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The murphy bed is one of the finest bed frames that allow you to use any of your room as a bedroom. People who live in a small apartment or room can use this bed to place their beds in a small space with ease. Though murphy beds are trendy and useful, they cannot do well with any mattress in the market. You need to have the best mattress for murphy beds. Otherwise, such frames can stop working as they should. 

When you have a murphy frame, you need to be a bit picky while taking a new mattress. Murphy beds can ruin a mattress's shape if the mattress has a weaker construction. Moreover, the mattress needs to be perfect in size for easy folding of the bed. Mattresses also need to be firm for working with murphy beds. It takes time to find a mattress with all these features. So, we have decided to ease your work by showing the best possible options of the market along with the necessary information.

Mattress is something you don’t use to buy every day or every morning. So, it is necessary to make sure that your hard-earned money gets paid off in an acceptable fashion. You could go through some reviews on the Internet of ask some advice from your experienced friend. We have enlisted some best affordable mattresses today.

Well, some exceptional facts define what the best double bed mattress or single mattress for murphy bed is. A mattress for such a modern frame is not too different from many other ideal mattresses. The matter is a mattress for murphy bed has some extra features that let it work with a murphy frame easily. 

An ideal mattress fits well in limited storage without putting any pressure. It can also be supportive without any box spring. Apart, the mattress should lock the temperature on top to keep you good. Along with these, a mattress for murphy beds should have all the latest features to ensure your comfort.

​Galaxy Hybrid (13 Inches, Queen) by Olee Sleep

This is the best hybrid mattress that can work on any type of bed frame. The construction of the mattress can support your body in the absence of box spring. The mattress maintains a balance between softness and firmness for perfection. 

The upper layer is to adapt your posture. The layer also gives your muscles relief from unnecessary stress. It also locks the temperature on top. 

The base part of the mattress contains innerspring. The innerspring layer holds the actual shape of the product. It eliminates pressure points. Each coil can work freely to support every part of your body without hurting

​The quilted covering of the mattress is both beautiful and soft. It lets you use the mattress without any bedsheet. It also takes part in temperature regulation to keep you dry for a long time.


  • The mattress comes with quality packaging
  • ​Coils have sturdy metal to ensure durability.
  • ​The construction can distribute your weight well
  • ​The mattress also features a temperature locking system on top
  • ​The gel infusion on the upper layer features softness


  • ​The mattress can be a bit too high for some frames

​Euro Box Top Spring Mattress (12 Inches, Queen) by Zinus

The construction features every latest feature you need for your better sleep. The mattress has durable materials that can support you more than a decade without bending or sagging. You can use the mattress even when you are a heavy person. 

The most useful feature is it can fix your bad alignment of the spine. The independent coils can support your spine to keep up the natural shape of your body. Besides, you can sleep on this mattress in any position you prefer. 

The layer of foam has is quite dense to cooperate with your weight. It also features softness that you need to release the pressure. Each material of this mattress is friendly enough. They don't have any side effects.

​The minimization of the motion transfer is the key feature of this mattress. The smart coiling helps the mattress to stay steady on any type of movement on top.


  • ​Excellent coiling supports every inch of your body
  • ​The thick foam layer adapts your posture well
  • ​The foam layer is breathable to keep you cool


  • ​The mattress is firmer than mid-firm mattresses

​Frost Hybrid Mattress (13 Inches, Queen) by Mattress America

The mattress is ideal for murphy beds, as it is pretty much supportive by itself. It works fine on any platform you need. The construction also ensures durability more than other hybrid mattresses. 

The casing of the coils gives a solid performance. The individual casing allows each coil to work freely on your motion. It also increases the life span of the mattress. Coils don't come out by putting extra pressure. Heavy persons can sleep on this mattress. 

The placing of memory foam the innerspring is flawless. The top memory foam layer is fully breathable. Proper ventilation can wick your moisture to keep you cool enough in summer. Moreover, the cover also features the same facilities as the foam layer.

​The gel infusion on the top layer makes the mattress different from other ones. It gives a luxurious plush feel. Such a feature helps to sleep despite having sore muscles.


  • ​Features 25 years of warranty
  • ​The soft cover and the foam layer are adaptive to your body posture
  • ​Independent coils can support your body to eliminate pressure points


  • ​The stitching of the cover is very poor, that doesn't last long

​Bed in a Box Mattress (Queen) by TUFT & NEEDLE

It is a bit more than an average foam mattress. It works fine for many years. The exceptional part is the integration of the adaptive foam here. 

The mattress features adapting behavior. It can adjust with your body shape well. The construction allows you to sleep in your regular sleeping position.

The material can soak stress from your body. Your muscles feel relieved on the mattress. The proper weight distribution also puts some positive impact here. 

The design on the covering is eye-catching. It allows you to use the mattress in any type of room. You can use the mattress without extra sheets or covers.

​The materials are safe to use in any condition and any place. Many certificates prove the mattress to be eligible for even patients and children. The toxicity level is zero here.


  • ​The mattress is the best choice for those who have sensitive muscles
  • ​The "Bouncy yet supportive" behavior can keep anyone comfortable
  • ​The adaptive foam features proper breathability
  • ​The mattress doesn't attract dust


  • ​You might need to use topper with the mattress for the proper firmness

​Memoir Memory Foam Mattress (8 Inches, Queen) Signature Sleep

You can buy the mattress for several purposes. There are many reasons why the mattress is on our list. Despite being normal, the mattress lasts longer to make a great combo with any type of wall beds. 

There are many certificates on the non-toxicity of this mattress. The materials don't attract dust or mites. You can use the mattress for many months without flipping. 

The base layer holds the actual shape so that the mattress doesn't sag after a few years. The layer contains high-density foam. It features proper support that you need for any sleeping position.

​Perfect weight distribution is the specialty of this mattress. It can cooperate with your weight to eliminate the chances of pressure points.


  • ​Each layer of the mattress has a different type of foam to keep you comfortable
  • ​The top layer ensures your muscles and skin are comfortable enough
  • ​Any type of user can sleep on this mattress in any condition
  • ​The mattress also features the necessary temperature regulation


  • ​The cover of this mattress has cheap materials that lose softness shortly

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Mattress for Murphy Bed?

To make sure you are getting every required facility from the new mattress that you have bought, we are putting lights on some facts. You need to think about these facts before buying a mattress. All these facts help you to decide which type of mattress you need to search in the market.

​Your Budget

Considering your budget is the first issue that you need to fix. You have to start your mission of finding the best bed mattress after you get a fixed budget. 

Mattresses come in various price ranges. Many quality products can cross your affordability. You can get confused while searching for a mattress as there are thousands of products. But you get limited options if you fix your budget at the very first. That is why we are giving priority to the budget.

​Size and Dimensions

​Not all sizes fit well in the storage space of the wall. You need to measure the dimensions of the storage to know which type of mattress can do well. Mattresses with smaller dimensions than the frame might not bother you much. But a mattress that you can store with the frame against the wall perfectly is pretty much useful. The perfect fitting can store your mattress well and ensure durability.

​Adjustability with the Frame

​A bed frame's structure may have some special requirements. You need to give importance to the requirements while buying a new mattress. Otherwise, the mattress becomes unable to provide the facilities it can. To ensure the best combination of the mattress and frame, buying the mattress according to the frame's criteria is a must.

​Climate in Your Area

​If the environment of yours is hotter than usual, you should focus on the precise temperature regulation feature. It helps you to stay dry while you are asleep. Moreover, the feature helps to lock the temperature above so that you don't get any sort of disturbance.


​You know how much you are going to use your bed every month. If wish to use your bed on a regular basis, you need to pick memory foam. Memory foam can hold its shape well even after regular uses. Such a material rarely shows bunching issues. But if you want to use your bed occasionally, you can use latex or hybrid options instead.

​Weight Capacity

​Every mattress has an individual weight capacity. The weight capacity depends on the layers and the construction of the mattress. You need to judge the weight capacity to get the right mattress for you. Normally, a good mattress features almost 250 to 300 lbs of weight capacity. Anything below the range doesn't hurt you if you are lighter. But you should be a bit careful about this if you are bulky.


​According to our analysis, thickness less than 12 inches can do well with most types of murphy bed frames. So, you can buy anything below 12 inches of thickness.

​Your Physical Condition

​Lots of things depend on your physical condition. If you are suffering from any sort of pain or injury, you need to find a mattress that lets you sleep despite having injuries. Besides, you have to make sure the mattress doesn't give any pressure on your weak bone or muscle. You may also need to get advice from a doctor or physician before getting a mattress if the injury is not minor.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Murphy Bed?

Now it is time to describe the way you can find a good mattress among several normal mattresses. We are telling the facts you need to keep in mind when you are about to buy a mattress. If you find all the facts described below in a mattress, then the mattress is worth buying.


There are different types of constructions in mattresses. We find memory foam, latex, and innerspring constructions quite handy for murphy bed frames. 

Memory foam mattresses are always top-class performers. Such mattresses can hold their shape pretty well. Many suggest using memory foam on a murphy bed for better facilities.

Latex mattresses are classical. They ensure durability. But very few of them can do well on modern bed frames. 

Innerspring or hybrid mattresses come with lots of features. You can expect them to last longer than anything else in the market. They also stay strong and give you services in many ways. Such mattresses are good at supporting your full body.


Nowadays, branded mattresses give you around ten years of warranty. Some even feature hundreds of day’s free trial too.


Medium-firm mattresses always do better to support your body shape. Mid-firm beds are good for your health. You can recover from minor pain by using such mattresses.

​Motion Isolation

It is an important feature to look for. The motion isolation lets you move on the bed without disturbing your partner. It also keeps the mattress steady even when you move a lot on top.

​Box Spring Free Performance

You need to give this fact full importance. A wall bed frame never allows you to use a mattress with box spring. The storage space in the wall is limited. In such a situation, you can never expect both mattress and box spring to fit. That is why you can only use a mattress that works in the absence of box spring.


We hope you find exactly what you are looking through our today's discussion. You can pick any of our choices undoubtedly for something better. You also have the opportunity to find the right mattress by yourself as we have told everything you need to know about this matter.

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