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DELIMIRA Women's Gentle Comfortable Bras

Do you wear bras in the night and find them discomfort? Maybe you need to find something as different as sleeping bras. Sleep bras are designed to alleviate distress and render comfort while you sleep. Some women, especially with large breasts, cannot sleep without proper breast support. So, having the best sleep bra for large breasts women are imperative. It provides support without disrupting your sleep and rest.

You may say any soft fabric bra can be taken as a sleep bra, why should one spend money into buying a dedicated sleep bra?

In fact, sleep bras are designed to be used at night. When you lay down, gravity pulls your breast to the side, not to the down. Bras are designed to give extra support at the side of the breasts and give you the freedom to sleep on any side without any hiccup.

For DD cup or larger breasts than this, experts recommend adding a sleep bra to your wardrobe to have maximum support. The sleep bras are also helpful for the women who feel tenderness when pregnant, nursing or menstruating.

In this post ware going to pen down the best sleeping bra for large breasts women. This guide will also guide you through picking the best bra for sleeping, and top features to look into.

So, stick with the guide, do not roam around and read to the full.

Wearing a bra while you sleep for large breasts prevent your breasts from sagging as you age. Although there is no science to prove the statement, still there will be a time when you need to wear a bra for bed.



If you are searching for a best bra for large breasts, PRETTYWELL has designed something amazing for you. This best sleep nursing bra for large breasts comes in a range of color options and renders optimum comfort and provides ultimate support.

The bra comes three in one pack bras with three different color options to choose from.  You also can choose the size from small to 4XL as per your preference.

This pull-on bra changes shape and stretches as per your body and makes a great option for regular as well as sports bras.

You can take it as your daily wear; most women prefer this for wearing on a regular basis, not just a leisure bra.

It boasts an ergonomic advanced designed that ensures no wires, clips or clasp. It comes with good sized straps and helps you have relieved pressure from the chest and shoulder. As wires and clips integrated bra often cause chest and shoulder pain and render a constant restlessness.

 The bra integrates all comfort features that help women to sleep better at night, and you can wear it each night. The bra also makes a good option for pregnant women; it helps women with tender breasts during pregnancy.

Bottom Line

The bra also comes with removing pads that are breathable and soft. A user can easily get those pads out whenever you want, and have a great comforting a healing fitting all around.

What I like

  • It comes in a pack of three
  • A good range of color option to pick
  • No wires clips and clasp
  • Stretchy material with wider straps
  • Great design and provide constant support
  • Removable pads

What I Didn't Like

  • You may face size issue



BRAVADO is a mom's choice award-winning nursing bra. The bra is very soft, comes without any wires and offers seamless nursing and breastfeeding experience without costing a big chunk of money.

The bra is made using seamless silk fabric that molds to your body and breast changing shape while offering ultimate support without any disrupting and discomfort.

This is one of the best sleeping bras for pregnancy, breastfeeding and attending Yoga classes.

The bra adheres to advanced features to let you breastfeed your kid. It comes with a full drop away bra cup design to maximize skin to skin contact. You can easily breastfeed your little ones, and get the cup hooked again after you finish breastfeeding.

It comes with no wires and rendered added comfort while you sleep. You can easily insert foams of any size for shape and discretion and remove it when you want.

The bra integrates quality silk fabric that stretches 4-ways. The fabric adopts in the changes and shapes and hugs your changing without providing any discomfort.

 It is a perfect everyday home and on the go bra, fits for anything from nursing to breastfeeding pregnancy to casual use.

What I like

  • Full drop cup away design makes breastfeeding seamless
  • Luxurious soft and seamless due to wire-free design
  • It comes with a removable foam insert option for shapes and discretion
  • Four ways stretch fabrics follows the body shape changes
  • Mom's choice award winner bra
  • Ideal for breastfeeding, nursing, casual using and pregnant women

What I Didn't Like

  • Not for shallow breasts

DELIMIRA Women's Gentle Comfortable Bras


DELIMIRA Women's Gentle Comfortable Bras is one of our best support bras for full-figured thus it makes a great option for large breasts women. The bra comes in different cups and sizes, ranges from extra small to 5xl and offers fantastic color choice as well.

The wireless bra offers wider straps for enhanced support and comfort. The adjustable hook it comes incorporated with eye closure offers you great fitting that suits you the best.

Its pull aside ability lets the women breastfeed their kids easily. That is an added advantage of the bra that makes it the best bra for breastfeeding.

The Delimira Women's bra is free from underwired and made of breathable fabric thus makes viable options as a casual bra without offering heating or condensation experience.

The bra strikes a perfect balance and comes integrated with everything that regular women would require. It helps in breastfeeding, nursing, good for pregnant women and can be taken as a regular bra.

And above all, it’s pretty Lac trims finishing with crossover design make it an elegant and minimalist to look upon.

The bra makes a great option not just because of its superior comfort and enhanced support but due to its beautiful design also.

What I like

  • It boasts an elegant simple looking design
  • Provide constant support and render ultimate comfort experience
  • Beautiful finish with a pretty lace trim and crossover front-design
  • Wireless, wider straps

What I Didn't Like

  • Support issues are mentioned by some buyers

Kindred Bravely French


If you have to pick one bra out of hundreds of options never outlook Kindred Bravely French bra, the bra is one of our favorite options due to its enhanced support and advanced comfort.

This bra is also recommended by experts as the best pregnancy sleeping bra due to its added benefits and performance. It comes in a wide range of sizes and color options to choose from, a total of 13 color choices.

The bra offers ultra-soft layers that render ultimate comfort wearing experience for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and breastfeeding span.

It comes with an elastic-free band which ensures you do not feel any pinch, stress or constraint throughout the night.

It also boasts a racerback design that adds great comfort and feel for large breasts women.

The bra also features a pull-aside motion so you do not have to fumble through layers of clips and wires, just push one side of the bra and have a seamless breastfeeding experience.

Bottom Line

The bra comes with an added support, it strikes a right level of practicality, it can easily be washed and retain its shape every time.

What I like

  • Ultra-fast
  • Pull aside motion helps in seamless breastfeeding
  • Added comfort and enhanced support
  • Racerback design
  • Easy to access
  • Wireless

What I Didn't Like

  • Sizing issues

In Touch Organic Cotton Bra


If you are looking for the best cotton and allergen-free bra choice, you need to roll hands onto In Touch designed organic Bra. It is the best bra to sleep and render superior soft and excellent breathable wearing experience without getting any issue.

The bra is made of a blend of spandex and non-GMO cotton. The blend makes a great fitting bra that stretches accordingly your body shape changes and adopts accordingly to render maximum comfort and rest.

That's not the star of the show feature; it is the natural element that makes it stands out in the crowd. The bra is made of natural elements free from toxic elements therefore it is safe for sleeping and also good to use on a regular basis.

The bra comes in small to large-sized and available in a range of colors option. You can choose your desired color from the decent color selection.

In a nutshell, this is good to go bra, it looks amazing and a good blend of modern technology with natural elements. It can be used as Yoga as well as a regular everyday bra.

Bottom Line

The best bra for sleeping does not change its shape nor it shrinks even after repeated washing and renders a silky smooth feeling.

What I like

  • It is thoroughly made of natural chemical free elements
  • With breathable materials is prevents your chest from the hotness
  • Silky Smooth texture with an ultimate soft feel
  • Cris-cross straps, no wires

What I Didn't Like

  • More crop from the top

Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bras (Pack of 3) from Fruit of the Loom


These bras do well as sleeping bras for women who have a healthy posture. The set of three bras comes with different colors that make them look elegant. Also, this bra set gives you a soft and comfortable feel while doing your regular chores. 

Manly, the product is almost like other quality sports bras. They help to hold on to the actual shape of your breasts. You can pick these bras during pregnancy too. The handy construction supports your breasts to stay good against gravity. 

The soft fabric here is a catchy feature. The whole construction of the bra is breathable and durable. You can't get hurt by using this bra for too long. 

The straps are also quite supportive and soft. They don't put too much pressure on your shoulder to hold your breasts well. There is no tag with these bras that can make you feel itchy. 

The underwire system makes every bra to push your breasts upwards. You can look good and attractive through wearing this set of bra apart from only sleeping.

The fabric stretches well according to your breasts' shape. You can wear them and move around without hustling.

Bottom Line

The fabric stretches well according to your breasts' shape. You can wear them and move around without hustling.

What I like

  • The pull-on closure lets you wear the bras without any difficulty
  • The fabric features 95% cotton to be soft and breathable
  • The spaghetti straps can pull your breasts without hurting your shoulders
  • These pullover bras feature maximum coverage for even chubby women
  • The underwire system holds your breasts upwards and makes you look good
  • The bra set also features you a set of pads for better performance

What I Didn't Like

  • Women with larger body posture can't use these bras as sports bras

Women's Seamless Wire Free Everyday Sleep Bra by HOFISH


The nylon bra is an awesome choice for those who are a bit chubby or large. The light construction of this bra is capable of letting you sleep well at night. It is a multi-purpose bra that a woman can wear without worrying. 

The whole thing is seamless. That is why the product is pretty solid and durable. You can wear this bra under any type of dress you want. It doesn't expose the existence and make you look bad. The bra adapts your chest shape and works fine. 

The wireless functioning fully pushes your breasts to stay in good shape. The elastic band at the bottom of the construction helps the bra to hold your breasts well and support all day long. 

You can use padding under the cups of the bra if you want. But the bra alone can also perform pretty fairly. The stretchy fabric is soft and quite breathable to let you wear it for hours.

The bra is also the best choice for pregnant women. The construction helps you in breastfeeding your newborn child without hustling. 

Wide shoulder straps also help to hold your breasts against gravity. The straps are also solid and wireless, not to hurt you at all.

Bottom Line

I find it as the best sleeping bra for large breasts as it truly covers the most parts. The bra does it without hurting or putting any pressure.

What I like

  • More than 90% of the fabric is the nylon that makes the bra durable
  • Wider shoulder straps help to hold your breasts upwards
  • The seamless construction can't hurt your skin
  • The elastic band under your chest does the job of supporting your breasts
  • The wireless construction is stretchy and soft

What I Didn't Like

  • The bra straps might be a bit longer for short women

Body EcoWear Women's Shaper Bra from Boody


It is the latest innovation from the Boody. The soft and supportive bra is there for you for any of your purposes. The whole product has no flaws that can harm your body in any condition. 

The look of this bra is quite elegant. The bra has only one color that doesn't fade due to your body sweats. This bra has no stickers or tags to ruin the simple look. There is only a logo of the company at the bottom. 

The fabric here in the bra has a pretty less amount of nylon than other ones. That is why the bra is sure to be soft for any woman. Mostly, the fabric features bamboo viscose at a large percentage. It makes the product unique from other latest designs of the market. 

The construction is quite simple and friendly. You don't have to hustle while putting on this bra. 

The bra is soft and breathable. The fine fabric allows proper airflow so that you don't sweat too much. It is also the best sleep bra for the summer season. 

The bra is seamless and wireless. But it doesn't fail to support your breasts and push upwards. It is a good choice to wear under any type of suit you prefer.

Bottom Line

The fabric is lighter than cotton. It also doesn't stick with your skin in the summer.

What I like

  • The fabric features 80% bamboo viscose to help you without hurting your skin
  • The seamless construction looks good and works better
  • The whole construction adapts your posture not to reveal over your dress
  • The bra is supportive despite being fully wireless
  • You can sweat less wearing this handy bra

What I Didn't Like

  • It is not a good bra to sleep for women who have wider chest sizes

Pump & Nurse All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra by Rumina


It is one of the best nursing bras you can find on the market. It has all the necessary features that a new mother or a pregnant woman might expect from her bra. The product is also recommended for healthy or fat women.

The construction lets a woman pump or nurse without struggling. Working mothers do find this bra as vital underwear. The bra has the latest design that helps you in putting on without hustling. After putting on, the bra truly fits on your chest. Also, it supports most parts of your chest for several consecutive hours. 

You can remove the breast covers of this bra without putting it off. To do nursing, you can put the cover aside. You can also pull the cover upward for pumping anytime. 

The fabric contains a huge range of cotton to be soft and safe. The bra is enough stretchy to adjust with your shape. Along with being stretchy, the bra is also wireless. Yet, it supports your breasts to make you look good.

Bottom Line

You can use this bra even if you have any allergy or other skin issues. Moreover, the bra doesn't hurt your skin in any weather.

What I like

  • The bra has the most eligible design for post-pregnancy periods for nursing
  • The bottom closure helps to remove breast covers for pumping or nursing
  • This bra fits well for new mothers or pregnant women
  • The construction is wireless but supports well
  • The fabric here features 93 percent cotton for maximum softness and durability

What I Didn't Like

  • The bra loses its stretchiness after some weeks of use

Hanes’ Women's Comfort Evolution Bra


This option fits pretty well. The bra can adapt your shape and hold your breasts well. This is one of those sleep bras for large breasts that fits perfectly fine. There is no doubt that even a woman with a curvy or chubby body can use it as a sports bra too. 

The whole construction has no faulty lining. So you can expect the construction to be solid and durable. The quality doesn't fade by the use of consecutive weeks. It stays soft and vital as before for many months. 

Though the bra has no cotton, it still is one of the softest bras to hold large breasts. It doesn't hurt you to fight against gravity for pushing your breasts. 

The hook closure system is durable and secure. It is easy to put on the bra in seconds. 

Besides, it is stretchy also to do fine with your curves. It doesn't keep any gap under the breasts when you put it on. The bottom grabs your lower chest pretty well without hurting your skin. 

The straps are wide enough. They don't put any serious pressure on your shoulders that can make your body pain.

You can also wash this bra with your hands or in the washing machine. The fabric dries pretty quickly than others.

Bottom Line

The back of this bra has a good design. Such type of back lets the bra stay hidden under any of your dress.

What I like

  • The bra features perfectly fitting for a woman with any body posture
  • The seamless construction is effective in holding breasts well to make you look good
  • Straps are soft and don't have any stitching that gives itchiness
  • You can find the bra stretchy
  • The bra is capable of covering necessary parts of your breasts to push upwards

What I Didn't Like

  • The fabric is not a good option for those who sweat a lot

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Sleep Bra for Large Breasts?

Women with large breasts tend to wear bras to support their breasts and make them look less saggy and shaped, days and nights. Some women also believe that wearing the best sleeping bra for large breasts helps them make their breasts less saggy. Choosing one could be a little tricky more like jumping into pounds of option. This guide is going to lower down the weight upon your shoulders and make you choose the best bra as per your personal preferences and need.

Size and Shape

Sleep bras should be entirely different than regular bra due to more than one reason.  There should be no wires, clips and other stuff and their texture should overall be different to provide maximized comfort for good night sleep.

They are different than a regular everyday bra as they are designed to elevate discomfort and restlessness.

Still, you get to choose one among a large variety of options. These are some normal options women with large breasts get to behold.

  • Wireless bras
  • Breastfeeding bras
  • No wires soft bras
  • Size Measuring

    The sleeping bras often come with small to extra-large sizing guide; you would not be able to select your perfect size what goes with regular bras.

    This is because; they are designed to provide comfort, not to be used as a regular bra. This provides constant support and helps you sleep better without wondering about the heat and other issues.

    Even in our list, you have seen most of the sleep bras comes in extra small to 5xl sizes. But, how would you know which size fits you?

    This will be mentioned in a chart, you would be able to behold a fantastic sizing chart and get an idea which suits would fit you the best. Do not go with too tight-fitting, make it simple and comfortable, as they are designed to provide comfort during sleeping.


    To get the most comfort out of your sleeping bra, you need to make sure that they do not come with wires, padding, clasps, straps and loose fittings. These feature hurled disruptions during sleeping and spoil your resting time.

    They should be good enough to provide proper shape and comes integrated with the features that help in proper shaping and fitting and also offer maximum comfort throughout.

    The lack of compression is also advised by many top experts, as it would disrupt your sleeping.

    A good sleeping bra is what you could wear on regular occasions without even realizing that you are wearing something.

    Frequently Asked Questions of Best Sleeping Bra for Large Breasts

    How to Measure Bra Size Without Measuring Tape?

    Without using tape to measure your bra size, just go for Bra Size Calculator. You will get Bra size accurately if you know your band size and bust size. Here is a small step to calculate your band size and bust size.

    1. To know your Band size - Stand straight and calculate your band size by measuring tape under your rib cage.

    2. To know your Bust size - To get bust size bend around 30degree to 45degree then measure tape around full bust till cover the nipple. If you know these measurements, then it will be easy to know your bra size without using tape.

    Is It Good to Sleep in a Bra?

    There are lots of different opinions about whether to sleep in a bra. Our advice would be- if you need to (i.e., your breasts are very large, and they are uncomfortable during the night), then yes!

    A sports bra or a supportive night time top would probably be better for you. Any bra that doesn't have wiring or boning in, is generally not going to cause any damage. With anything, it is always good to have periods of time- with nothing on.

    There is a lot of studies that show sleeping with a bra that can cause breast tissue damage. So, it is a critical decision, based on what you need. If you have a small chest and still feel more comfortable wearing a bra at night, make sure it is wire-free and isn't too tight!

    Does Sleeping in a Bra Prevent Growth?

    Being bra-free will allow your breasts to be as nature intended. They will have a shape all your own, as unique as the rest of your body. But the shape of the breast does not depend on the bra. In fact, the shape of the bra depends on the shape of the breast. And remember that wearing a bra does not prevent growth.

    Not wearing a bra keeps your breast shape as nature intended. Of course, the natural shape of the breast changes over time, with puberty, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. Accepting these natural changes is important for health.

    Does Sleeping With Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

    You can get breast cancer if you sleep with your bra or if you don’t sleep with your bra. Let’s make it simple. The causes of breast cancer are various, but factors such as bra use are unlikely to play a significant role. Other factors, such as family history, particularly inherited genes such as age, obesity, hormonal factors including early puberty, and later menopause, are much more important.

    It is preferable to wear a pure cotton bra for unwanted skin irritation. You are very health conscious, which is a positive sign. You can diminish the chances of catching cancer by taking Vitamin B17 supplement with a strict diet plan & by eating 200g citrus fruits daily.

    Does Sleeping Bra Prevent Sagging?

    Breasts grow in response to the hormones estrogen and progesterone. As you enter puberty, levels of these hormones increase. Hormone levels also change during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. The actual causes of saggy breasts include aging, collagen deficiency, estrogen deficiency, gravity, high body mass index, the larger breast size.

    Wearing a properly fitting bra while sleeping that means wearing the right bra at night, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, and regular health check-ups all help postpone breast sag. But sooner or later, what was up will go down, this is true.


    The best sleep bra for large breasts should be made of quality, natural elements and could offer a comfortable wearing experience. It is meant to be wear during sleeping, and it should not come integrated with hook, clips, wires and other stuff that disrupts your good night sleep.

    We have mentioned our top picks and also guided you through choosing the best sleeping brad. So, have all these points noted and opt-with the option that falls right on your needs.

    Get a bra that you could relax as you sleep.

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