Best Bed Frame for Sex

Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Bed

Olee Sleep 14 Inch 

Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

Are you moving into a new home and hunting for a new bed frame to decorate your bedroom? Or just trying to find something new to upgrade your old furniture? Whichever the case it is, buying a new bed frame is always exciting. But, that excitement can turn into a stressful task if you do not do research beforehand. There are so many options with different configurations, designs, and prices there that a person gets confused.

A bed frame for sex should be sturdy, comfortable, and should have ample space so that you could enjoy your intimate moments.

If you are a sexually active couple and are in an intense relationship, the hunt even goes more stressful.

You will have to opt-with comparatively quitter bed frame; you might not want to disturb your guests in the other or your kids sleeping in an adjacent room.

What Are the Best Bed Frames for Sex?

So, if you are planning to buy a new bed frame for sex, here is the list from where you can select the best product as per your needs and requirements. We have chosen the products after reading reviews, beholding ratings, and checking their pros and cons. These are the best products you can grab in the market right now.


                                        Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed

If you are searching for a bed frame that renders comfort, durability, and utter convenience, does not pass the Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux leather bed. You will have ultimate comfort, and the bed will double up the joy of having sex.

The Bed frame designed by Zinus compliment your environments and adds aesthetics to your bedroom. Its ultra-modern looks catch the eyeball along with the sturdy built and ultra-convenient. The bed frame comes in a plethora of colors so that you could choose as per your choice and color scheme of the bedroom.

This is the best grab for a sexually active couple, its dark-colored faux leather covering the headboard and frame sets the mood as the dark combination of colors looks ravishing in candlelight or dim lighting.

The leather drapes covering the dark wooden slates are designed and added to give couples extra support from sagging or wobbling so that you could have comfort nights without worrying much even when your spouse is too passionate.

The frame is foot-board styled, with feet that are exposed and touched to the floor at five points adding extra sturdiness.

The Zinus product, Deluxe Faux bed frame, will surely transform your bedroom along with your sex life. The best thing about buying the bed-frame is it comes in one carton with the frame, wooden slates, and legs. The frame is easy to assembly, it is kind of self-explanatory, and you get a user manual to get it collected without any big trouble.

The bed frame withstands wear and tear and endures roughness, even after constantly using, you will find it brand new.

 The most important, paramount feature, its foam padding, the foam padding would not let the frame produce any noise, or limits to the bare minimum, making sure you disturb no one during passionate encounters at night.

The bed frame is quite impressive when you look at the comforts it provides, its design, and above all, the optimum support and durability it delivers. The robust steel made bed frame features a 13-inches clearance underneath that helps you store anything you like.


  • Very sturdy steel made bed frame
  • It delivers optimum comfort, durability, and stability
  • The design is perfect with storage underneath


  • Space at the side of the platform could have been little thicker


                                                        Olee Sleep 14 Inch

Olee 14-inch steel slate bed frame is one of a viable option for married couples. Despite its singular metal frame design, the frame is uniquely sturdy and offers amazing 1200 pounds maximum weight support.

Everyone knows full metal frame design requires some special and intensive setup, especially due to the long legs and 14-inches underside of space. However, when the bed is put together, it offers long-lasting mattress support, which offers optimum comfort for different positions between soul-mates.

The bed falls right on the needs of a sexually active couple, along with it is easy to store. Its compact design, the sturdily built frame, offers easy to assemble support, and you can set up within a few minutes once it reaches your doorstep. The assembly requires zero to few tools; few come included in the package for the added help.

If you are living in a home where space is the issue, you can use the compact-sized model as it fits into a tiny space.

There is plenty of space under the bed; you can store other things such as clothes, bedding, or any other thing you might need to store.

The frame is constructed using metal stales that render extra-long durability and reduces the chances of breaking and slumping. The added benefits, the steel made slates are completely quiet, would not produce even a tiny noise.

 The steel sex bed frame comes with five years long warranty. So, feel free to claim a new product in case of any damage or breakage through this course of time.

Its singular metal frame might confuse you about the weight capacity it can endure. The bedframe is tested sturdy and supports around 1200 pounds maximum weight. Yes, a little challenging to set up, but tools to assemble the bed frame comes with the package.


  • 6-legs provide stability and produce less noise in intense sexual intercourse
  • 5-years long warranty
  • Weight capacity of 1200 pounds
  • All metal made bed frame is tested sturdy


  • Difficult to set up


                                            45MinST 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

If you are hunting for a bed frame that could withstand the weight of a heavy couple, your search ends here with a 45MinST bed frame. The brand has earned a unique name due to its products sturdy built and ultimate comforts. The bed frame renders ultimate comfort and promises to make the best night sleeps at affordable rates. With the steel frame bed, onboard, everyone can get the sleep quality they deserve.

Its sturdy steel slats support heavier weight around 3000 pounds. It is a welded structure tightly that makes the whole frame safer, firm. Its sturdy slates hold up big and bulky couples quite well.

If you are the one who does some energetic physical activity in bed that has led to many broken beds, this one is the best to grab.

Do not worry about the noises that can confuse your toddlers at night. The bed frame comes with Cushioning gasket for noise-free using. You will hear not a tiny noise even when the passionate encounter takes place.

Its reinforced leg and frame structure make the foundation sturdier from squeaking and sliding.

The bed frame earned overall positive reviews; most of the people reviewed this product as sturdy built that does not wobble, creak, slide, or even shits. The bed would not take much of your time in putting it together; a couple can assemble the entire set up roughly in 30-40 minutes. The hardest part would be putting on the king-size mattress back on, my personal opinion.

The extremely sturdy bed frame for sex comes with a user manual for easy installation. The brand also provides an easy installation kit that you follow to get the different sections pulled together into one piece. The most exciting thing, the frame comes with 5-years long manufacturing warranty, within the period you will have every right to claim for any defective part that is supplied or any breakage free of charge.

The bed frame is best suited for heavy couples. It withstands around 3000 pounds with no sagging, breaking, or loosing. The structure also integrates Cushioning gasket to decreases noises produce while intensive sexual intercourse in the nights.


  • A perfect combination of sturdiness, stability, and storage
  • It withstands 3000 pounds weight
  • Integrates Cushioning that leads to no noise production
  • Easy to assemble


  • It would need more support for a foam mattress

                                                   Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size 

We have added different types of bed frames to suit your needs. You can see what falls on your needs and requirements and purchase them. If you are after a simple-looking minimalistic designed bed frame, you should not overlook Simple Houseware 14-inch queen size frame. This is one of the best frames you can find around, believe me. The design is simple but withstands heavyweights and roughness. The frame comes with strong bolding points- heavy duty material is used to make the bed. That's why it withstands the weight of bulky couples.

Another important feature that promotes the product and makes it one of the best-selling is its 14-inch height. The height provides the users more space beneath to store things like clothes, bedding, and much more. Beneath the bed, there is 13 inch another frame; with space, you can put your valuable things.

The peripherals of the metal bed frame are replaceable. You can replace box spring if it needs to change, or any other section. The replacement option gives you some enhanced life of the metal frame bed; for at least the next 10-years, you will not have any need to purchase a new one.

Another important and worth mentioning feature the metal frame bed provides; it would not require an additional box spring. You can put your memory foam direct on the spring or can have an additional spring.

The simple Houseware bed frame for sex is light for steel bed casing and overlap up pleasantly so you could store it away.

The bed comes with 12-points of contact with the floor that prevents dropping and assures you to endure all aspects of bed activities.

The metal frame bed offers 500 pounds maximum of eight capacities and would require no container spring and the casing.

The mattress stage sets up in no time and would not require any special tools or instruments. You, with your spouse, would be able to set it up within 30-40 minutes without any big trouble.

 It would need more support for a foam mattress.

A simple design made bed frame is the right choice for sexually active couples. The design provides good holding points, ideal for those with different weights. The frame comes with six legs, distributes weight all over the body, less danger of sagginess, and breakage with more weight.


  • The design offers perfect holding points
  • The six leg design isolates weight
  • It helps mattress not to move
  • Simple assembly


  • Many buyers complained about the quality of metal used to make the bed frame

                                                             Manhattan Queen Bed Frame 

Speaking of comfort, fun, sturdiness, the Manhattan bed frames raise the bar higher and take the game up several notches up with its stylish and modern bed frame designs. The bed frame is designed for the places where space means money. The gorgeous looking bed frame fits right into your compact root and compliments the ambiance. The eye-catching bed frame comes in a plethora of colors; you got the option to choose from among many colors to satisfy your aesthetic sense and bedroom color scheme.

The bed frame is made of steel, wood, and artificial cowhide. The sturdy bed frame for active people is low riding, an attractive bed outline that offers something other than a take-off platform for sexually aggressive couples. The frames offer firm, comfort, and negligibly sympathetic help that ideal for your back.

The bed frame is easy to assemble; all the tools you may need to set it up comes with the package, no need to hire any external assistance.

But most of the users in reviews mentioned about having a touch of assistance in assembling everything.

The headboard and frame are covered with the soft faux leather, making it the delight of every owner and envy of every onlooker.

The package also includes a user manual book; you will need the book if you are going to pull together the setup by yourself.

 The best feature of the bed frame is its sturdy built and wooden slates. The features of the bed frames fall right on the criterion of sexually active couples, one of the best bed frames as per our search query.

Manhattan is an excellent looking attractive bed outline that offers incredible sleeping experience. The bedframe's high response rate distinguishes it from others and makes it one of the vial options. It comes with a padded headboard that gives negligibly sympathetic help to your back.


  • It comes with cushioned headboard
  • Appealing design
  • Steel made a sturdy frame
  • Smooth and easy in assembling
  • Enhanced response rate


  • For long-heightened guys, the height may look to the ground

Hercules Heavy-Duty Platform Metal Bed Frame (14 Inches, King) from Classic Brands

This bed frame is quite famous for its friendly behavior towards any mattress. The stable and firm metal frame can give your services for several years. The metal construction never fails to give a stable platform to your mattress to perform. 

The frame can eliminate the need for any foundation or box spring for your mattress. The metal frame works with both innerspring and foam mattresses. The upper part of the metal frame can hold your mattress quite well, as it doesn't allow mattresses to slip or move. 

The weight distribution feature brings balance in this bed frame construction. The construction has a total of 12 legs. That is why the frame gets full support for each part to hold itself strongly. And because of this, the whole construction can take more than 2400 lbs weight on top.

Moreover, all the legs are capped. There is no possibility of your floor getting scratches because of the bed frame. These caps also help this frame to stay steady on the spot. 

The metal frame is durable enough and stops your mattress from sagging. The frame also eliminates the possibility of bending because of having extra weight or pressure frequently.

The frame's assembly is easy and time-saving. You don't need any tool to prepare the frame for use.


  • You get 13 inches space under the frame to store your stuff
  • The construction allows you to attach any headboard or footboard if you want
  • The weight capacity makes it a perfect option for any type of user
  • The supportive frame saves you from buying box spring
  • Thick and active legs make it a sturdy bed frame for active couples


  • The leg caps are not too durable

                          Amazon Basics’ Metal Platform Bed Frame (14 Inches, Twin)

I think this is a good option as the best bed frame for sexually active couples. The strong construction does a great job to keep your mattress steady and supportive on top. You get to use mostly hybrid and memory foam mattresses along with this metal bed frame.

The weight capacity is more than 250 lbs, which is more than any other twin bed frame. That is why the frame is preferable for couples who have regular sexual activities. As the metal frame has supportive rails and legs, you can find your mattress responding well to your movement. 

There are six legs to keep the whole construction steady enough. The metal frame is stable to work without making any noise. Your motion can't create any creepy sound at all.

The rails and wires put some positive impacts on your mattress's lifespan. They work with the mattress base layer to give you the best result. Even foam mattresses can't sag on this bed frame. 

You can install this bed without using any tool. The frame comes folded. After unfolding, the frame is ready to take your mattress on top.

The finishing or color coating on the metal frame is quite catchy. It lasts longer and keeps the construction in good condition.


  • The bed frame has solid metal for maximum durability
  • The supportive nature of the frame can help your mattress work without any box spring
  • The installation doesn't need any tool mandatorily.
  • The whole construction helps your mattress to keep up the actual shape
  • The frame can take more than 250 lbs of weight with ease


  • The legs are not capped

                                                     Metal Bed Frame (Queen) by VECELO

It is an all-in-one bed frame that features several positive sides to users. You can use this frame in any room of your house without worrying. The look of this frame is outstanding. 

The black finishing on the metal construction is quite classical. The paint finishing is smooth enough. It doesn't attract dust at all. You can expect this paint coat to last for at least a few years. 

The metal slats help the frame to combine with mattresses well to help you sleep. There are twelve slats, and all of them contain sturdy metal. These slats have screw attachments with side rails. That is why there is no chance of slats moving or making any noise. 

The whole construction is steady enough to feature noise-free performance. If you are sexually active, then you can sleep on this bed as joints of this frame have strong bolts that precisely attach all parts. 

There is a support bar or rail in the middle of the slats. It helps the frame to take more than 400 lbs of weight easily. It also holds the shape of the frame so that the bed doesn't bend.

The placing of the legs makes it fully supportive construction. You can pick this option as the best bed frame for sex without any doubt.


  • The frame has legs under every part to support your mattress without any issues
  • The headboard has a pretty simple design but catches eyes
  • The support rail in the middle stops other slats from bending
  • The weight capacity of this frame is above average to become eligible for every couple
  • Large space under the frame lets you store lots of unnecessary things easily


  • The bed frame comes with an unclear instruction, and you can't assemble it before an hour

                   Aura Modern Metal Low Profile Bed Frame (Twin) from In Style Furnishings

It is a pretty useful bed frame with a modern design to please you by any means. The solid metal bed frame is for those who are looking for something durable. 

The heavy construction doesn't get damaged too easily. This frame has very sturdy joints. It stays steady for many years without having any trouble. The rails and legs can't bend due to extra pressure as the thick legs are constructed to keep balance in the frame. 

The color coating is pretty strong and protective. The color lasts for many years. The shine of this color can stay like new through frequent cleaning of the frame. This thick coating also protects the metal used in the construction from rust. Moreover, the paint is scratch-resistant to keep up the elegant look. 

The bed frame comes with wooden slats. These slats are thick and wide enough to support all types of mattresses. You can have your mattress on this bed frame without any foundation. The gap between the slats is perfect in most situations. These slats are capable of protecting your mattress from sagging.

Despite featuring smooth slats, your mattress can stay steady on the frame. This frame stops the mattress from slipping.


  • The low profile bed frame has four thick legs to let the construction stand strongly
  • The ergonomic look can mix with any type of bedroom decoration
  • Wooden slats have the least gaps to give you a stable bed
  • Any mattress can't sag on this metal frame
  • The color coating eliminates rust and scratches for a better look for years


  • The edges of the slats are a bit sharp

                                             Mellow’s Allston Metal Platform Bed (Twin)

You should have a look at this product if you need something with a beautiful design. The bed frame enhances the beauty of your bedroom, along with working properly to help you sleep well. 

The bed frame has a smooth white coating. It gives the construction a catchy look. Moreover, you can use this bed frame in any room you want. The medium-high profile bed frame can adapt to the look of your bedroom easily. 

Everything comes with the bed frame. You can save your money by having this product as it has a headboard and footboard. 

The bed frame comes folded in a small box. You can unfold it by yourself. It takes minutes to unfold every part and tighten the screws. 

The support rails or slats are pretty effective in helping your mattress to perform. Here, the gap between the two slats is less than other constructions. The closely placed metal slats help the mattress to perform in absence of any box spring. Besides, you can have any of your mattresses on top of this bed frame. 

The frame is not too heavy. But it can take more than 300 lbs weight on top consistently. A newly married couple can enjoy physical activities at night without any disturbance.

Special Note: The frame has the best headboard for sex. The headboard and footboard can hold the mattress well to let you do your movement without any issues.


  • There are solid support rails that connect side rails and legs to keep the frame strong enough
  • Closely placed slats can let any type of mattress work on top without box spring
  • It is a good option for couples with average weights to use consistently
  • The durable color coating can make the frame look beautiful for years
  • You can store your small essentials under the bed frame easily


  • You may have to replace the bolts after a year to make the frame work like before

What to Look When Buying the Best Frame Bed for Sexually Active People?

Buying a new bed frame is tricky. With dozens of brands in the market, the hunt goes even trickier. There is no one fits for all bed frame model; everyone comes with varying preferences, so the right models will vary from couple to the couple. The guide looks at some of the major factors used to determine how a bed frame feels and performs during encounters.

A good bed frame offers comfortable sleeping experience and integrates added features for sexually active couples to make them enjoy their intimate moments.

One of the major attributes that most of the couples look after is the sturdiness and comfort. The frame should offer the best sleeping experience, regardless of whether you are sleeping alone or with your partner.

Some beds share some unique features that enhance the flexibility and bounce rate during the intimate scene. So, let's focus on sex and sleep and look at the major aspects a user must look into a bed frame for sex.


An ideal bed frame for sexually active couples should be responsive. This shows how adjustable the bed is during your intimate moments. It is referred to as how slowly or quickly the frame responds or adjusts your body.

If the response of the frame is slow, you should not buy that frame as it will ruin your nice moments. With the bed frame, you will feel like having sex on a field of stiff grasses.

The bed frame should be equally responsive and flexible. If a bed is flexible and responsive, rest assure you are going to have the best experience.


The bounce is referred to as the intense feeling a mattress and frame experiences when they face compression. The bouncing though mostly dependent on mattresses but frames, can aid in it. Frames with a good level of bouncing can make the worth experience sharing. With contact or abrupt movement, the frame absorbs the compressions and renders floating experience. The factor is considered important and can create a consistent rhythm on the mattress.

A lot of bouncing also is not good; it distracts the couples from sex and acts against pleasure and makes things dull. The right balance of bounce and movements is something that renders a superb experience.

While going on a hunt, you should look for a mix of central wooden slats with a metal frame. The blend of both can add to the pleasure and your experience during sex.


Not only just for the bed frame, but the feature should be there in every product.

Users always look for a durable product; a faulty or poor-quality product does not fit their needs, thus have to spend money on purchasing another product.

The durability is the main factor that influences the purchase of a bed frame. A quality frame is a big investment that ought to last several years. So, check for the things used to make the product and warranty period as well. If the product was not that durable, a life-long warranty would help you to have a replacement.


Comfort is the most sought-after feature in a mattress, and the same goes with a bed frame. No one would want to sleep on a frame bed, leave aside sex, that’s not welcoming. Comfort is the leading characteristic you should consider in a bed frame first.

Of course, you would not want to spoil your nice moments due to a bed frame. You should look for a bed frame that does not produce pressure points regardless of the condition.


A bed frame for sex, noise is the most important feature you look into it. Sex involves lots of rhythmic movements, and you will not have the level of fulfillment and pleasure if the bed frame is creating excessive noise. If you have a family, your kids around would not be happy with the strange noises in the night. A good frame for sex should create minimal to no noise during sexual encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Bed Frame for Sex

Why Does My Bed Creak When I Move?

There are no specific reasons why your bed can make noises. We mainly discovered three types of reasons why your bed can become squeaky. 

The first reason might be your mattress. When mattress gets older, springs coated inside lose their elasticity. They fail to maintain their balance. That is why they make noise when you move on the mattress. 

The second type can be your fault. If you have not done the assembly in the proper manner, the bed can squeak or stop giving comfort. When the joints are loose, they make collision on your movement. Sometimes, not using any caps under the feet also causes trouble. 

Using frame parts that are not eligible can disturb you in many ways. If you don't place the mattress or slats which have improper dimension, the frame will create noise. Headboards can also sometimes make noise. Cheap bolts will not keep joints together.

How to Keep Bed from Squeaking?

You can fix the bed all by yourself so that it doesn't squeak in the future. There are some tips that you can follow to prevent the squeaking issue within a jiffy.

First, you need to detect the spot which is making the noise. Not all of the parts create noises together. There must be one or two sources of noise. So, check all parts separately to ensure the spot.
In common, you can prevent noise by tightening up all the screws and bolts. When all joints become sturdy, each part of the frame can stay steady. Replacing old bolts with new and strong ones is also a good decision.

Slats create loud noises. You can use your old cloth on the slats before placing the mattress. It can prevent unwanted friction. You may need to put some small pieces of cloths beside under the corners of slats. It doesn't allow slats and railings to make sound together.

The best way to stop the bed from squeaking is by using lubricants. Many of us have lubricants in our home. You can use a little bit of lubricant between those parts which can make unwanted friction.

After those steps, you need to check your mattress again. If you find your mattress noisy, then all the tips above will fail. The replacement of the mattress becomes a must in this case.

How to Build a Sturdy Box Frame?

It is easy to make box frames at home. All you have to do is to collect all the necessary tools and do the woodworking in a calculative way.

First of all, you need to take larger boards. The dimension of them should be more than 1x10x10 inches. Cut two of them and make them around 70 inches long. Then take another two and cut unnecessary parts and keep them almost 35 inches long.

Now, take some other boards and cut out two rails of the two larger boards. Make sure the width of the rails is at least 1.5 inches.

After this, put some glue on the rails and put them at the top corner of the boards. Use some nails to attach the rails with the board properly.
Then, you have to attach four brackets below rails on each side of the boards. Build holes first and attach the brackets with bolts. You can use a screwdriver or other tools to screw the bolts tightly.

Next thing you have to do is to perform some sanding on the boards. Make the edgy corners smoother. Now put some paints if you want.
After all of those, attach foot at the bottom of every corner of larger boards.
Finally, attach four boards with the help of brackets. Then, put slats on them. Your frame is ready.

Why Does My Mattress creak?

Irritating noises coming out from bed is a common issue for many people. There are many reasons why your bed might not allow you to have a sound sleep. Amongst them, the noisy and old mattress is one reason.

You might get surprised when you find that your favorite mattress is disturbing you. But traditional mattresses indeed become unusable after some years. As you can see, the innerspring traditional mattress has many metal springs coiled inside. After a few years of using, the springs inside the mattress loses the capability to maintain the weight distribution. It also makes the mattress uneven sometimes.

A mattress only makes noise when the springs inside loses their elasticity. When this happens, they make a collision with each other. They also creak a lot when you put your whole weight on them. As the whole construction of the mattress depends on those springs, the mattress becomes useless after springs getting older.

So, if somehow you find your mattress making noises, you better change it. Because this problem has only one solution, which is a replacement.

How Many Slats for a Queen Bed?

There is not any exact answer to this question. The number of slats required for a bed frame depends on the size of slats, type of bed, and many others.

Slats are important in giving support to the mattress. A platform bed can hold the mattress and provide balance well when it contains eligible slats. A queen bed requires many slats to keep the mattress straight. We are giving you a little calculation that can help to clear your doubts.
In general, queen size beds are more than 75 inches long. Most of the times, mattresses require the slats to keep the spacing around 2 to 2.5 inches.

Slats usually have two types of lumbers. One is 1x3 and other is 1x4. Each has a separate dimension. But gathering all the points together, experts say that you will need 15-18 slats for a queen bed. The number can vary a little bit sometimes if your bed or slats have different shapes or size.


Buying a bed frame for an obese couple can be pretty easy if you keep these points in mind. The bed frame should be sturdy, comfortable, and should not create excessive noise; moreover, it fits into your bedroom properly.

So, make sure to have proper research, pen down important aspects to look into a metal bed frame also add your personal preferences. Do not fall for athletics; look after you and your partner's need; the list will help you choose as per your needs and requirements.

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