Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

The modern-day medical science has given several ways to get rid of a very common problem named Coccydynia or tailbone pain. Among them, using the best pillow for tailbone pain on your chairs or other seats is quite effective. But how to know which pillow can truly ease your tailbone pain?

No way can a common pillow or cushion helps you sit comfortably despite having coccydynia. Only some specific products of the market can come handy in this matter. You can get such a pillow before long when you go through our suggestions and picks described below in this article.

In common, we use pillows under our neck, waist, knees, or hips. Using pillows not only make you comfortable but also help to maintain the right alignment of your spine and other joints. There are different types of pillows for different parts of the human body and different purposes. Pillows for tailbone pain are those which help to sit comfortably despite having unaligned or painful back. There are some specific features of a pillow specially made for lower back pain. 

Pillows for coccydynia contain semi-firm materials that feature good adaptation. Apart, they have some special shapes that help the tailbone to stay free of pressure and stress. Such a pillow also takes good care of your thigh muscles and ensures necessary blood circulation. 

A person cannot be sure whether a pillow has all these features or not by only seeing the outlooks. That is why we are suggesting some great products containing most of the features in our next part of the discussion.

Our Top Picks

As we have told earlier, we are now showing five of the best pillows that allow you to sit and work despite having a bad back. All of our picks feature almost every necessary facility you might look for. So, you can undoubtedly buy any of our preferred products to ease the pain you get by sitting.

Seat Cushion Pillow Set of Two by SOFTaCARE 

The set is the solution of any type of lower back pain you face while sitting. The fine set of two pillows helps your body to keep up the perfect alignment. It is the best coccyx cushions set that give your back relief from extra stress. 

The set helps your whole back to stay well while sitting. Your spine and other joints can release the pressure to stay pain-free. The upper back pillow ensures the perfect bending of your back on the chair while you are doing something on the table. The set eliminates the possibility of your back suffering from fatigue. 

The "U" shaped design of the bottom pillow lets your hip joints stay firm. The whole pillow supports your hips and thighs for consecutive hours. The thick memory foam inside adapts your posture well. The pure memory foam here is soft, yet supportive. 

The upper pillow has a breathable mesh part on the cover. It helps to keep your back cool by providing consistent breathability. Besides, this cover also has a pocket that can store your small gears like phone, wallet, etc. 

The covers of both cushions have zippers. They are not narrow. You can put off these covers easily and wash them too. The bottom cushion's cover has a special feature. The non-slip construction keeps the pillow steady on your seat.


  • Pillows have pure memory foam that is soft and supportive
  • ​Large zippered covers are washable
  • ​Built-in handles help to carry ease
  • ​You can use them on most types of seats
  • ​Breathable mesh on the top keeps your back moisture-free


  • ​The bottom of the lower cushion cover can put some spots or stains on your seat

​Gel Memory Foam Chair Pillow by Plixio

​This cushion is specially made for those who have bad back issues. The proper softness helps to cure your painful back within a short time. You can work for hours sitting on this comfortable cushion.

The special feature of this memory foam cushion is the gel layer on the top. This gel layer adds some extra softness to keep you comfortable. Besides, the gel layer can keep you cool for hours. People of any age can use this to get rid of stressful back.

The supportive shape helps your body to release the pressure without hurting your spine. The U shaped design doesn't allow your tailbone to touch any surface while sitting. The pillow makes a free space between your coccyx and the seat. Such functioning allows you to work for hours every day.

The memory foam is firm enough to fix your bad alignment. Moreover, this material doesn't give any stress to your thigh muscles. You don't suffer from sore muscles by using this pillow.

​Unlike normal cushion covers, here, the cover has a soft rubber bottom. It ensures the non-skid performance of the pillow. Apart, the bottom doesn't cause any harm to your seat.


  • ​The top part of the cover consists of breathable mesh that increases softness and wicks away moisture
  • ​The memory foam helps to sit on any surface despite having any major back pain
  • ​The gel layer adds extra softness
  • ​The perfectly shaped pillow creates the distance between your seat and tailbone
  • ​You can fix your alignment with the help of the gel layer on the top


  • ​The cushion doesn't smell good for the first few weeks

​Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic by Ziraki

To make your uncomfortable chair cozy and pleasing, you can put this cushion on the chair. The well-constructed cushion is an example of the best pillow for hemorrhoids. It helps most of the users to have comfortable sittings. 

To ensure the best quality and performance, the manufacturer has used top-class memory foam here. It adapts your body shape well. The adaptive feature eliminates unnecessary stress from your lower back, hips, and thighs. Moreover, the memory foam can adjust itself according to the weather. We consider this product perfect for any seat in any condition. 

There is no doubt that the structure soaks the pressure from your body. It lets you do your natural motion without getting hurt. The construction is not too firm. It doesn't give your thighs soreness. The combination of softness and firmness brings balance in this pillow. 

The durable cover brings perfection here. The cover doesn't attract dust at all. Sturdy stitching of the cover lets you use the pillow roughly. Along with durability, the cover is machine washable.

​The memory foam of this pillow can perform according to the temperature. The firmness depends on the weather. You can feel the cushion softer in hot seasons. The pillow becomes firmer in cold seasons.


  • ​The construction makes you feel like you are sitting on velvet
  • ​The durable pillow can take the weight of a heavy person
  • ​You can use this pillow regularly to reduce back pains
  • ​The memory foam can keep up your right posture for a long time
  • ​The pillow works on any type of chair


  • ​A heavy user can find sinking issues in the pillow

​Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair by 5 Stars United

The memory foam cushion can help you to work for hours sitting on a chair without hurting your back. This is the perfect cushion for tailbone pain and bad spinal alignment. 

The manufacturer has only used pure memory foam in the main construction. That is why it is so comfortable with any type of chairs or seats. A person can buy this pillow for several purposes. You can also buy this product to increase the height of your seat. The eligible thickness of the memory foam can take consistent pressure for many days. The pillow can hold its shape quite well. 

The firm memory foam inside is also soft to make you feel comfortable. The pillow adapts your posture to ensure your lower body circulates blood properly. Moreover, it also allows your muscles to stay stress-free. Your body can release the whole pressure despite your tailbone not getting any sorts of stress. 

The soft, breathable cover on the cushion features necessary breathability. It keeps your hips dry in any condition. The bottom of the cover can also keep the pillow steady on chairs or car seats.

The pillow features perfect weight distribution. That is why it can soak pressure from each part of your lower back evenly. You can use this pillow to sit more sit almost half of a day to work.


  • ​The perfect dimension can please any user
  • ​The design puts away pressure from your spine to let you sit for hours
  • ​The pillow ensures proper blood circulation of your body
  • ​The cover doesn't attract dust
  • ​The zippered cover is removable and easily washable


  • ​The zipper of the cover isn't durable

​Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushion by TravelMate

​You can't find anything better than this one to cure your bad back. Unlike other pillows, it not only helps to sit despite having coccyx pain but also gives you relief from bad posture and other issues within a few weeks.

 The unique hybrid construction makes it the best seat cushion for lower back pain and bad posture. The construction here is pretty much supportive. The pillow supports the necessary parts, such as hip joints, coccyx, and thighs. The pillow helps you sit by not making your lower back stressful. You release the whole pressure and sit freely without worrying.

The gel layer is a specialty of this pillow. It features perfect adaptation. The softness on the top takes good care of your muscles. You can sit for hours despite having sensitive muscles or hip joints.

The memory foam helps to fix your alignment. By giving evenly support from each part of the foam, the pillow doesn't create any stressful situation. We find this pillow as a perfect option for regular and rough usages. 

Besides, the cover helps also features several facilities. The non-slip cover helps the pillow to perform on any seat you need. It also lets you sit peacefully without any disturbance.

​The memory foam used here is one of the finest materials to make a seat cushion. The memory foam can hold its real shape for quite a long time. The balance in softness and firmness also plays a key role here.


  • ​The hybrid construction provides proper support to reduce your pain
  • ​You can carry the pillow with ease
  • ​The pillow works well in any condition
  • ​Apart from supporting, it also features good adaptation
  • ​There is no harmful material in this cushion
  • ​You can sit more than ten hours a day using this pillow


  • ​The pillow seems smaller for large or tall persons
  • ​The color or the cover can fade when it gets older

​What to consider before Buying the Best Tailbone Pillow?

​Finding the right coccyx pillow isn't enough. You have to think of some facts before buying a pillow and start using it. We are reminding you of those common facts that usually people forget during buying a new coccyx pillow.

​Eligible Size

It is okay if you buy a larger pillow than the size you require. But you can't sit comfortably when the pillow turns out to be smaller. So, you need to know which size can help you to sit properly.

​Your Mattress

​It is not obvious that your mattress can perform well on any frame you want. Each mattress has its criteria. So, if you are planning to use your old mattress on your new frame, make sure you're buying the right frame that behaves friendly with your mattress.

​Where to Use

​Some pillows work well, only on a specific type of seats such as office chairs or car seats. You know very well where you need you to use the new pillow, to sit and work or travel. That is why you have to make a choice depending on where you are going to use the pillow.

​Your Skin’s Sensitivity

​You have to read the product manual or the instruction on the package to know if there is any material present in the pillow that can cause you allergy.

​How to Choose the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain?

​Buying a tailbone pillow is not the toughest job on the planet. You only need to think a bit harder to judge a product. Here, we have given some points that can lead you to buy a good pillow.


​There are mainly two types of shapes available in the market; V-shaped and U-shaped. Both of the shapes work well in most cases. But in recent times, experts prefer U shaped pillows.


​There is no doubt that memory foam is the best option in the current time. But you need to buy a pillow made of 100% memory foam to get all the features.


​Without a handy cover, a pillow doesn't work too well. You should have a pillow that has soft and breathable covers. In this case, mesh integrated covers work better. The cover must be removable. Besides, the bottom of the cover should feature anti-skid functioning. Without all these features, you cannot enjoy sitting on the pillow.


​Thickness, most of the time, depends on the user's choice. But physicians suggest using a medium thick pillow to keep up our, joints, muscles, and blood circulation good.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

In medical science, the coccyx is another name of the tailbone. The coccyx stays between two hip bones. You can find the coccyx by touching the very bottom of your spine. The coccyx is a combination of few bones staying together with the help of ligaments. Those bones can have very few movements to cooperate with other bones and ligaments. The coccyx has the duty of giving your body the perfect balance. When you walk, sit, or stand, the coccyx moves a bit forward or backward to let you stay firm. The coccyx has a connection with several bones and muscle tissues near it. It helps your body to maintain the functioning of legs, hips, anus, and a few others.
In very rare cases, tailbone pain becomes a sign of cancer or bone cancer. It is not obvious that each type of tailbone pain is a notification of the presence of cancer in your body. Tailbone pain is also known as coccydynia in medical science. It can happen for many reasons. Dislocations, extra pressure on ligaments, bad posture, pregnancy, or aging are some common reasons for having coccydynia. Only a few of a thousand can have tailbone pain due to cancer. In most cases, cancer affected bodies suffer from tailbone pain when they have bone cancer. Cancer in other organs can spread in bones and results in bone cancer. Here, the patients having cancer history in past can suffer from such a fatal disease. So, if you have suffered from cancer in the past, and having severe pain, especially in arms, spine, and legs, mostly at night, you should consult a doctor to check your bones.
Tailbone pain has become pretty common nowadays. More than half of the generation has the possibility of suffering from tailbone pain or lower back pain. You should know the ways or getting relief from tailbone pain to help yourself getting rid of this problem as soon as possible. As your coccyx has connections with your spine and hip joints, it can get injuries quite easily. Minor accidents, bad posture, extra pressure can put you in trouble here. To get relief from the painful coccyx, you need to reduce stress and pressure from your lower back first. You can use a U shaped cushion on chairs or places you sit for hours to work or study. You must use a firm mattress to give your back full support. Besides, you can use an extra pillow between your knees while sleeping. The main fact is, you need to ensure that you are using a mattress and pillows that give support to your back.
You will feel some sorts of extra stress on your body during pregnancy. The bad coccyx is one of them. When a baby grows in your womb, it starts to put pressure on your bones and joints. The whole spine feels the pressure on that period. Apart, some hormones make your coccyx stressful when you are pregnant. So, if you are having some issues with your lower back, you must not be afraid and do some workouts to get relief.
A person can suffer from painful coccyx at any age. Doctors have pointed out some common reasons why your tailbone can become painful. In common, every day, if a person sits on a hard surface for hours, then the tailbone and other areas can feel extra pressure and become painful. Sometimes, a bad posture can make your tailbone stressful, and you can find sitting hard. A chubby person can suffer from this problem while sitting for consecutive hours. Aging is another fact that can make you suffer while you sit on a surface.


​You should never neglect even the minor type of coccydynia. A normal type of pain can even turn into severe suffering in the future. A vital way to get rid of such an issue is to use a good pillow on your chair while you sit. That is why you should never hesitate to buy a good pillow if you have a painful back. And, you must keep in touch with a doctor to ensure you get well soon.

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