Best Bunk Beds for Small Rooms

​​Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed

​Storkcraft Long Horn Twin Bunk Bed

​​​​DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

In-wood or iron? Double or multiple? Classic or multi functional? What are the parameters for choosing the best bunk beds for small rooms? 

This space-saving piece of furniture can be useful and functional if you don't have a lot of space in a room and need to sleep more people. The dimensions, the nets, the mattresses and the materials are factors to be carefully considered before purchasing this product. 

If you continue to read, you will find a careful selection of the best-selling models for you. But if you do not have time to analyze the reviews of each product, we immediately offer you one bunk beds that could meet your needs. Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed is a two-seater model is a classic, very versatile bunk bed, which can be divided into two single beds, which you can reassemble according to your space needs.

If you look for bed frames that don’t squeak; you can choose solid wood platform beds. Sturdy wood frame beds are durable and mighty enough. You don’t have to think of it maintenance or usability.

To optimize space in a room with small areas, nothing is better than a bunk bed. To help you know which is the best bunk bed on the market, we suggest that you review this comparison to find the product that best suits you. Comparing them one by one will allow you to find a model adapted to your means quickly. 

​Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed


It’s not easy to find a cheaper model than the but just as qualitative. Well, our first choice is something like that! This bed demonstrates this perfectly thanks to its reasonable price, and it’s fascinating characteristics. 

In particular, it is a quality product that is designed in solid New Zealand Pine wood to promise long-term use. It is available in a wide range of colors; you can choose the bed according to your tastes.

Also, this model has the advantage of being a detachable piece of furniture. It can be divided into two individual beds according to your needs. If your children want to grow up in separate rooms later, disassembly will only be done in a few easy steps! And better, its dimensions of 80 x 43 x 65 in make it easy to address a young adult. 

What I like

  • Value for money: This model is made from solid New Zealand Pinewood. It is robust and guarantees durability over time. In addition to its beautiful cost, it offers unbeatable value for money on the market.
  • Design: Thanks to its solid wood finish, this bunk bed will blend in and beautifully enhance the decoration of your children's room. However, it is also customizable, and you get whatever color you like.    
  • Space-saving: Due to its compact size, many consider this as one of the best space-saving beds.

What I Didn't Like

  • Design of ladder: Only downside, the steps of the stairs of this bed would not be very comfortable to use. If they were more comprehensive, it would have been nice.

​Storkcraft Long Horn Twin Bunk Bed


If you don't know which bunk bed to choose and you are looking for a simple but elegant for the family, then you can take a look at this product by Stork Craft. 

Its main advantage lies in the divided structure that allows you to transform the wooden bunk bed into two single beds. This is an ideal solution to adapt it to rooms of different sizes. The maximum capacity of both the part is 225 lb. For this reason, the product also adapts very well to adults as well as children.

The inclined staircase with flat steps proves to be very comfortable to use. If you care about the environment, you will be happy to know that the wood used for the construction of this double bunk bed comes from environmentally sustainable forests.

To find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of this double bunk bed, please consult the table of pros and cons below.

What I like

  • Resistant: the extremely resistant bed frame allows two adults and one child to sleep safely.
  • Practical: It proves ideal for small family apartments, for houses on the sea and in the mountains or for setting up rooms in a hotel.
  • Ladder: Inclined and with flat steps, the ladder supplied as well as being very safe and also very easy to use.

What I Didn't Like

  • Price: According to the opinions of some users, the bunk bed is a bit too expensive compared to its quality.

​DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame


Among the best loft beds for small rooms, we found this model produced by DHP, which stands out for its high-quality materials and its unique structure. 

If you are looking for a triple bunk bed, but with a double bed, we recommend this model. The upper bed is single. The lower one has two squares. The structure is in powder-coated metal and measures 78 x 56.5 x 61.5 inches in total. It is the perfect solution for a studio apartment or a holiday home, where it is difficult to have space for three beds, one of which is double.

The compact size of the bed is an advantage that should not be underestimated. By purchasing it, it will be possible to arrange it at home without cluttering up too much space.

This foldaway bunk bed also features a convenient key with which the structure can be closed. It is a beneficial solution to prevent children from getting hurt. We advise our readers that mattresses are not included in the price.

What I like

  • Resistant: The materials of the product are incredibly resistant and at the same time, very safe.
  • Structure: The structure is reliable and robust, the beds very comfortable, even the double bed. The value for money is excellent.
  • Key: The lockable mechanism prevents children from opening the structure and risking injury.

What I Didn't Like

  • Ladder: The ladder to get on the upper bed may not be suitable for small children.

​Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed


If you are looking for a cheap but good quality metal bunk bed, we recommend the Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed model by Zinus. The structure is in navy metal, with a slatted metal base, which cannot be divided into two single beds. The beds measure 76.2 x 41.3 x 60.8 in and have a maximum capacity of 175 lb, so they are perfect for adults. It is equipped with ladder and fall protection.

The extremely convenient design makes it suitable also for apartments or rooms furnished with any taste. The product is available in two different colors. The package includes the removable ladder and protection for the upper bed, but not the cushions and mattresses.

Before purchasing it, you can make a comparison between the pros and cons in the table below.

What I like

  • Space-saving: This bunk bed has a space-saving and straightforward structure, perfect for small spaces. The overall value for money is outstanding.
  • Design: The refined appearance of this bunk bed distinguishes it from other products on the market. It allows you to arrange it even in a tastefully furnished apartment.
  • Resistant: The metal slats make the product comfortable and above all, safe.
  • Structure: Product in Strong steel, the structure of the product proves extraordinarily resistant and long-lasting.
  • Equipment: The price includes the ladder and the protection for the upper bed.

What I Didn't Like

  • Complicated assembly: The bed comes wholly disassembled, but according to the reviews, the construction is not too comfortable.

​Angel Line Creston Twin Bunk Bed


Angle Line offers a charming bunk bed, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Its wooden structure is made up of two beds that can be divided and used separately. You can manage the beds both vertically and entirely independently of each other.

Each bed base is equipped with sturdy multilayer slats, to offer maximum comfort to those who sleep on them. Besides, these are fitted with anti-squeaking supports, so as not to disturb the rest with annoying noises.

The Angel Line Creston Twin Bunk Bed is complete with ladder and anti-fall bar, to offer you maximum safety and tranquillity during its use.

All the raw materials used for its realization are certified and respect the highest control standards.

The painting was carried out with non-toxic and anti-rust powders.  The legs do not damage the floor if you decide to move the bed.

If you have not yet been convinced by the models presented so far, it could be that it is the bed for you. But let's see the pros and cons immediately.

What I like

  • Silent: Say goodbye to the annoying squeaks you usually hear every time you turn in bed. The beds are equipped with anti-squeaking supports.
  • Comfortable networks: Not only are the beds silent but also warm thanks to the sturdy wooden slats that provide the necessary support. It promotes the distribution of body weight.    
  • Design: This product displays a modern design. It is available in different colors to be in perfect harmony with the decoration of your room.

What I Didn't Like

  • Assembly difficulty: Assembling the bunk bed has some drawbacks for the lack of precision and the holes that do not always coincide.

​Coaster Home Furnishings Bunk Bed


This model is mainly intended for large families wishing to save both money and space. Indeed, it is a bunk bed three places offering three beds to your children. Very practical. Therefore, it is easily installed in a room without presenting the slightest concern for space. 

In terms of solidity, solid pine has been carefully chosen by the manufacturers to guarantee resistance and excellent durability over time. However, this wood more adds a contemporary style to the bed, allowing it to settle in all types of decorations.

To reassure the most demanding, know that the product is also safe, because the steps of the ladder are grooved, which makes them non-slip. For its stability, the structure is mounted on relatively short feet. Everything complies with current safety standards.

What I like

  • Robust: This product complies with Universal quality and safety standards. It allows parents to be reassured both in terms of reliability and durability of the product.
  • Space-saving: The space-saving bed with three sleeping spaces is considerable. Ideal for small areas, you will save space for more storage and/or a play area for your children.
  • Safe: These compact bunk beds for small rooms have been designed for the safety of your children. Particularly with non-slip steps and barriers on each bed. 

What I Didn't Like

  • Note: At the time of this review, no negative consumer opinions were found.

​WE Furniture Wood Twin Bunk Bed


These childrens beds for small rooms by WE Furniture has a beautiful and resistant structure in ecological solid pine wood. The staves, the fall protection side and the ladder are also made of wooden planks.

 Its main advantage lies in the divided structure that allows you to transform the wooden bunk bed into two single beds, an ideal solution to adapt it to rooms of different sizes. The structure measures 65 x 79 x 42 in.  

The very compact dimensions allow it to be placed in rooms of a few square meters. Moreover, the wood materials are very resistant, capable of carrying up to 250lb of weight.

Included you will find a protective side for the upper part which increases the safety of the product. This bunk bed is available in different colors that can be selected according to your interior.

What I like

  • Structure: Made of solid pine wood with two beds with wooden slats to comfortably accommodate even two adults.
  • Safety: The bed is equipped with a safety bar on the upper floor which avoids the risk of falling during the night.
  • Dimensions: Compact in structure but the space that the mattresses occupy is large enough not only for the little ones but also for adults.

What I Didn't Like

  • Assembly: The unclear instructions do not facilitate the assembly process. Many users have criticized this.

​What to Consider Before Buying the Bunk Beds for Small Spaces?   

​The material

​Most bunk beds on the market today are made of wood or metal. Warmer, the wood is also more massive. Metal has the advantage of being lighter and bringing a new side to the room. But it can also be considered as a cold matter.

​He Safety Barrier on the Upper Bed

​ It must be present along the entire length of the bed, and this on both sides. This is important for the safety of the child sleeping on the upper bed. Remember that the top bed is not recommended for children under six years old.

​The Spacing Between the Two Beds

It must be sufficient to prevent the bottom child from banging his head while getting up.

​The ladder

It must be easily usable by a child.

The Options Offered

​Some beds are sold with a drawer that slides under the bottom bed. Convenient to gain some additional storage. Others have small curtains or canopies that make them real princess huts or castles.

​How to Choose the Best Bunk Beds for Small Rooms?

​The bed must be chosen with care, and it must be not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable. The bunk beds help to save space because they develop vertically and allow you to put two or three beds in small rooms. We have seen which are the best models currently on the market, and now we need to understand how to choose the best twin bed for small spaces.


The first factor to consider when choosing a bunk bed is the structure. Some beds are designed specifically for children, so they have a compact and not very tall structure. Others have larger dimensions and are suitable for both adults and children.

Whichever structure you choose, make sure it is sturdy, durable and won't wobble.

​Bed Base and Mattress

As all beds, even bunk beds must be comfortable. For them to be, they must have an orthopaedic net. The best nets are those with wooden slats, curved or rigid depending on the type of mattress chosen.

As for the mattress, it is rarely included in the bed, so you can select the one you prefer. Keep in mind, though, that many bunk beds support slightly lower mattresses than the standard ones, so take the measurements well!


Safety is critical in the case of bunk beds. Because if they are not well made, it is easy to fall. First of all, the structure must be robust and stable, not flaky.

​The upper bed (and also the lower one, in the case of beds for very young children) must have a higher safety edge than the mattress. The ladder must be well anchored to both beds, and the steps must be wide enough to ensure correct foot support.


Don't forget to check that the bunk bed you want to buy is made of robust and safe materials. The paints used to lacquer the metal or wooden structure must be non-toxic. Furthermore, metal bunk beds must be treated to resist rust, which could compromise their durability.


The choice to have the best bunk beds for small rooms is an excellent solution to optimize the space of a room. At times, it is the only possibility to allow more beds to enter the same place. This structure takes advantage of vertical space. If on the one hand makes the change of sheets on the upper floor a little tiring; On the other hand, allows children not to see each other when they are lying down, giving them a strictly personal corner of the room. That is why finding the best bunk bed is essential.
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