will be sleeping cooler and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

It is a 100-percent risk-free investment, the Leesa products are backed by a 100-night in-home trial and you get your money back if you do not like it.

The unit is wrapped and shipped in an amazing box, it comes covered with 4-stripes mattress box to protect from potential damages and scratches that usually happens.


  • ​It is made in the USA
  • ​Perfect bounce with improved pressure relief for side sleepers
  • ​Contours your body shape
  • ​It supports all body types and all sleeping positions
  • ​Ideal for the sleepers with chronic and back pain


  • ​Not a cooling experience at all

What to Consider Before Buying the ​Best Guest Room Mattress?

​Before buying the best mattress for the guest room consider a few points. Of them, one of the most would be how often the mattress will be used. Spending tons of money into buying stuff that is only used five or six days in a year would not be a wise decision. There are few other factors that play a key significance, just read through and you will have a better understanding of buying a mattress for a guest room.

​Amount of Use

A quality mattress easily lasts around 7-10 years. You should spend extra money only if guests stay at your home quite frequently. For a few visits around in a year, an average mattress bed would fill the bill. A high-quality mattress would last longer and at homes where guests come more than frequent, spending into buying one is worthy.


The price of a mattress varies with respect to quality, size and bells and whistles it adorns with. But, I do not think, you need to have extra or special features for a guest mattress. The average price of a quality queen size guest mattress can be around 800-1000 dollars.

Often, the online mattress comes at high quality and lower cost, and offer extended sleep trials. So, it is upon what you need to see in a guest room mattress and do not spread your legs out of your linen.


How firm a mattress is also a top feature to look in a guest room mattress? In general, for a guest bed, medium to firm feel is considered best. As, it offers a good experience to all types of sleepers and most body types, they are good at offering superior comfort and support and comes incorporated with the features to reduce back, neck and chronic pain.


The mattress comes in twin, twin XL, Full, queen, king, and California King sizes. It is all about the type of guest you are expecting and available space in your home.

In general, customers please with queen-size or full-size mattress, they are good for single as well as couples.

​Sleeping Trials

Top-notch bedding brands offer sleeping trials to customers within the comfort of their homes. The sleeping trial lasts between 90-120 days, most companies recommend customers using at least 30-days as within this time frame their body adjust to a new mattress. If a customer does not like the mattress, the company will get the mattress back and donate it and issues full payment to the customer.


Buying a Best Guest Room Mattress goes easy if you follow the mentioned guidelines. Remember, price and how often the bed will be spent on are the most important things to have in mind. Do not fall for aesthetics or bells and whistles, only have the most important features in your mind and do not spend beyond your reach.

We have reviews top-rated and most selling product above, hope this guide will lead you to better understanding what to look in a mattress.

Hope this guide will help you choose a perfect mattress for your guest bedroom.

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