Best Mattress for Sleeping in Suv

If you want to enjoy a good nap in your car without having to lie down on the seats uncomfortably, you know what you should get- the best mattress for sleeping in SUV.

These products have been created to fit almost any vehicle, making resting in it more comfortable. You go camping or just take a long drive; with an inflatable mattress, you can stop to rest every time your body asks you to.

Below we show you some models that are currently on the market and that after comparison, we believe they may be the best. We also leave you some tips so that you know what you should take into account when buying. Let's start!

There are quite a few things involved for your quality sleep. Your mattress is one of them. Finding the proper mattress is inevitably important. There was always some argument on which is the Best mattress to sleep on. It varies man to man. It is wise to select the best-fix for thyself.

We offer our main list of the best inflatable mattress for those who want to make the right purchase. We have carefully tested hundreds of tests and selected the best ones so you can fully trust this ranking list.

We take many things into account to create a reliable buying guide. We rank each car mattress listed below based on its price, average customer score, assembly quality, warranty, and many more specifications.

​Rikkitikki Suv Air Mattress

​Practical and comfortable, the rikkitikki SUV air mattress adapts perfectly to the back seat of your car. It is an ideal ally to help you relax in the middle of a long drive. Ultra-pleasant to the touch, thanks to its high-quality flocked PVC fabric. With velvet touch, this car mattress offers an incomparable feeling of comfort. For peaceful and serene nights during your outings and weekends outdoors, this SUV air mattress is perfect.

With its dimensions of 69" x 51", for a maximum load of 300 kg, it can easily be suitable for two people. However, sleep comfort strictly depends on the capacity of the car.

It is versatile and multi-functional. It can be used as an inflatable mattress to install at the back of the vehicle, like a sofa, for a pleasant moment of relaxation outdoors.

It does not have any risk of allergies; at the same time, it is easy to maintain. Easy to clean; wipe clean with a towel.
This kit comes with an electric inflator-deflator air pump that allows inflating in less than 3 minutes. They will also provide three different nozzles.  It is also paired with a storage bag, allowing you to carry it around easily without filling the car.


  • ​A versatile and complete product
  • ​Comes with all accessories: an electric pump, an airbag, a storage bag, and a repair kit
  • ​Less than three minutes of inflation
  • ​A pleasant velvet touch
  • ​Anti-allergen


  • ​Relatively thinner material

​Berocia SUV air mattress

Elegant, robust, and comfortable, the Berocia back seat air mattress, 70.86" x 50.4", is one of the best value for money on the market. Thanks to its high-quality, durable, and easy-care fabric, as well as its airtight double stitching, it serves longer. It is a product whose qualities of solidity and robustness outperform most competing inflatable mattresses. With berocia, no air leaks will disturb your peaceful and comfortable nights in the back of your car. A product that combines quality and durability for a very reasonable price.

Its foldable use is very beneficial. It has portable storage capacity. Use the storage belt. After you save the air cushion, the volume is small and light and thus easy to carry. The exclusive automatic inflatable pillow gives you a good rest every time you travel. Using high-quality fabric and environmentally friendly material, you surely don't want to miss this.

It is an impressive inflatable car mattress if you're going to sleep in the trunk of your car during camping, trekking, or other sessions. It inflates very quickly via its electric pump supplied with it, and the mattress is comfortable enough for two adults and one child, knowing that the weight limit is 300 kg. We always recommend taking quality pillows with you to improve comfort (we love flat pillows which take up little space during travel).


  • ​Smooth surface
  • ​Portable and easy to wash
  • ​Foldable use
  • ​Comfortable use
  • ​Automatic inflation


  • ​It takes a long time to get used to

​Goldhik Suv Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

​Economical and versatile, this car air mattress offers an attractive alternative to the most limited budgets. Universal design for off-road; this standard mattress is suitable for any car size. With this design, you can adjust the bed after inflating it so that it fits correctly into the real space. The inflatable mattress is made of brush fabric with a high concentration of breathable material. It is not viscoelastic, but neither toxic nor odorous. It possesses a high-density, multi-dimensional coated surface, with noise reduction.

You will get this package with a special air pump and inner bed lining with overload resistant design and self-protection against punctures.
It has an integrated air pump, which connects to the car cigarette lighter. It takes about 3 minutes to inflate the bed thoroughly. While to deflate it, you only need to open the multiple nozzles it contains and press so that the air comes out.

Sometimes, especially with the elderly or children, you need to rest temporarily. While you fish, the rest of the family can take a nap in the car. It is also a right way for adults or children to rest when they are tired.
Perfect for lovers. During the silence of the night and with the illumination of the stars, the car will become a romantic, comfortable, and private space, attracting passion for a romantic night.


  • ​Generic design
  • ​Outdoor activities
  • ​A very attractive price
  • ​Comes with an electric pump easy to connect to the cigarette lighter, two inflatable pillows, and a storage bag
  • ​A velvet finish pleasantly to the touch


  • ​Not designed for regular use

​Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Compatible with most 4-door vehicles, you can install a car mattress where you want, when you want, to enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation between two long journeys by car. Whether in the back seat or even on the ground, outdoors, this just fits. Made of flocked PVC, it is a soft and comfortable inflatable extra bed for 1 or 2 people.

This device is equipped with an electric air pump that allows you to inflate in less than two minutes. It also comes with a storage bag and two inflatable pillows that make it easy to transport without having to fill the car. However, again, comfortable sleep depends on the capacity of the vehicle. This inflatable bed is convenient, it is not only an inflatable bed, in which you can rest and sleep behind the car, but it can also be a sofa.

Easy to clean, easy to maintain. It can be washed directly with a towel. Comfortable, made of high-quality PVC, soft and warm, micro-fluffy feather-feeling surface. 


  • ​A double bed
  • ​Right quality fabric (cold resistant)
  • ​Adaptation to 95% of cars
  • ​High-end model
  • ​Ideal for an inflatable mattress for the trunk of your car
  • ​Delivered with its electric pump
  • ​Good accessories


  • ​The manufacturer did a bad job with the odor

​Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for Suv

Ideal to install in larger cars, this double inflatable car mattress, from leimin, is undoubtedly one of the positive values ​​of the market, with its dimension of 71x51 inch. It is designed from high quality flocking PVC materials. It inflates in moments to convert into a light, easy-to-transport bed, recliner, or inflatable support. Its base, stable and robust, remains in place; you don't risk slipping.

With the use of the car air pump (as a gift), connected to the car cigarette lighter socket, you can put on a cozy air cushion bed in 2 minutes. This air mattress is suitable for long-distance travel, outdoor activities, camping, water-floating boat, or whatever you like, etc. Easy to transport to open power outlets, easy to deflate. 

This inflatable mattress will be delivered to you in a complete kit including a pump to plug directly into your cigarette lighter to inflate it; a repair kit in the event of a puncture with patches like on a bike and a storage bag so that it takes up as little space as possible when it is stored. You can always have it at hand. 


  • ​Durable equipment
  • ​Light folding
  • ​Less than 2 minutes of inflation
  • ​Durable and quality materials
  • ​Supplied with storage bag and electric pump
  • ​Dark and light green


  • ​It is only designed for large sedans and large vehicles
  • ​Some users criticize it for being too thin

​Luoov Multi-functional Car Suv

This inflatable SUV mattress is made entirely of brush fabric, which has an environmental flocking. It is ideal for all vehicles and suitable for SUVs and sedans of all brands and all models. It has an inflatable elastic to attenuate road vibrations and bumps as well as vehicle noise.

Its dimensions are ideal for accommodating two adults in the lying position and two adults in the sitting place for the sofa version. It can support a load of up to around 300 kg. The dimensions are similar to a traditional 1-person mattress.

It inflates in just 2 minutes thanks to the 12v cigarette lighter pump supplied with it. You will receive your inflatable bed with a pump, an airbag, and a repair patch and glue kits to make repairs in the event of a puncture. It has three separate airbags, fold the last bag, converts to a rear seat air bed. It is also a 25 below zero cold resistant outdoor mattress.

This inflatable car mattress is suitable for children as well as adults and people who have back problems. Your back will be supported adequately despite it being an inflatable mattress. You will not have back pain when you wake up in the morning. 


  • ​Excellent value for money for a double mattress
  • ​Only 2 minutes of inflation
  • ​Quality materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • ​Increased comfort
  • ​Supplied with an electric air pump


  • ​Doesn’t fit all vehicles

​Winterial SUV heavy

Easy to transport and install in the back of your car, this inflatable mattress is none other than one of the best blow-up mattresses for camping on the market. Designed from a flocked PVC fabric, it can be used both inside the vehicle and outside. This mattress will help you to rest effectively and comfortably on your long journeys, professional or otherwise.

Adjusting the amount of inflation to fit the interior space, this one is suitable for more than 95% of SUVs, mpvs. Using the attached 12v electric air pump, you can make a comfortable double bed in 3 minutes. It is your portable bed during camping, traveling, long-distance driving. Besides, this is cold resistant due to the PVC flock and high quality eco-friendly breathable fabric. 

It is suitable for multiple uses. This inflatable mattress is convenient, not only is it an inflatable mattress where you can rest and sleep at the back of the car, but it can also be turned into a sofa, it is placed inside out. The sofa version is useful when you have the reverse on the outside of your car or at home. The bed can be folded three times to trust, makes us more comfortable. The package contains an SUV bed, a pump 12v electric inflatable, a repair kit. 


  • ​Excellent value for money
  • ​Fits all cars
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Resistant
  • ​Inflates quickly
  • ​Its ultra-attractive price


  • ​Nothing much to mention

​Why Should You Buy the Best Air Mattress for Car Camping?

An inflatable backseat mattress has loads of uses, and they are especially saviors during long trips. Here we explain why you should buy one. 

​Camping and Backpacking

​If you go camping, there is no better sleeping solution than one of these. You can even sleep in cars or on camping sites. If you are backpackers, it is also worth it, but it may be burdensome for you.

​Sleep in the Vehicle

​Its primary use, so you can settle in the back seat of the car if you have to make a long trip.


​If you have guests at home and few rooms available, this solution will surely save you and keep your guests comfortable.

​Daily use

​Although it is not common, some enjoy using them every day. However, they are not as resistant as a standard mattress, so this habit will not come cheap

​How to Choose the Best Mattress for Sleeping in an Suv?   

​Before buying one of these, it is useful to pay attention to specific details that will help you choose wisely, these are:


​It will depend on the size of your car. The standard measures 55 "and the appropriate ones for SUVs and large cars can measure up to 70".


The small standard ones are made up of two sections and two valves, while the large ones have three of each. You can inflate them separately, depending on the car where you will put them.


​This is a quality that you should look at. Because if you put a higher weight on the travel bed than it resists, then it will explode. If it says it can accommodate two people, don't try your luck.


​It is highly variable. Perhaps the most common is PVC, which makes it robust, waterproof, and durable. The best mattresses have a flocked surface or a fabric called oxford, which is the most durable on the market.


​They usually bring indications about the maximum load it supports. So do not exceed that limit. As for the importance of the bed, they are generally light and portable.


​This quality is also linked to the number of users at a time. The more users the bed has, the bigger it should be so that it resists bet


​They are usually made of waterproof and resistant material because they must be mattresses for use in severe conditions. If you take care of them, they can last a lifetime.


​The plastics with which they are made usually have a characteristic odor. It is not so annoying if you are not allergic. But if you are, it is recommended to look for the less strong odor option so that you are comfortable.


​You have to verify to ensure the durability of the product or to get your money back. If it did not turn out as promised or if it is not what you had requested, you could always want a refund.


It refers to the most superficial part of the mattress. To avoid slipping, many have flocked surfaces, but others are merely waterproof.


The best air mattress for car camping can be used in different cases, for different uses. It will allow you to install an extra bed on the back seat of your vehicle without needing to fold it down. Then you can also use it as an additional sofa to sit outside. To benefit from a comfortable backrest and seat, you just need to find your right inflatable car mattress. And this is where you will need our help. Check out our article to make the right choice.

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