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We, humans, take rest mostly through sleeping. That is why doctors suggest ensuring proper sleep every night. But for this, you need to have the right bed that can comfort your body to take the necessary rest. You might be aware of the fact that there are different types of beds for different types of people. You can easily find a good bed for average or larger people on the internet. But you can rarely find something that can be considered as the best mattress for skinny person. 

We have found out that options for lightweight people's mattresses are very few but tough to identify. A manufacturing group never mentions which of their product is good for large people, and which is for smaller people. A consumer needs to find it by comparing products, researching the market, and lots more. But this process can kill lots of time. So, today, we are willing to help you get a good mattress according to your light body physique. We have already done comparing products and judging experts' opinions. After doing all those stuff, we have made a list of eligible products with some mandatory facts to know which you are going to see in our main discussion below.

In simple words, best mattress for thin person has a softer and simple construction. The main task for such mattresses is to support your muscles and bones without hurting your body due to extra firmness. Here, the extra softness is necessary as the person can't put a lot of pressure on the mattress. The thickness in a low range can help the user to release the body pressure in this case. 

Reviews of Lightweight Mattresses

Here, we are showing you five of the best mattress that can help a petite person to sleep soundly. We have picked each product of our list after judging their features and customer opinions. We have tried to highlight every necessary fact about the picks in the discussion below.

Memory Foam Mattress (8 Inches, Full) by Best Price Mattress


It is among the best soft mattresses that work to please lightweight people. The structure of this mattress is not too big. It has an eligible height that can work according to your work. 

You don't sink in the mattress too much when you put pressure. But still, you get a plush feel when you sleep on this mattress. It responds to your weight well. 

There are three layers of this mattress. Each of them contains durable memory foam. Every layer has a different firmness and softness level.

The bottom layer holds the whole shape of this mattress. It also produces the necessary support you need.

Bottom Line

All three layers of this mattress fight against pressure points on top to help you sleep. The construction keeps up the balance inside, not to create pressure points.

What I like

  • Every layer can respond to your weight well
  • The middle part of this mattress features a quality ventilation system
  • The top layer gives you a plush feel for many days
  • The durable poly-jacquard cover can please with breathability and softness
  • You can't sink too much in the mattress

What I Didn't Like

  • There are fibers in the foam that can cause you trouble if you keep the mattress in your room without the cover

Support Plus Mattress (10 Inches, Twin) by Zinus


We all know how good Zinus's product can be. This mattress is perfect for people below 250 lbs. The mattress can give the necessary firmness and responsiveness for many years to most of the users.

This hybrid mattress is capable of featuring the balance between softness and firmness. Even a person having trouble with the bad back or bad alignment can sleep on this mattress. Besides, the coils inside this mattress respond well to your alignment to make you feel comfortable.

The top two layers contain different types of foam that are soft, breathable, and durable. The second layer contains extra dense foam that supports your spine.

Bottom Line

The iCoil technology gives each coil freedom to work by itself. The individual pocketing also increases the mattress's durability.

What I like

  • The mattress has earned certifications for durability
  • The pocketing of each coil is thicker than other ones
  • All three layers can take good care of your alignment
  • The covering can protect the mattress in most cases
  • You get 10 years of limited warranty for the mattress

What I Didn't Like

  • The mattress has a bad chemical odor that lasts for the first few days

Hybrid Mattress (10 Inches, King) by Sweetnight


This hybrid construction not only gives you a plush feel but also supports some important parts of your body. We consider this as the best mattress for adjustable beds for its cooperative nature.

On the top, you can find the gel memory foam layer. It produces softness along with moisture control. The memory foam features proper breathability not to make you sweat. Moreover, the layer can lock the room temperature on the top to let you sleep well.

The base layer contains durable steel coils. It features maximum support to your waist, shoulder, neck, and other essential body parts. Apart, the base layer protects the mattress from sagging or sinking.

Bottom Line

The separate pocketing of each coil helps the mattress to produce a better motion isolation system. You can share your bed with someone else without disturbing each other.

What I like

  • The knitted fabric on the top enhances the beauty of the mattress
  • The top two foam layers can eliminate pressure points
  • The base layer is capable of holding the shape of the mattress
  • Steel coils respond well to your movement
  • The mattress contains no heavy metal

What I Didn't Like

  • You cannot flip the mattress

10SM01F Hybrid Mattress (10 Inches, Full) by Olee Sleep


According to experts, this mattress can help the most type of people in any condition. The simple construction features stability and durability with the help of fine materials. We are pointing it as an ideal lightweight sleeper mattress.

The covering features air ventilation along with the foam layers to work better. You can remove the cover for the washing purpose too.

The top two layers can distribute your weight well. They also behave friendly with your body posture. That is why you can never feel any stress on this mattress.

Pocketed coils have the freedom to work individually. They always keep the motion transfer rate near zero. Because of this, you get steadiness from this mattress.

Bottom Line

The top of this mattress is quilted. It not only enhances the beauty but also features extra softness to lightweight people.

What I like

  • The high-density foam at the middle increases durability and supportiveness
  • The fine cover can protect the construction for years
  • Each coil contains durable steel to support the necessary parts of your body
  • The foam layers can lock the room temperature on the top of the mattress

What I Didn't Like

  • People who have back pain issues and need extra support should not buy this mattress

Lagom Hybrid Mattress (8 Inches, Twin) by Mellow


The mattress is capable of giving you the plush feel for many years. This is an eligible bed for lightweight couples. There are several layers to feature most of the latest and unique features.

The top layer has memory foam that features ventilation like other good mattresses. Along with this, the layer can control odor too. The infusion of bamboo charcoal helps layer to stay odorless and cool. Below this layer, there is another layer of memory foam that has the infusion of copper.

At the bottom, there are pocketed coils on the top of the comfort foam layer. Each coil has the wrapping of memory foam to help the foam last longer without any issues.

Bottom Line

The bottom of this mattress has a non-slip construction. It keeps the mattress steady on any platform or box spring.

What I like

  • The mattress contains no harmful chemicals or material that can cause you diseases
  • The mattress features the perfect balance between firmness and softness
  • The top layer can isolate odor
  • Coils have the encasing of memory foam for better performance
  • The manufacturer gives 10 years of limited warranty for this mattress

What I Didn't Like

  • The manufacturer gives 10 years of limited warranty for this mattress

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Mattress for Lightweight Person?

There is no way a random mattress can please you when you have a small body physique. That is why buying a mattress after judging several facts becomes a must for you. But before that, you need to think about a few things first. You can get the full utility from a good mattress. So, we are now showing you those things that you need to think before picking a new mattress.

Bed Frame’s Type

You need to know the type of your bed frame first. Or else, you might be unable to get a good combination of bed frame and mattress. A mattress and a bed frame should maintain each other's criteria to give the best output. That is why we insist to check the compatibility of both the mattress and bed frame so that your money invested in buying a new mattress doesn't go in vain.


Body Mass Index tells you whether you are healthy or not. You should check your BMI to know your health status. If you find your weight is below the necessary range, then you should buy a softer mattress to sleep. But when you find yourself too skinny, you need to get the softest one of the market.

Special Medical Condition

You can have sensitive muscles, broken bones, or twisted legs. In such cases, you have to consult a doctor or a good physician first. Otherwise, things can get worse by sleeping on the wrong surface.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions restrict the option for eligible mattress types for you. For example, you need to have a bit firmer mattress if you are a back sleeper. Because your back needs to do some work to hold the alignment of your spine. So, make sure you buy a softer mattress when you are a side sleeper. Firm mattresses are the best option when you are a stomach sleeper or back sleeper.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Skinny Person?

It is time to show the accurate buyer's guide to help you find the right mattress without hustling. You can get a good product by considering those facts which we are highlighting now.

Mattress Type

According to modern physicians, two types of mattresses can help a skinny guy. Those are foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Both of them work fine in most cases. Foam mattresses are for those who care for softness more than other facts. Hybrid ones can help to keep up your good posture by supporting your body's every inch. It's up to you which one you should buy to sleep.


Memory foam is the best option when you intend to buy a foam mattress. Nowadays, you can find gel-infused memory foam mattresses that work better than other memory foam types. But when you try to buy a hybrid mattress, you need to make sure the spring coils contain sturdy steel. Also, coils need to have perfect pocketing for a better result. No matter what type of mattress you buy, you need to make sure the materials are good enough to last many years.


Normally, lightweight people should buy 8 to 12 inches mattresses. Anything above this range can put them in pain. They cannot have the proper sleep on a too thick mattress where the softness ratio is not pleasing. Most of the manufacturers make products inches thick, which is preferable in any condition.


The international standard of firmness tells us that a normal person can take 5 to 7 scale's firmness. But for thin guys, physicians recommend 3 to 5.

Temperature Locking

The temperature locking or controlling feature is one of the latest positive sides of mattresses. Such a feature can keep you well in any weather condition. Having a mattress that contains materials capable of producing enough ventilation has become a must.


You can get not more than ten years of warranty for the product of a reputed company. But in general, you can expect to have at least five years of warranty along with a hundred nights of sleep trial.

Motion Isolation

You may need to share your bed with a person. In such cases, the motion isolation feature eliminates the unwanted motion of a part of the mattress because of your movement on the top. Separate pocketing of coils or adaptive foam layers can give you this vital facility.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Mattress for Skinny Person

How Much Weight a Queen Bed Hold?

Normally a queen bed can hold 600 lbs. There are a number of things you may consider before making a bed frame choice. Not just styles and comfort, you will like to choose the right frame size for your different criteria as well. While selecting a bed frame, you should also consider the room size and mattress size. But the ultimate question is always that how much weight a bed frame can hold. Queen size beds are comfortable for two adults. Because it is a little bit bigger than a regular double bed and two adults can sleep comfortably.

So, calculate the probable weight that the bed frame is going to have. It is important to assess the weight combined. If you have kids or pets, take them into your consideration too.

There is no specific way to measure how much weight a bed frame can hold, but you can assume by examining its materials, weights, and other relevant things.

What is Considered a Lightweight Sleeper?

Anyone less than 130lbs is considered as a lightweight sleeper. While you consider a new mattress for your bed frame, it is important to consider the weight and the size of that mattress. Maybe a mattress is perfect and cozy for 300lbs but not for you. If people are skinny and lightweight, then there are different kinds of mattresses which can be good for them.

How to Soften a Hard Mattress?

Softening mattress depends upon the quality of the mattress and the brand from which you have bought that mattress. Also, the type of mattress also plays a vital role in softening over time. All the hard mattresses are not bad for health. sometimes, mattress’s hardness supports your back and aligns your body to maintain the proper rate of the blood circulation while you sleep, which ensure you a comfortable night sleep.

If you have bought your mattress recently and it feels hard, then you should wait for at least a week. New mattresses normally feel hard. After a week if you are still unhappy with your mattress, then you can go for the quickest and cheapest solution first. Buy a topper.

If you sleep on memory foam, then you can make it warm. Because memory foam reacts to the external temperature. Generally, cold weather makes memory foam harder. You can replace the layer and rotate or flip it several times.

What is the Softest Mattress Type?

If you don’t have any back problems or your back doesn’t give you discomfort while you sleep then the accepted wisdom is to sleep on a soft mattress. Because the soft mattress is more cozy and comfortable. If you are skinny or lightweight (between 130lbs to 170lbs), then softer mattress is preferable for you.

We would like to suggest you memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress offers you more relief and comfort because it allows sleepers to conform more closely to the mattress. Memory foam mattress does not tend to depression quickly. 


As you can see, there are not too many mattresses for a lightweight guy. A thin person needs to work hard to find the right mattress to get a friendly bed. You can find one by only following our guidelines or picking any options from the list. But whatever you do, make sure you judge the product well before you buy to have your regular sleep without worries.

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