Best Mattresses for Platform Beds

There can be many reasons why you are changing your old bed frame with a platform bed frame. Like other people, you can buy a platform bed to avoid wasting money on buying a box spring. You can also increase your bedroom's beauty by adding a luxury platform bed. Apart, the most important reason can be to have proper sleep every night. But do you know it is necessary to buy the best mattresses for platform beds to get the best outcomes from your frame?

Only quality mattresses for platform beds can combine with such a type of frame to help you sleep sound. Random mattresses cannot always give you the service you expect. For long-lasting services and friendly output, you have to think of buying a good mattress for your platform bed.

As long as wrong sleeping style causes most of the lower back pain, a mattress can does it too. If your mattress fails to provide adequate support and firmness then it may cause for lower back pain. Your spinal cord looks for proper balance. You should go for especial lower back pain mattress if any issue is involved.  

We have decided to show you ten of the best mattresses that can perform on any platform beds. We have judged several facts before making the list of our picks. We also have kept the wants of users in our mind while picking products. Here is the list of the top ten in the market, according to our opinion.

Not every mattress can make a good combination with platform beds. Our picks have features that combine with the structure of platform bed frames to offer you sound sleep every night. To clarify our picks and decisions, we are now showing you the details of the listed products below.


Cool Gel Memory Foam Quilted Mattress (14-Inches, Twin XL) by Classic Brands 

For platform beds, an expert will always suggest you use a memory foam mattress. That is why we are showing you the best mattress for platform bed with slats. This Classic Brands mattress contains flexible memory foam that helps to sleep well for years. 

The whole construction features firmness and softness without issues. The base contains high-density material that helps the foam to leak pressures. Apart, the breathability of the bottom portion helps the mattress to keep up the firmness and stay stable. The base part also behaves friendly. It can cooperate with the shape of the platform with ease. Because of this, you can use this mattress on any surface you want.

The cool gel memory foam on the top interacts with your body shape politely. The upper layer doesn't give any extra unwanted stress to ruin your sleep. The soft and breathable gel foam on the top gives maximum support to keep your spine alignment well.


  • The mattress offers a premium breathability feature that helps to keep up users' body temperature
  • ​Fine stitching increases durability
  • ​The bacteria resistant feature keeps the foam well for many years
  • ​The adjustable feature of the base can make the mattress work on any platform


  • ​The packaging of the mattress is average that might not please you


Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress (Blue, 10 Inches, Full Size) by Olee Sleep 

This is one of the adaptive mattresses in the market. You and your family member can sleep sound for a quite long time on this mattress. We consider this as one of the best platform bed mattresses that you can buy.

The ventilation system pleases a user by producing comfort and full breathability. The foam here can lock your body temperature to give you relief. The breathability feature can give you service for many years. 

The precise construction of this mattress allows even a heavy person to sleep on it with ease. The stitching helps all parts to stay strong and perform better. Apart, the soft fabric keeps up the ratio of comfort. It also protects the whole mattress from dust and other outer issues. 

The layers prevent the sinking issue. This mattress stays firm for quite years. It is not so firm that it will make you feel like you are jumping on it. All features are present in a balanced rate to make a user feel comfortable.


  • ​It can produce maximum support for any type of sleeping position
  • ​The combination of polyester and spandex makes the mattress durable
  • ​The mattress can control the temperature on the bed
  • ​It doesn't sink at all
  • ​Stiff stitching allows the mattress to take extra pressure
  • ​The soft and durable cover features both softness and durability


  • ​The cover doesn't last long like the main mattress


Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress (12 Inches, Queen) by Sleep Innovations 

When you are sleeping on this mattress, you don't have to worry about the pressure points. The memory foam mattress soaks all the pressure to help you rest at night. The manufacturer ensures this mattress to be eligible for any person at your home. 

The main duty of this mattress is to keep your body alignment well when you are sleeping. The soft top of this mattress can adapt your shape and detect the pressure points. The foam inside soaks the pressure to let you sleep soundly in your sleeping position. 

You cannot raise any question on the cover. It has fine stitching that holds the whole cover together. The deluxe fabric protects the mattress, along with making the mattress comfortable. Quilted outer part stays soft even after years of using. 

The mattress can hold its shape for a quite long time. Heavy people can also use this mattress without worries.


  • ​The mattress is a good choice for chubby persons
  • ​Breathable layers can maintain the temperature not to disturb you while asleep
  • ​It takes good care of pressure points
  • ​The adaptation feature lasts for many years for consecutive using
  • ​Fine stitching makes the cover useful


  • ​The firmness might be more than enough for people who are looking for soft mattresses


Queen Size Foam Mattress (10 Inches) by Casper Sleep 

It is a mattress that contains four layers of foam that let you sleep without any pain or soreness. With perfect size and eligible height, the mattress can help to sleep more than one person by letting their back relax. 

The company's special open-cell formula lets hot airflow from the mattress to keep you cool in the hot weather. It also ensures only the necessary sinking. People of any weight can sleep on it. 

You have the freedom of sleeping in any position on this mattress. Apart from your backside, the mattress also takes good care of your belly and waist muscles if you sleep in unusual positions. 

Each layer has a different type of foam. The upper ones give softness. The lower ones are present to absorb the pressure and stay stable. The balanced firmness will not give any pain to your joints for sleeping long.


  • ​Controlled sinking helps the mattress to last longer
  • ​All layers are breathable and control the temperature
  • ​The mattress is not too farm and stays well in any condition for years
  • ​Sleeping on the mattress can give you relief from minor pains on the back
  • ​You can sleep in any position you like


  • ​Not preferable for heavy people


Latex Hybrid Mattress (12 Inches, Twin XL) by LUCID 

Hybrid mattresses come with several features. They can offer you maximum comfort with assured durability. This hybrid mattress has earned a place in our choice list. It has a sturdy construction that contains the latest technologies. You can use this on any of your platform frames for years. 

In the base, you can see several coils. All of them are made of high-grade steel. The manufacturer has put these coils in separate pockets. Individual wrapping helps to work separately and avoid any sort of clash. All coils don't work when a movement happens on a part of the mattress. It allows sleeping several persons together without any disturbance. 

On top of the coils, there is a layer of latex foam that provides softness. Along with this, it also occurs only the required sinking on the top to adapt your body shape. 

As there is latex on top, you can have proper breathability and ventilation for constant temperature. You can also have softness from the cover. It has a durable fabric that behaves well to your skin.


  • ​The combination of coils, gel foam, and latex foam works better than single-layered mattresses
  • ​Steel coils are tough and work for many years
  • ​All layers avoid the unusual sinking to last longer
  • ​The upper layer ensures necessary airflow
  • ​Individually encased coils avoid having contact with each other


  • ​The layer of latex doesn't last like other layers


Twin Size Mattress by Nectar 

We are now showing you a mattress that is eligible for any type of people and any type of bed frame. The company assures you can enjoy your sleep on this mattress without any issues. You can have the most types of features for many years from it. 

A unique specialty of this mattress is it comes with pillows. The set of pillows contains rich materials. The manufacturer saves your money by providing two pillows. These pillows can help your neck to relax well and circulate your blood properly. 

The mattress lets you sleep despite having any sort of back pain or sore muscle. Layers of gel memory foam soak all the pressure and cooperate with your posture. 

Each part of the mattress offers a good distribution of your weight. By this, no particular organ will feel extra stress while asleep. This also lets you sleep in any position you prefer. 

Apart from all these features, this product also offers useful features like ventilation, firmness, and many others. You can buy it for anyone at your home.


  • ​There is only gel foam and memory foam in the mattress to feature both softness and firmness
  • ​Each layer lets the mattress adapt your shape
  • ​You can sleep in your regular position without any hesitation
  • ​The mattress also comes with two valuable pillows to save your bucks
  • ​It also produces perfect weight distribution


  • ​Edges cannot take extra weight on them


Signature Hybrid Mattress (11 Inches, Queen/Medium) by Brooklyn Bedding 

This mattress is for those who are looking for something that is both comfortable and luxurious. The luxury design of this mattress can please both your eyes and back. If you wish for a mattress that can help to decorate your bedroom in a tight budget, then we suggest you buy this. 

Like other quality mattresses, this one has several layers. Each layer performs different tasks to offer users several features. The bottom layer contains thousands of coils that feature the firmness. The manufacturer has encased the coils to increase the mattress's durability. Apart, the separate encasing also helps the mattress to perform better. The separate encasing also maintains the reaction on the movement on the top. 

The top part of this product is gel infused. It takes good care of the temperature issue for many years. 

The manufacturer has also taken good care of the stitching. It holds the whole construction together in any condition. You can expect the hybrid mattress to last longer than usual foam mattresses.


  • ​A total of 1024 coils hold the firmness of the mattress to help your back
  • ​Each coil is separately encased for the unexpected collision
  • ​The gel-infused layer is present to lock the temperature and avoid ups and downs
  • ​The manufacturer has not used any heavy metal that can cause you trouble
  • ​The mattress can respond well to your movement
  • ​The firmness level cooperates with your back, lower back, and waist area


  • ​The edges of this mattress don't have sturdy construction


Resort Classic RV Short Queen Mattress (10 Inches) by Live & Sleep 

If you are looking for a mattress that can ensure your relaxation, then it is the best mattress for a platform bed. With the help of the latest technologies, the mattress lets your body relax with a bit of firmness.

People who are suffering from back pain issues can use this mattress to give their spine relief. The firmness of the mattress keeps your spine, joints, and neck in appropriate alignment. 

The softness level also helps your muscles to stay free of stress. The layers can soak unnecessary pressure and bring comfort for consistent hours. 

Many institutions have given certificates to this product for quality materials. To keep up the performance for a long time, there are only non-toxic foams. 

The construction is also well responsive to the temperature. It maintains your body temperature well in any weather. 

Besides, you can use this mattress on any of your frames. Patients can also use this mattress on their adjustable frames for their betterment.


  • ​The mattress features flexibility, along with enough firmness to stay durable
  • ​Ten inches high mattress can put a positive effect on the temperature
  • ​Any frame will work fine with the mattress
  • ​The mattress cooperates with your body shape to let you relax
  • ​The whole product is bacteria resistant


  • ​The mattress cannot produce the airflow feature when it gets old


Queen Size Mattress by Tuft & Needle 

This product is considered as the best queen mattress for platform beds in today's market. The adaptation system of this mattress allows users to sleep in any position they want. You can use the mattress on any type of bed you want to enjoy your sleep properly. 

The company's adaptive foam performs far better than average memory foam. It doesn't sink at all. You can expect this mattress to last several years. 

Each part of the mattress can release the pressure to keep you comfortable. Any movement on a side doesn't put effects on other sides. That is why more than one person can sleep on this mattress. Your movement cannot disturb the other one sleeping beside you. 

The foam can also lock the temperature to keep your body well. The mattress plays a neutral role in this matter. Besides, there is no harmful material that can cause you trouble to ruin your sleep.


  • ​The mattress offers a unique localized bounce feature
  • ​The ratio of softness and firmness is eligible for any person
  • ​All materials are durable can take enough harshness
  • ​The mattress behaves supportive by adapting the posture of your body
  • ​It is eligible for any sleeping position


  • ​Heavy people can feel uncomfortable sleeping on it


Revive Gel Memory Foam Mattress (12 Inches, Queen) by Mattress America 

Infused memory foam is the main advantage of this mattress. This mattress gives an awesome combination of softness and firmness for a quite long time. The mattress is capable of giving the essential supports you need to have a good sleep at night. 

Unlike other cheap mattresses, this one features non-toxic materials that don't cause any type of harm to your skin. Any of your family members can enjoy their sleep on it. 

In the middle, there is a layer that maintains proper ventilation. Because of this, you can sleep without any ups and downs of temperature. 

The seven inches base foam is there to give your back support. Here, the manufacturer has ensured a proper ratio of firmness. It also helps to prevent the sinking issue. You can use this mattress for several years. Apart, the design helps especially your back, hip joint, and spine for proper alignment. 

The whole construction soaks away unnecessary pressures to give you relief from stress. You can sleep on it despite having back pain or other similar issues.


  • ​Each layer of this mattress contains safe and non-toxic foam for better performance
  • ​The height of this mattress is 12 inches
  • ​The construction prevents the sinking issue and ensures durability
  • ​All three layers behave supportive of human body posture
  • ​The mattress also features breathability


  • ​The layers smell a little when they are new

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Mattresses for Platform Beds?

You cannot see the differences between average mattresses and mattresses for platform frames with your bare eyes. There is a thin lining between these two types.

​First, you need to know what a platform bed frame exactly is. It is a type where you can put your mattress without placing and box spring. Slats, boards, or other things can help the mattress to perform here. 

As you need to place only your mattress on the frame, your mattress must contain some special features. If the mattress doesn't have quality features, then you can find the bed hard. Your back might start to pain a lot. You can also have sore muscles too. 

Sometimes, the mattress can lose its actual shape and start to sink a lot. That is why you only have to buy those mattresses which are made to perform on platform bed frames. Such mattresses can maintain criteria like firmness, controlled sinking, airflow, etc. So, if you have a platform frame, you need to find mattresses for only such a type.

How to Choose the Best Mattresses for Platform Beds?

We already have discussed the necessity of mattresses for platform beds and ten of the best products of the market. You can now ask how you can consider a mattress perfect for a platform bed.

Well, some key features make the difference. You need to know those key features and facts about such a type of mattress to identify the perfect one. To help you out, here is the discussion on those points

Type :

In general, most types of mattresses work well on the platform bed. But different types offer different features.

If you buy a foam mattress, then it will be enough soft and keep you comfortable. The mattress can adapt your posture to let your body release the pressure. Try to buy such foam mattresses that don't sink and make a blunder in controlling the temperature. The option here is to buy the multi-layered foam mattress. Gel-infused mattresses also work fine in this case.

But when you intend to buy an innerspring mattress, you need to make sure each spring has separate pockets. Such a feature increases durability and performance on top. 

But the best choice in the current time is the hybrid mattress. This type mattress combines the softness and medical benefits of a foam mattress along with the firmness and durability of an innerspring mattress. Anyone should buy this type of mattress for a new platform bed.


This fact also depends a bit on the choice of types. But there are some catches. 

Memory foams perform far better than latex foams. But if you buy a multi-layered mattress, then make sure it is mostly made of gel-infused foam and memory foam. If there are one or two layers of latex present, it can also help you in many ways. 

For innerspring mattresses, users have to make sure that coils are made of solid steel, and they are separate from each other. Only then you will find your mattress beneficial.


According to the latest platform bed models, we suggest buying a mattress that has a height between 8 to 12 inches. You can buy any type of mattress, maintaining this ratio.


​A mattress for platform beds must have a proper airflow feature. Otherwise, you cannot sleep on it even for a single hour.


​For an average person, a medium-firm mattress works fine. But if your case is special or you have some medical issues, you can buy according to your demand.


The decision is always up to you. We have shown the best products in the market to save time. We have even described the way you can find a good mattress for your platform bed frame. So, you have to decide which one is perfect for you. Only you can find out the best one for yourself.

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