Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Platform Bed?

When you go to buy a device or instrument, what do you think first? Yes, its eligibility. So here is a platform bed for you that you can use it with every kind of mattresses. No matter if it is a hybrid mattress or gel mattress or other kinds of mattresses. Just make sure it is in the correct size. So let’s jump right into your query. 










​Twin XL












​Cal king



Type of Mattress

There is a number of mattress for platform bed in the market. Full size mattress for platform bed, twin mattress platform bed frame etc. And you can choose according to your preference.

Memory Foam

If you are fancying the feeling sinking into your bed and being hedged and cradled to sleep, then memory foam is the foam you are looking for. It is prominent for slow restoration to prototype form when pressure is released. It allows your body and pressure points to relieve tension and aches. We also must acknowledge that memory foam was introduced for safety measures.


 Latex bed popularity is increasing day by day. Though you are familiar with latex bed, you probably didn’t notice that all latex aren’t the same. It is made of two different manufacturing processes. And eventually, that results in two different qualities in the creation of latex products. Those two processes are:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    ​Two Steps Further With Talalay

People who are suffering from back pain can easily adapt to a latex mattress. It can easily lift the heavier parts of the body up and of the bed frame. The mattress also sleeps reasonably cool. Combo sleepers enjoy lucid model certainly because it is easy to move around and change position.

Natural Fibre Mattress

There are a lot of mattresses in the market. If you didn’t decide the type of mattress yet then, you could put your trust on natural fibre mattress. Natural fibres produce highly comfortable feelings and support to your body, but it is vital to choose its ingredients and manufacturing process as well. Cotton, wool and silk are the most common ingredients that are used in natural fibre mattress. The elasticity and resilience may vary due to its construction method.

Before making a buying decision, you are highly recommended to examine the quality of these mattresses.

Natural fibre has some benefits, including the ‘Eco-friendly option’. Let’s think about, in how many ways we are putting strains in our environment? And many of us are giving no importance to them. However, buying a natural fibre mattress can make contributions towards it in an implicit way.

Water Beds

Water beds are incredibly comfortable. They can adjust to the temperature magically. 

Though it’s not something that can be expected for every person, but in recent years, there have been alleged that waterbeds can cause particular back problems while this may be the case for a few sleepers.

Nevertheless, a study has shown that there isn’t such thing as an ideal bed type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Beds

​Before making the final decision of buying a water bed, you have to focus on some crucial fact. Because it has a positive and negative side. It’s all about counting what’s essential to you upon the possible drawbacks of ownership of a particular mattress type.


  • ​Bears barriers that can resolve wave action to full, partial, or no wave to help hearten individual back health
  • ​Often offers two settings for you and your spouse or sleeping partner to preserve the ability to resolve settings separately. Such as water temperature and firmness
  • ​Can provide your back more flexibility
  • ​Sex in them can be interesting
  • ​They keep you more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • ​Longevity. Correctly cared for a waterbed can last your entire life without ever losing comfort whereas conventional mattresses lose theirs within a few years
  • ​Longer than most standard mattresses meaning they’re great for tall people


  • ​To maintain the proper heat level, it can raise your electricity bill.
  • ​It will not be that easy to move. For example, it will be even tough when you want the bed transported in a different room in the same house.
  • ​Set up system is wearisome
  • ​High probability of leaking and puncture
  • ​Probably not the right choice for people who are extremely overweight

The Pillow-top Mattress

​If you are looking for extra-plush comfort and cloud-like sleeping feeling, then the pillow top mattress is for you. It offers you traditional coil feel, but still, you can sleep in a modern mattress bearing all the benefits.
These mattresses offer the buyer plenty of options as just you can choose from includes:

  • ​Cotton
  • ​Fiberfill
  • ​Foam
  • ​Memory foam
  • ​Latex
  • ​Wool

​Pros and Cons of the Pillow-top Mattress


  • ​Has cooling properties
  • ​Comfortable fiberfill layer
  • ​Keeps its shape
  • ​Quick bounce back
  • ​Washable


  • ​Pricey
  • ​Slight odour
  • ​May be too soft for some

Platform Bed

Platform bed offers you a reliable and supportive surface. It certainly eliminates the need for an additional box spring. Because platform beds use slats to ensure the same flat and comfortable surface. It is quite affordable.

And you can customize it according to your preferences. For example, if you need a taller bed height, then you can use a box spring.

Why Should You Use a Platform Bed

It is always comfortable to take rest or have a sleep in which bed is not much higher from the ground. The platform bed has met this need for night sleep or only taking rest. Platform mattress can be used for a platform bed. Here are some benefits of the platform bed.

It is always comfortable to take rest or have a sleep in which bed is not much higher from the ground. The platform bed has met this need for night sleep or only taking rest. Platform mattress can be used for a platform bed. Here are some benefits of the platform bed.


Platform beds offer a decent, modern look that fits well in the synchronic design. Platforms don’t generally need bed skirts, so the look is compact and never “fussy.” If you want your bed to look instantly modern, this is the bed for you.


In platform beds, there has a flat platform or carefully set slats to give support to your mattress; box springs and other foundations are not demanded. This saves your money if you’re investing in a new mattress to go on the bed, and the lack of discomforting springs may give you better sleep and rest.


Keeping the mattress directly on the platform bed frame is also a stronger sleeping option than box spring-mattress combinations. Still, this firmness can be uncomfortable for some sleepers who prefer to sleep on their sides. Side-sleepers can take the mattress, and the box spring both, but adding the box spring will make the bed nearer to traditional bed height.


Besides providing support, the platform bed also makes the mattress more enduring than other bed frames. This is good for the person who tosses and turns and for the heavier individuals who need a safe, stable bed. Platform beds are comparatively low to the ground, which accelerates their stability and also makes them prominent bed frame options for short people. The platform is also ideally suited for memory foam mattresses, latex, natural fibre etc. which are modish because they also provide a cosy, supportive sleeping surface.


If your room space is not large, then platform beds can help you wonderingly. Because it comes with storage drawers built under the mattress platform. Platform beds have drawers down or both long sides of the bed. In a child’s bedroom, it will add more toy storage. In your room, you would have a place to keep extra bedding or out-of-season clothing.


Platform beds are popular. And their popularity is increasing for their firmness and supporting sleeping surface day by day.

Can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed? I guess you are sufficient to answer this question by now.

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