Best Organic Toddler Pillows

Your baby is growing big and you are deciding to move your big kid to a toddler bed? And you are looking for the best organic toddler pillows for proper head support?

There are arrays of options to choose from, you would see bundles of options available on the market touted as organic pillows, but most of them are synthetic made, with organic cotton covers.

These synthetic covers pillows are dangerous for a one or two years old kid and should be avoided.

You should avoid using toxic chemical made products in the first year, as their sensitive skin can get damaged.

So, buy an organic pillow and ensure a good night's sleep for your toddler.

In this list, we are going to review the top 5 best toddlers’ organic pillows. Just have a bird’s eye view and decide which one falls right on your criterion and need.

These best toddler pillows are going to offer a comfortable sleeping experience, with no muscles cramp that leads to cranky kids. So, have a close look at the enlisted items and behold which one suits your needs.

​Sweaty Tots Toddler Pillow

Does your baby gets sweat or feel hot while sleeping? You need to get Sweaty Tots toddler pillow as it is specifically designed for the kids who get sweat while sleeping. The solution will ensure a good night's sleep without too much sweetness due to its temperature regulating outlast fabric liners.

You may be wondering how this can happen? How a pillow can prevent kids from getting sweat?

In fact, the temperature regulating Outlast liner the pillow is wrapped to prevent temperature build-up and sweat moistures from the skin. One step ahead, it releases the stored heat to prevent a chill when the body is cool. The pillow offers a comfortable and cool good night sleeping experience without costing arms and legs.

The outlast technology that is used in crafting these amazing pillows was originally developed for NASA to protect the astronauts against extreme heat temperature fluctuations in space. It is a certified Space Technology that is now being rightly used and integrated into pillows and other gadgets to offer enhanced protection against excessive temperature fluctuations.

The technology, in fact, creates a comfort zone around your kid with proactive heat management. It absorbs excessive heats emitted from your kid and stored that to prevent heat and moistures. When the skin gets cool, the same heat is released to prevent chill.

The low loft toddler pillow is recommended to use for the toddler's age 1-3 years and shares 13*18 inches with four ounces of total weight. The pillow also comes with four ounces of poly fiber to offer natural neck support and alignment.

​The height of the toddler pillow is around 2-inches and it goes down to almost 0.5 inches while sleeping. It makes a perfect toddler pillow and integrates every feature that aids in your kids' good night's sleep.


  • ​Exclusively designed for a toddler who gets heat or sweat
  • ​100-percent organic cotton
  • ​Toxic chemical-free
  • ​Washing machine washable


  • ​Some users complained that baby still sweat

​Zack  and Ali Toddler Pillow

​Zack & Ali is one of the highest-rated cotton product manufacturers around the world. Organic pillowcase is one of the great options to go with. It is designed to render comfy, squishy and protective experience and made of 100-percent certified organic cotton.

The best nontoxic pillowcase is made in the United States of America. The pillows are hand-crafted and designed in a super-secure environment and very difficult for the little ones to remove.

If you have queries using pillowcase and thick that the toddlers can easily remove them, these are the best tested and proven products for you to buy.

The outside of the pillowcase is made of organic cotton while the inner side of it is stuffed hypoallergenic poly Micro fiber with no features or additional chemical or toxic products.

Being a conscious parent, you should not opt with any pillowcase that adheres to any chemical or toxic element, no better option than this product.

The pillows are mode softer than others and render a super-secure baby's spinal alignment. With the super squishy pillows onboard, your baby is going to have a super-comfortable sleeping experience.

The pillows most often after washing gets shrink and lose its true life. This product will be refreshed once washed, and the stuff is machine washable, you do not have to worry about washing and drying thing.


  • ​Quality comfortable product
  • ​Pure organic cotton made
  • ​It renders more effective neck support
  • ​No feature or harmful toxic element


  • ​It shrines a little with every washing

​Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

If you are a new parent and finding your kid having restless night sleeps and looking for a tested and proven method to put them into a comfortable and good night's sleep, you need to buy this item for a reason. The reason is, this is designed by a tired mom who had trouble getting her toddler to sleep through the night.

The pillows are made of a mompreneur, you might know or hear this name before, and this is a top-ranked, most recognized brand in baby care products. So, after days of trouble in sleeping for her kid started making small pillows and it really helps them sleep. After that, there was the start of a new baby care product, one of the high esteemed names.

The pillow is completely organic, free of toxic chemicals, features and other harmful material that could harm your kids.

The premium pillow is filled inside with Hypoallergenic Poly Micro Gel Fiber. The material helps to hold the shape and support proper spinal alignment during nights.

The pillows are super soft to sleep on and easy to wash and clean as well. You can put them into the washing machine and get anew cleaned, washed pillow all over again.

The fiber inside the pillow has no chemical, same goes with the inside material. With the unit onboard, you would not be seeing bed bugs with mite-resistant weave.


  • ​100-percent cotton with 200 thread count
  • ​Hypoallergenic filling that keeps your little one the same from allergies and renders softness and good night sleep
  • ​The company offers a decent selection of pillow to decorate your child room as per his taste
  • Affordable price range
  • ​It comes in a standard size that fits the small toddler beds


  • ​In real, the pillow loses its shape after extended use
  • ​Mold problem has also been mentioned by some parents

​My Little North Star Toddler Pillow ​

Being a sensible parent, you should always stay on the safe with your child and prefer organic rather manufactured products. The organic toddler's pillows not only protect your kids from toxic-chemicals but render a comfortable sleeping experience.

My Little North star is the leading baby products manufacturing line. The line has many other top-selling products on their chest other than sleeping pillows.

The sleeping toddler pillow designed by them is a little smaller than standard toddler pillows. It is designed to have 1-3 years old kids in mind; the small size makes it more comfortable, squishy, support for the perfect spinal alignment of the kids.

This product is tested and approved by chiropractors that ensure this product is comfortable, toxic-free and great for toddler's sleeping.

The biggest benefit of having this pillow is a 100-percent organic cotton covers that is hypoallergenic fiber filling. The combination offers natural and chemical-free pillow experience, without costing arms and legs.

The pillow comes without a pillowcase, a great option for those who are looking for a pillow without a pillowcase.

The product comes with the satisfaction guarantee, so do not worry if you do not like this product, you can send it back and get your full money back.


  • ​Hypoallergenic filling for kids with sensitive skin
  • ​Can be machine washed with dryer friendly
  • ​Super softshell for superior comfort
  • ​Made in the USA
  • ​Long-lasting product easy to clean
  • ​Would not go lumpy or shrink after washing


  • ​The pillow is a little flatter

​Aloudy Memory Foam Toddler Pillow

Aloudy has gain earth in the pillow market just because of its innovative designed pillows. The bend shape allows babies to have the right head position without any danger of falling.

The content inside and outside of the pillow is of highest quality and hypoallergenic as well, best for the kids with sensitive and allergic skin. The product does not include any toxic or chemical ingredients which are harmful to kids' skin.

The interior of the pillow is made of breathable material that renders comfy and great support. The pillow makes a great option for adults even those who need a lower pillow.

​It is a great option for the toddler with age 2 to 10 years, with 20-inches by 12 inches by 2 inches and 2.5 inches measurement. The pillow gets folded and you can put it in a bag even while traveling.


  • ​Topnotch quality made, super comfortable product
  • ​Ideal for the toddlers with skin problems
  • ​Good for children with age 2 to 10-years
  • ​Can be taken around stuffed into a bag


  • ​The smell for the first few days could be an issue

​What to Consider Before Buying the Best Organic Toddler Pillow?

A toddler pillow is your child's first pillow when he is growing big and you move him on a separate toddler bed. This is the pillow that ensures good night sleep and accompanies him to sleep each night.

Standard pillows that are used by adults are not suitable for kids, as they are quite large, harsh, made of toxic-material and can be harsh on a kid's sensitive skin. The best toddler pillows are designed specifically for your loved little one and support your child in a good night's sleep without any disturbance.

More than often, in a hot atmosphere, due to extreme hotness, kids sweat and their pillows get soaked due to severe sweat. A good toddler organic pillow will absorb excessive heat and release when the surrounding atmosphere is enough cool not to chill out the surrounding.

So, there is more than one feature to look into the best pillow for kids. In the next section, we are going to pen down information regarding buying the best non-toxic pillow for kids.

​Age of Your Kid

This is one of the most important and must look into stuff before buying the best pillow for the kid.

There is no hard to follow rule regarding when doing a kid needs their pillow? This is a debate topic and most the people recommend using it when kid ages 2-years old.

But, if you see your kid is having difficulty sleeping without a pillow, that's the sign you need a kid pillow.

First, give a pillow a try and you will come to know in the next few days that your kid needs a pillow or not. He will be having a good night sleeping, with little to no disturbance.


Comfort plays a big when deciding the best kid pillow. Though every brand comes up with the proclamation of offering superior comfort with their product, it is really hard to actually experience that comfort.

But, do not compromise on a soft organic pillow that is made of toxic-free elements. If you see the kid is not feeling comfortable and wake up during nights or complaining about the neck or head, give a try to any other pillow.

But, most of the time, parents find their kid having a good night's sleep with a first pillow. That's a rare case; parents give a try to a couple of other products.


Even if your kid is not allergic to certain material, you should use organic things. If a baby is allergic then it is really important to give special attention to a pillow's this feature.

Generally, doctors recommend using organic things, organic cotton toddler pillows.

Give a read to the description, and see if it integrates some toxic or chemical ingredients, if it is, then shoves it aside and look for something else.

​Material Filling

Also, give special attention to the material filling to a kid's pillow. The inside filling should be cotton or some organic stuff. Avoid having synthetic material, as they are cheap and some cheap brand try to cut corners by stuffing them into even kid's products.


A best toddler organic pillow should last long. It should share a sturdy construction and could withstand roughness and toughness; I think you can understand the reason behind looking at this feature.

Kids are the most active members of the family. They do not understand how to use their stuff, and if they are not sturdily made, they can easily be worn out.


We have reviewed the top best organic toddler pillows and mentioned their advantages and disadvantages. You have two options; get a pillow with a pillowcase or opt-with a solo pillow. And look for a hypoallergenic feature that makes a pillow safe, healthy and perfect for any child.

The pillows should be cozy, comfortable and should render good night sleep to the little ones.

If you notice your baby having trouble sleeping with a new pillow, try to avoid that unit and have something else organic more comfortable and cozier.

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