How to Find a Leak in a Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep Number Bed is a dream for partners who vary differently in their choices. Because every side of the bed can have a wholly different level of firmness. For maintaining this diversity within a sleep number bed, one side is pumped in the air and out of the other side. Besides, there is a problem that is ‘air leaking out.’ It can be in a small rift or a hole, and suddenly we start suffering to find out them. If it happens, there is nothing to be worried. We will see how to find a leak in a sleep number bed.

Before preventing air loss in your sleep number bed, you must have to find the leak out. For doing that, you will have to go through some crucial steps. At first, distend the bed with air a little higher than you usually keep it. Then, take the bedsheets and removable cover of that deck around the bed. Then the grey air chamber and firmness control system will be open to you. That is used to control the firmness on both sides of the bed.

If there has a comfortable mattress or memory foam bed, take aside those too. Then you have to go to the head of the sleep number where you will see the air system’s lines that control air circulations into the chambers.

Hose connections 

There could be a few different reasons involved in leaking. Firstly, you must check the connection of hose by contending it smoothly. If it rotates a bit, this would be the point of your leak. Screw it tightly as much as possible and get asleep on the bed that you’ve fixed the problem.

If the hose looks all right and secure enough, then move on to the other phase.

Firmness Control 

While the leak is in the firmness control system, it can be fixed by doing capping troubleshooting. It is generally the case when you have air loss both the sides of your bed or leaks in a single-chamber bed.

Search for white closure caps to fix it. If the bed was inaugurated by a home service team, it should be stored inside the bed. If there is not any, they will provide you free replacements by their physical store or via the company’s website.

For stopping the leak, when you have caps in hand, first disconnect the hose by pushing the grey tab at the top. Instantly take off the hose of white closure caps. After disconnecting the hose, look for a tear or other signs of affliction. You have to make sure another O-ring thing is in the right place. If not in place, place it properly. If any damage or leak is seen in this area, you can fix it by using a patching kit from your sleep number.

After solving these problems, bring your bed together. Sleep for two or three nights and observe there has any further air loss or not. If there isn’t any air loss then you fixed it right. In the contrary, if you are facing air loss again, then the source of the leak is in another place.

Air Chamber 

It is an internal issue to leak into the air chamber. It requires more advanced and probably new parts for your bed. If the air loss occurs continuously after solving the hose and firmness control system, it’s better to go to your local sleep number store and consult with them. It’s a bit inconvenient but not too critical. You don’t have to think about buying a new mattress or something. By taking some sincere steps, you can easily back to a peaceful sleep.

Reasons for Deflate

The platform bed frame for a memory foam mattress is one of the most useful things in the modern era, but if one beautiful morning, you wake up and feel that your sleep number lost its air. How will you feel? Firmly disgusted for sure. There are some reasons behind this air loss or damage to sleep number bed.

We will discuss it in step by step; hopefully, it will help you.

Rough use

For example, you were busy today, came back home late at night, and went for asleep. But the last thing you had to do was read the instruction of inflating the bed. But the problem is due to busyness or carelessness; some people skipped the manual process that was instructed. So it expected that your bed wouldn’t function properly.

So take time before inflating and do it in a proper manner that is outlined. This will increase the longevity of your sleep number and reduce your inconveniency.


 It’s known by all that the air after the sunset is cooler than that of day time. At the time of the evening, the room temperature goes down and the air inside the bed condenses. It happens according to the science that is known as Ideal Gas Law. So the case is that when room temperature drops, the mattress temperature also goes down, and for that, it loses some pressure; that’s why it feels deflated at the time of waking up.

Pumping State 

At the time of finishing the pumping up of your mattress by manual pump or an electric one, some air loss happened. It is possible in an ideal world not to lose any, but it’s nearly impossible in this existing world. So it’s normal, nothing there to be worried.

 Tips for Longevity 

Proper care

 Fold it carefully and gently because improper and careless folding may cause a tear.

Monitor Temperature 

Maintain the maximum level of air in mattress and consider the best for having the temperature right. 

Laying Flat 

Lay flat in the center of your sleep number bed. If you always sleep in ends or edges of the bed, it will make more pressure on a particular side of the mattress and can be a cause for a leak. 


It is not permanently possible to avoid air leaking, but it’s very much manageable. We can consider all of those things that have mentioned up and make sleep more peaceful in sleep number.

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