Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

Nowadays, using a memory foam mattress is a vital trend that everyone follows. Buying such a mattress is the best decision to let your hips, back, and spine relax and have proper sleep at night. But sometimes, an ordinary bed frame becomes an obstacle to your foam mattress to give facilities. A mattress can never perform alone. The best bed frame for memory foam mattresses is a must for your foam mattress. Only the right bed frame can cooperate with mattresses, and let you have your sleep soundly. 

We all know the definition of a bed frame. But most of us are unaware of the fact that a memory foam mattress cannot combine with every type of frame present in the market. Acceptable types have unique features to give a mattress firmness, steadiness, and support. Our today's discussion is all about those frames which can make pleasing duos with your foam mattress and criteria of a good bed frame.

If you are suffering from not having quietest bed frames, first check out all the joints out there in your bed frame. Tighten the bolts and nuts if they get loose. Now, observe the result. If it still exists then you can try adding washers. 

Memory foam mattresses are truly amazing. They have different structures and features from typical mattresses. That is why they also need special frames to perform. 

Memory foams are quite softer. To bring firmness stability, a box spring becomes a must. A box spring is not cheap at all. Sometimes, spending a few bucks on buying a box spring seems impossible. But if you buy a bed frame that acts fine with your mattress, you get the best result from your mattress. 

Here, getting a good combination is the main purpose. Ordinary frames can never do the job. That is why we insist to buy a good bed frame.

Review of the Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress

Depending on many facts and experts' opinions, we have made a list of top ten bed frames that give outstanding performances with any foam mattresses. Each frame has essential features that help you to get the proper utility of your mattress. We have enlisted various types of bed frames so that you can choose one for your own. Now, here is a chart that gives you some idea about our picks.

The following part of our discussion tells you about each product in detail. By judging all the features mentioned below, you can find a suitable frame for your mattress easily. 


​Wen Twin Wooden Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

​If you want a bed frame with all types of features, then the Zinus wen platform bed frame is the best choice. You can use this frame for many years, with different mattresses with ease.

You can consider this frame as the best bed frame with storage. 12 inches high frame allows you to store your belongings under it. You can hide all your unnecessary stuff under your bed to make your room look great.
Pure rubberwood is present to help your memory foam mattress. Thick slats are capable of taking some extra pressure if you want.

The padding system keeps the frame silent, even when it becomes older. The construction erases the chances of collision between two parts.
Besides, the construction also allows using any type of mattress on the frame. You can even skip using a box spring with your mattress.


  • Solid rubberwood gives more durability than others
  • ​The bed frame is 12 inches higher from the ground, allows you to keep your essentials
  • ​Each slat gives a non-slip feature to keep your mattress steady
  • ​The construction doesn't create any unusual sound
  • ​You can use any type of mattress on the frame


  • ​You cannot attach any headboard or footboard with the bed frame


​Premiere Classics Platform Bed Frame by Home Life

The frame is for those who have a bit tight budget but looking to buy something stylish and durable. The wooden bed frame has a very simple construction with linen covering on the top that helps to look beautiful. 

The large headboard is the focal point of the design. The color, buttons, and stitching make sure the frame gains your focus well. 

In spite of having a traditional wooden construction, the shape and size are capable of making a great duo with your foam mattress. The frame can hold your mattress well on top even in absence of a box spring.


  • ​Polyester linen covering enhances the beauty of the bed frame
  • ​The stitching of the covering is pleasing and keeps the linen strong on top
  • ​Sturdy slats can work well with foam mattresses despite not having a box spring
  • ​You can assemble the frame by yourself within a short time
  • ​Legs have adjustment knobs for proper alignment


  • ​The instruction with the frame for assembly is tough to understand
  • ​Bolts are average in quality


​Tokyo Bronze Metal Classic Bed frame (Full) by DHP

Metal bed frames always give maximum support and durability. That is why we like to show you this quality bed frame. The frame has a sturdy construction that can protect your mattress from sagging and other issues. 

This frame is an ideal choice for those who are fond of classical designs. The brushed finishing makes it more attractive and eligible. Designs' smooth finishing is flawless and sturdy. 

The weight capacity allows any person to use this bed frame. All slats and legs can take extra pressure and distribute equally to maintain the performance. 

An additional leg gives some extra support to your mattress and lets you sleep well. This additional support also increases the performance of slats. 

The frame takes less space than wooden frames. There is an option for you to keep some of your stuff under the frame. You also have to spend less time in the assembly of this frame.


  • ​The quality metal bed frame has an acceptable weight capacity
  • ​Side rails and slats can cooperate with your mattress well
  • ​Additional support leg eases the pressure
  • ​The assembly is easier and takes less time
  • ​The metal frame saves your room's space


  • ​You don't get the tools with the package for assembly


​Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

Hybrid bed frames always come with various features and less negativity. This bed frame provides facilities of both wooden frames and metal frames. You can expect the frame to last long and save your bucks. 

Slats contain rustic wood. Such material is perfect to provide support and stability. Each slat is taped. It is to prevent any unnecessary movement of the mattress. 

Advanced slats also let you use any mattress you want. But the frame performs better with memory foam mattress without box spring. You get a good height and combination after placing any foam mattress.

The major portion of the headboard also contains stiff wood. The color and finishing match well with the rest of the frame's black color. 

Rails and legs have durable metal construction. They are always ready to take lots of pressure. Besides, the metal frame is capable of giving performances without making noises for many years.


  • ​The hybrid frame features both a catchy look and sturdiness
  • ​Legs in the middle help wooden slats to stay stable
  • ​The weight capacity allows any chubby person to sleep on it for years
  • ​Wooden slats feature gripping to hold the mattress well
  • ​The frame takes less space in your room


  • ​The main legs become unstable after a few years


Wooden Bed Frame (King) by ExceptionalSheets 

The solid wooden construction of this frame can please a user for quite a long time. The frame has a very simple construction that gives no pain to a user for assembly or use. 

The frame saves your money and stops you from buying any box spring. You can feel your mattress soft in the absence of a box spring. 

The color coating on the wooden parts stays well for years. It stays like new ones even when it gets older. Even the slats have a good finishing so that they don't cause harm to a mattress. 

Easy assembly is another feature of the frame that you cannot ignore. You don't have to buy tools or accessories for the installation. You need to follow only the instruction to prepare the bed.


  • ​Produces all the latest features of an ideal wooden bed frame
  • ​Your mattress will work even without a box spring
  • ​The assembly doesn't waste your time
  • ​Good color makes the frame look nice and eligible


  • ​Slats don't have quality construction
  • ​The frame is not preferable for heavy persons


​Aiden Collection Modern Contemporary Navy Velvet Upholstered Bed Frame by Meridian Furniture

The mattress is a perfect choice for those who want to decorate their bedroom with an elegant bed frame. The frame has a luxurious design with lots of necessary features that bring peace in your sleep. 

The detailing of this frame is great. You cannot find any flaws in the design. The deep blue velvet on the top shines under the light and pleases people's eyes. The nail head trimming increases the glam of this frame. You can give your room a royal vibe by putting this bed frame. 

With the help of full slats, a bare foam mattress can give all the facilities you need to sleep soundly. Besides, the frame is capable of giving any type of support you need. 

The legs have a perfect shape to keep the bed frame stable. These legs can take pressure you give consecutively. 

The assembly might take time. But the manufacturer gives all the tools you need to do this job. By this, the installation job becomes easier.


  • ​The manufacturer has used sturdy wood to make the rails, headboard, and slats
  • ​Full slats eliminate the need for a box spring
  • ​Blue velvet on the top is durable and increases the beauty
  • ​Custom legs are thick and produce enough stability
  • ​All the joints of the frame function well for years


  • ​The foundation in the middle can bend when you put extra weight


​Queen Sized Bed Frame by Stone & Beam

A friendly structure always helps to take rest and sleep. This bed frame can work with your foam mattress and provide the maximum comfort a person requires.

The headboard is only covered for a nice look. It also increases the preciseness and Lets you sit on the frame to relax and spend your leisure periods. Other parts such as footboard and side rails are only solid wood with fine finishing. 

Precise side rails contain oak wood that is pretty thick and durable. They can hold your mattress well to keep the mattress steady. Apart from it, the presence of a box spring is not a must here.

Firm joints keep the frame stable. They can hold the whole construction quite well. So, you can expect this frame to perform with your mattress for several years.


  • ​The thickness of each part pleases a user
  • ​The functioning is great, and joints stay strong for a long time
  • ​The headboard can let you rest well with the help of the fabric layer on top
  • ​Well-designed legs can take pressure with ease


  • ​The color on the frame is not durable


​Castello Velvet Upholstered Faux Crystal-Buttoned Sleigh Platform Bed (Queen, Black) by Baxton Studio

We are showing this bed frame for those who looking for something a bit luxurious and comfortable. It is one of the best quality bed frames that can perform well any types of foam mattresses. 

The mattress gives several features. One of them is the slats. Slats of this mattress have a unique construction. They produce natural bounce to keep you comfortable. You can use your mattress without putting any box spring under. The construction itself ensures the ratio of flexibility and firmness for years. 

The frame doesn't come in a piece. You have to attach all the parts. But this frame is easy to install in your bedroom. The size is also quite acceptable in any room. 

Both headboard and footboard have a rolled shape. It lets you sit on the frame comfortably. On the whole construction, there is a covering of velvet, which is eye-catching. The velvet on the top is durable, and you can clean it regularly to keep the frame nice. You can clean the frame by only using any wet cloth.


  • ​The assembly of the frame doesn't take too much time
  • ​The soft layer on the top is to beautify the whole bed frame
  • ​Slats can create natural bounce to keep you comfortable on top
  • ​Buying a box spring is not mandatory for this frame
  • ​Legs can take pressure for many years without getting damaged


  • ​The headboard doesn't get enough support from the rest of the construction. So, it can get damaged easily


​19520Q Louis Philippe III Bed Frame (Queen) by Acme

We consider this one as the best bed frame for foam mattresses. The size, shape, and capacity of this frame are acceptable in most cases. The frame features your maximum comfort and facilities despite having a simple and classical design. 

Stability is one of this product's vital features. The joints are pretty durable to take some extra pressure. That is why we suggest this to heavy persons. If you wish, then you can also use both box spring and mattress on it for your comfort. 

Legs have enough firmness to stay steady in a place. The construction of the legs is quite thick so that they can stay strong. 

The typical might not be too attractive. But the frame can enhance your room's beauty. The finishing on the parts lasts for years to look catchy. 

Though the frame has a common construction, you can install it without any problem. The frame doesn't take too long to get installed.


  • ​Cherry finishing on the top makes the frame good looking
  • ​The bed frame features good weight distribution for better performance
  • ​It is a pure wooden bed frame
  • ​It can stay steady in a place
  • ​All joints can stay strong, and they don't move unnecessarily


  • ​The cheap construction of the headboard and footboard fails in short
  • ​The bolts are poor in quality


​Contemporary Upholstered Bed, (Queen, White) by Greatime

It is one of those best affordable bed frames that save your money and effort to decorate your house and sleep sound. The bed frame has an elegant design with friendly features to give service for years. 

The structure of this bed frame is unique. It helps your body to relax and have proper sleep. The manufacturer has given several curves not only to look classy. These curves also help the frame to response well. 

The curved side rails help to hold your mattress on the slats. You can use this bed frame with ease because of the eligible height of the side rails. 

Your mattress alone can perform on the frame. The frame helps the mattress to perform on the absence of the box spring. 28 slats hold a mattress from the bottom and give support. The construction keeps a mattress firm at a required ratio and eliminates sagging. 

Sideboards, headboards, and other parts have a leather covering. The quality leather covering enhances the beauty.

The angled headboard helps your back and neck to take proper rest. You can even put your back on the curved headboard to take some rest in leisure times.


  • ​The mattress eliminates the need for box spring and headboard
  • ​The vinyl covering on the top enhances the beauty and lets you clean the frame easily
  • ​Sturdy slats can give support to your mattress
  • ​Fine curves on the top help your body to relax


  • ​The leather covering on the top doesn't have durable stitching

​​How to Choose the Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress?

You are not planning to travel to space. You are only wishing for a frame that gives full support to your mattress so that you can sleep well. Finding a bed frame becomes easier when you all the facts about a quality frame. 

It is a known fact that people buy new frames to get proper support for mattresses with some extra features. You need to ask yourself what type of features can give you comfort. When you get the answer, you need to identify those features from a product. We are going to have a discussion on some facts regarding bed frames. This buying guide can lead you to your desired bed frame that can work better.

Type :

First of all, there are not one or two types of frames available. You can find many types with various features. But only one or two performs better. 

Standard frames and platform frames are at the peak of buyers' choice. Both do a great job with most types of mattresses. But if you are thinking about your budget or other criteria too much, then we suggest you buy a platform type frame. 

Platform type frames are quite useful with memory foam mattresses. Such frames have slats or foundations that can help your memory foam to work better and stay durable. They also don't need any box spring to let your mattress perform or produce comfort.


Proper size frames can only help a mattress. Too short or too big frames will not work at all. A memory foam mattress can only give you comfort when you place it on a proper frame where it fits well. You have to get an idea about the size so that you spend your money on the right frame. 

Sometimes, a big frame can also do the job. But when the matter stability comes, proper size becomes a must. Perfect frames can grab the mattress well on it and keep the mattress stable. So, a suggestion for you is to know the right size for your current mattress.


You are wrong if you buy a bed frame without knowing its actual height. Apart from sleeping comfortably, you also need to reach your bed with ease. 

You need to decide first whether you are going to use your mattress with a box spring or not. Box spring increases the height of a bed. The height of your mattress also matters here. 

Another thing you have to concern is for whom you are buying the bed frame. If the user is a kid, low profile beds are okay. High profile beds don't give too much pain to an adult user. But still, make sure getting onto your bed doesn't become like climbing a mountain.

​​Weight Capacity:

You know well how much weight your new frame has to take when you and your partner are going to sleep. For heavy persons, we always suggest something that can take more than 240 lbs. It is not a sin if you buy such a frame despite being a lightweight person.


No matter what type of product you buy, you always have to check the material well. It is to ensure the durability and other key features. Most of the time, people's money gets wasted due to buying frames made of cheap materials. 

You have two options here. You have to choose either metal frames or frames made of woods. Both of them have different features with different styles. They also have some negative sides too. For example, metal frames look too simple, and wooden frames cannot stay strong for too many years. To get maximum features, you can also buy a hybrid one too.


A bed frame is useless if it fails to cooperate with your memory foam mattress. To find peace in your bed, you need to have a good combination of your mattress and bed frame. 

Bed frames with supportive slats and foundations are quite preferable. Bed frames should also feature good gripping to the mattress, steadiness, and quality pressure distribution. Otherwise, your mattress cannot produce the softness, firmness, and other features you demand.


You want your bed frame to enhance your bedroom's beauty. A good design of the bed frame can make your room look well-decorated. 

Simple construction can suit any of your rooms. But a frame with a heavy design is not suitable in any place you want. You have to consider the structure of your room. Before buying a designed frame, you need to think about whether you can maintain it regularly or not.


It is a waste of money if need to buy tools to assemble your new bed frame. You can also consider using too much time on the assembly as a waste.

​It is true that nowadays, frames don't come in a piece. Assembly is a must. But makes sure you buy frames that take less time and effort to ease your work.


Before buying any bed frame, check the quality and demands of your mattress to work. You need to invest your money in the right frame to ensure you are sleeping well at night, and your body is getting positive effects from your mattress. Make sure the frame you buy now can support any memory foam mattress you buy in the future.

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